21 September 2013

Dear Hikers,
Next Wednesday, September 25, Daniel Robinot will lead our hike. It is a 21/22 km loop with the possibility of leaving the group after 14 km. Here is his information followed by a rough translation in English.
Les journées sont encore longues aussi je vous propose une randonnée entre forêt et campagne afin de vous dégourdir les jambes. 21/22 km avec très peu de dénivelé. Nous partirons par la Forêt des 4 Piliers afin de regarder le reflet du soleil dans un petit étang puis nous nous dirigerons vers Bazainville, Richebourg et Tacoignères par la campagne. A Tacoignères, possibilité de reprendre un train pour Paris. Dans ce cas, la randonnée ne fait plus que 14 km. Pour ceux qui restent, retour par la Forêt des 4 Piliers. Ne pas oublier votre pain :-) il n'existe aucun commerce sur le parcours ni "bistrot" à la gare pour conclure cette journée.
Comme d'habitude, vêtements et chaussures adaptés, surtout si le soleil nous fait défaut, pic-nique et bonne humeur.
As the days are still long, I am proposing a 21/22 km hike to stretch your legs, between the forest and the countryside on mostly flat terrain. While in the Foret des Quatre Piliers we will be able to admire the sun's reflection in a pond.  Later we will head through the countryside towards Bazainville, Richebourg and Tacoigneres where it will be possible to leave the walk early. (14km) For those who carry on, we will return to Orgerus-Behoust by the forest.
Don't forget your picnic lunch. There are no shops along the way and no bistro for a drink at the end of the hike. :-(
As usual, wear comfortable hiking shoes and sun/rain protection. Don't forget your good humor either!
Travel information: 

      Pour venir : Getting there:
Train au départ de Gare Paris-Montparnasse direction Dreux à 8h58, arrivée à Orgerus-Béhoust à 9h46.Je vous attendrai à la sortie de la gare, côté parc de stationnement. Daniel will wait for you outside the station, parking lot side.
Le retour se fera par la gare d'Orgerus-Béhoust, train à 15 de toutes les heures (14h15, 15h15, ...). Return via the Orgerus-Behoust station, trains 15 minutes after the hour.
 A bientôt.

14 September 2013

Dear Hikers,
This week we will go on an adventure outside of zone 5 !! to La Ferte Milon and walk 18.5 km to Crouy sur Ourcq (safely back in zone 5) . In La Ferte Milon there is a huge unfinished 14th century chateau which was even further dismantled by Henry IV thus leaving a really impressive facade which dominates the town but has nothing behind it . After walking up a short gentle hill to look at this chateau and the church we will come back down  to the Ourcq canal and follow its many meanders for several kilometers and then a second canal (all completely level) . The final part of the walk is through countryside and village and involves a couple of short easy hills . Just as we arrive at the station of Crouy sur Ourcq we will pass the 14th/15th century ruins of the Chateau du Houssoy.


An early start I am afraid - we will catch the 8.51 train ZIMO from Paris Est direction Chateau Thierry  as far as Trilport arriving 9.20 where we have 8 minutes to change trains and catch the 9.28 train FOMO  from Trilport to La Ferte Milon arriving 9.54

The return journey will be from Crouy sur Ourcq changing again at Trilport and the trains are hourly at thirteen minutes past the hour

Buying tickets for this trip appears to me to be unnecessarily complicated but unless you know a better way this is what I would suggest :
It seems impossible to buy a ticket at any of the machines (green ,yellow or grey/blue) for La Ferte Milon so I would suggest you buy it ahead of time (as there is often a queue) from a ticket office - the one at Gare de l'Est is by platform 17.
For the return trip it is easier as Crouy sur Ourcq is in Zone 5

Lunch may be a little on the late side so we will have a pause for some "elevenses" (snack)

Don't forget water , appropriate clothing and footwear , and your lunch
PS For ladies of a shy disposition there is not much cover for a technical stop during the first hour!

See you Wednesday

Landline 01 30 80 01 34

Mobile   06 79 48 38 81

07 September 2013

hike for September 11

Chers Randonneurs,

Mercredi 11 septembre, nous marcheront de la gare Versailles-Chantiers
à la gare Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines en traversant la forêt de Versailles et
la haute vallée de la Bièvre, environ 15 km.
This week we will walk 15 km through the Forests of Versailles and the Haute Vallee of the Bievre starting at the Versailles-Chantiers train station and ending at the station of St. Quentin-en-Yvelines
Le parcours est ombragé le long de plusieurs étangs.
Il reste facile à l'exception de deux légers côtes à monter à son départ.
The itinerary is shaded and leads us along several ponds. Except for two hills at the beginning,
the walking is easy.
Travel information:
Départ de cette randonnée se fera de la gare Versailles-Chantiers à 10:10.
Je vous trouverai à l'entrée principale de cette gare.
Transport aller à partir de la gare Paris Montparnasse:
à 09:35, train ROPO, direction Rambouillet
arrivée à Versailles-Chantiers à 10:01

Transport retour:
Gare Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, zone 5, trains fréquents.

Dans l'attente de vous voir,
06 03 53 41 66