18 December 2010

Wednesday 22 December from Vincennes to Chennevières

Vincent van Gogh, guinguette du Martin-Pêcheur 
Without a care for the weather ha ha we will jauntily cross the Bois de Vincennes to the banks of the Marne which we will follow to La Varenne Chennevières. The 15 km walk will take us to the ile du Martin-Pêcheur (Kingfisher Island) and its famous guinguette. Continuing down the Marne past a succession of other islands we'll take particular note of the remarkable "Anglo-Norman" architecture of the houses facing the river.

C'est sans se soucier de la météo (hum!) que nous traverserons allègrement le bois de Vincennes et rejoindrons les rives de la Marne qui nous mèneront jusqu'à La Varenne-Chennevières. Ce parcours de 15 kilomètres nous conduira à l'île du Martin-Pêcheur et sa guinguette. Face aux berges et îles suivantes, c'est l'architecture des maisons − anglo-normandes notamment − qui, comme d'habitude, retiendra notre attention.

Meeting − 10:00 am in the square des Combattants-d'Indochine, at the foot of the golden statue, metro Porte Dorée (Metro line 8).

We will be returning by RER A (every 10 minutes).

Bring a picnic snack or lunch and water. Plus good shoes and rain or snow gear, quand même !

If you wish to be informed of any eventual changes/cancellations, please
give Daniel your cell phone if you have one, home phone if not.

Prefer a shorter walk, about 8 km? You can take the RER A back to Paris from Joinville le Pont.

Les personnes qui le souhaitent pourront n'effectuer que la moitié du parcours avec un retour depuis Joinville-le-Pont (RER A).

Daniel - 09 50 56 65 26 - 01 45 90 65 26.
Mobile 06 99 20 70 79 (only the day of the walk).

See you on Wednesday with your usual good humour.


The Marne at Chevennières

11 December 2010

Wednesday 15 December at Longpont and Monthléry

In the basilica at Longpont

Here is information about the December 15 walk which will be led by François Bechet:
It will be an easy 12 km. loop from St. Michel sur Orge, mostly through fields. We will visit the basilica of Longpont sur Orge and have a look on the Monthlery tower which is the remaining part of a castle built between the 11th and the 14th centuries.

Aller: We will take the "ELBA" RER C train leaving Champ de Mars at 9h43, St. Michel Notre Dame at 9h54, Gare d'Austerlitz at 9h58 and arriving at 10h28 to St Michel sur Orge. We will meet on the first car.

People who plan to come do not need to tell me. Bring a picnic lunch and dress warmly!
Bien amicalement,

The tower of Monthléry

06 December 2010

Wednesday 8 December in the Chevreuse

This week Claude will be our fearless leader on what might prove to be snowy trails. Here is his proposal.

Here is a walk in the nature park of the Upper Valley of the Chevreuse, at the frontier of the departments of the Yvelines and the Essonne. Situated south of Chevreuse, the walk is 16km with a total climb of 330m. On our way, we'll pass the châteaux of Mauvières and Breteuil.

To get there, take the RER B train at 9.26 from Châtelet Les Halles to St Rémy lès Chevreuse (zone 5) arriving at 10.13.

To get back we'll take a return train from St Rémy some time between 3.30 and 4.00. There are trains every 15 minutes.

You'll want a picnic lunch, winter gear and your usual cheerful disposition.

Je propose donc une randonnée dans le parc de la haute vallée de Chevreuse, à la frontière des Yvelines et de l'Essonne. Situé au sud de Chevreuse, cet itinéraire de 16 km et 330 m de dénivelé, nous fera passer près des châteaux de Mauvières et de Breteuil.

Départ  par le RER B en direction de SAINT REMY LES CHEVREUSE  à 9h 26 à CHATELET LES HALLES pour arriver à 10h 13 à Saint Rémy.

Retour à partir de SAINT REMY LES CHEVREUSE entre 15h 30 et 16h avec un train toutes les 15 mn.

Casse-croute, tenue hivernale et bonne humeur indispensables.

01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35


Virginie has sent some pictures of this Wednesday walk. Don't you wish you were there?