25 November 2012

Wednesday 28 November, two forest walks

Again this week two hikes have been proposed, a longer one with Judy C. and a shorter one with Dominique R. Might we be blessed with sun at last? In any case, enjoy the fresh air and good company.

The château at Maisons Lafitte
First option: Maisons Laffitte and the Foret de Saint Germain

This week we will walk mainly in the Forêt de Saint Germain, about 17km, almost entirely on the level from Maisons Laffitte before returning to the same station. We will pass the pavillon de la Muette (no longer in use) an old hunting lodge built for Louis XV in 1775 on the ruins of a 16th century château which had belonged to Francois I. Towards the end of the walk we will come to the impressive château de Maisons built by Mansart over a period of more than 20 years and completed in 1651 for the Longueil family.

Travel Arrangements

I will drive so will see you at the front entrance of Maisons Laffitte station (place de la Liberation )

Take RER A  train UBOS from Chatelet Les Halles at 9.31 arriving at Maisons Laffitte 9.53 (zone 4). The train stops at Auber 9.33, Etoile 9.36, La Defense 9.41.

There are many trains around this time and they do not always run exactly to time so if you think you are on another train call me and we will wait for you. The trains run very frequently back to Paris in the afternoon

See you Wednesday with appropriate footwear, warm and waterproof clothes, and lunch.

Judy Choat
mobile number 06 79 48 38 81

The Vallée aux Loups in November
Second option: From the Vallée aux Loups to to the Bois de Verrières

This will be a walk of nearly 10 km with some hills, nothing difficult except for one short steep descent. We'll walk mostly through Chatenay-Malabry (the woods) then through Verrières le Buisson, following the Vallée de la Bievre to 
Amblainvilliers. There we'll take the bus 294 for return to the Gare de Robinson. 

Half an hour before ending the walk we'll pass near the Gare d'Igny (zone 4) so you can take the line RER C if you prefer it for your return.

Travel Arrangements

Departure from Châtelet Les Halles at 9.35 RER B train SPAC, direction Robinson. Arrival at Robinson (zone 3) at 10.01. The same train leaves Denfert Rochereau at 9.43. Be there earlier.

Buy RER ticket + a metro ticket for a bus (or Mobilis zone 4 if it's better for you). At the gare de Robinson walk to the head of the train then to the right and take the exit avenue Jules Guesde. l'll be at the top of the stairs.

Return from Robinson to Paris every 15 minutes.

Bring appropriate clothes and shoes, a picnic lunch and don't forget your sticks.

See you on Wednesday!
06 33 23 07 31

18 November 2012

Wednesday 21 November at Vincennes or in the Mantois

Vincennes as shown in the Très Riches Heures du duc de Berri

This week we have two options. Jean Chameroy will lead a walk in the Bois de Vincennes and Claude Faure will guide us in the Forêt de Rosny-sur-Seine near Mantes.

First here's Jean's info:

We will walk around the lakes of the Bois de Vincennes, nearly 10 kms on flat ground. Meet at 10 o'clock under the golden statue near the exit Porte Dorèe of Metro Line 8. We will return to the station Chateau de Vincennes, Line 1.

Dont forget your food, your clothes and your good humour.  

Jean :)

Now here is Claude’s information : 

« Quoi de mieux pour réchauffer vos muscles engourdis par le froid, qu'une longue randonnée de 19km et 450m de dénivelé (3 chaussures) à travers la campagne mantoise? Sully, ministre d’Henri IV, sera un peu le fil conducteur de cette randonnée. Il nous fera découvrir sa magnifique et très vallonnée forêt de Rosny sur Seine aux couleurs de l'automne ainsi que la campagne environnante. »  

Roughly translated as : What better way to warm up your muscles numbed by the November cold than a 19km, three star hike through the countryside near Mantes, with 450 meters of positive and negative altitude change. Henry IV’s minister Sully will serve as the theme of this walk during which we will discover the magnificent undulating Rosny sur Seine Forest with its autumn colors.

Départ : Gare St Lazare à 9h07 en direction d'Evreux, arrivée à Mantes la Jolie (zone 5) à 9h39 où je vous attendrai pour prendre un bus en direction de Rosny.

Merci de descendre rapidement du train. Please get off the train rapidly so that we will not miss the bus connection.

Retour : Si la cadence de marche est soutenue, train à 17h10 à Mantes la Jolie arrivant à 18h07 à Paris St Lazare, sinon train toutes les 30 mn. 

If we walk quickly enough we can take the 17.10 train back to St. Lazare. Otherwise, there are trains every 30 minutes.

Possibilité de billet Mobilis zone 5, sinon munissez vous de 2 tickets de métro pour l'aller-retour en bus à la gare de Mantes. 

If you do not have a 5-zone Mobilis ticket you will need two metro tickets for the bus.

N'oubliez pas des vêtements appropriés, de bonnes chaussures (terrain parfois pentu et glissant), votre pique-nique et votre bonne humeur habituelle. 

Be prepared for steep and/or muddy terrain.

See you on Wednesday.

06 84 14 55 35

The château de Rosny

10 November 2012

Wednesday 14 November from Torcy to Vaires

The Torcy Kayak Club

Michel Browne will lead us this coming Wednesday about 16 km along the Marne. Here is his information:

Starting from the Lagny Thorigny station we will  go west, following the Marne on its right bank to the Vaires lock at the beginning of the Chelles canal.  Crossing the Marne right after, we’ll go along the left bank across a new garden where the Torcy Kayak Club has its brand new clubhouse.  Our picnic could be there, around 2 hours after departure expected at 10.00.  There are modern benches but no tables.
In the afternoon we’ll tour the Noisiel chocolate factory site, now housing the Nestlé-France headquarters and its wonderful Venetian-style Saulnier brick mill, then walk in the Noisiel Park all the way down to the walking bridge of Gournay sur Marne.  Going back east we’ll walk along the Chelles canal and  the Vaires Lake recreation area, then to the station of Vaires sur Marne.   The entire walk is flat.
Departure time from Paris gare de l’Est on the 9.31 train to Meaux. The third stop is Lagny Thorigny (zone 5).  I’ll meet everyone at the Lagny Thorigny station at 10am. 

Return tickets should be taken from the Vaires sur Marne station, also zone 5, departure every 30 minutes back to the gare de l’Est.  

See you on Wednesday.
06 49 85 25 07

Ruins of the old mill at Gournay

03 November 2012

Wednesday 7 November "Down by the Old Mill Stream"

The church at Oinville sur Montcient

 After Claude's delightful hike in the Vexin Francais four weeks ago we will continue our exploration of this region, starting at the same station, Meulan-Hardricourt, but going in a different direction, and returning from the town of Juziers. 

Our walk of about 15km will take is through woods, fields and villages: Gaillonnnet, Oinville sur Montcient (lunch spot) and la Chartre where we will make a quick stop at the Fontaine Saint Gaucher whose waters were reputed to cure epilepsy. 

The Moncient, which we will cross several times, is a stream of about 11km which joins the Aubette just before it empties into the Seine at Hardricourt. There will be some gentle hills, nothing difficult, except for mud in a few places. Does this surprise you considering the recent weather? 

There is no bailout possibility. The good news is that there is a café-restaurant in Oinville where we can stop for a hot drink after lunch. Oinville had several mills on the Montcient, one of which is on our itinerary.  http://www.oinville-sur-montcient.fr/les-moulins.html 

Getting there: Gare Saint Lazare train MOCA, direction Mantes la Jolie, at 9.12, arriving at Meulan Hardricourt (zone 5) at 10.08 where I will await you just outside the station.

Return trains from Juziers (also zone 5): 16:07, 16:40, 17:00

Bring the usual picnic lunch, rain gear and wear the sturdiest, most waterproof hiking boots you own!
See you on Wednesday.
Mary Lynne
ML's contact information: 
01 47 41 98 20
06 70 88 18 59
The Fontaine Saint Gaucher