20 October 2014

Hikes for October 22 and 29

This announcement contains information for the hikes for the next TWO Wednesdays, with Daniel Robinot on Oct. 22, and Judy Choat on Oct. 29. The good news is that there will also be a short hikes on both days led by Dominique Raveau. Good luck getting to the right station on the right day!

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

October 22: First, info for the short hike, then the longer one.

​Hello walkers,

We will do a leisurely walk of about 8 km in the department of Hauts-de-Seine, partly on the Coulée Verte and on the unusual paths through the Parc de Sceaux.

To get there:

Take the RER B train SORI from Châtnelet Les Halles at 9:47, direction Robinson. Get off at Fontenay aux Roses (zone 3) at 10:11 then take the exit rue Félix-Pécaut where I will be waiting. 

Return from the station Parc de Sceaux (zone 3) the same line RER B, frequents trains to Paris

My mobile: 06 33 23 07 31
A mercredi.

Now the longer one on October 22.

Here are the travel directions for Daniel's hike next Wednesday near Mantes in the lovely valley of the Vaucouleur.  Getting to the rendez-vous spot will require taking a bus from the Mantes le Jolie train station. Take the 9:07 train direct from the Gare St. Lazare to Mantes la Jolie, arriving at 9:41. Leave the station on the side of Mantes la Ville and take the bus,  LINE K, which leaves at 9:46 on quai 22. You will need to do this quickly! 
Get off the bus at the stop MAGNANVILLE-GRAVIERS where Daniel will meet you at 9:53. If by any chance you miss the stop, get off at the next stop and call Daniel.

The return to Paris will be on a direct train from Mantes la Jolie at 16:08, if all goes well!
As usual, you will need a picnic lunch, water, or substitute and sturdy shoes.

Here is the info in French:

Malgré les apparences, il reste de beaux jours. Je vous propose une randonnée dans la campagne Mantaise qui nous fera passer par les petits villages de Vert, Villette et Soindres en suivant plus ou moins la Vaucouleur, petite rivière locale.

Ce parcours de 18/19 Km environ ne présente pas de difficulté, une seule montée un peu plus raide. 

Le rendez-vous va être un peu plus compliqué que d'habitude. Pour se retrouver :

Train direct de Paris-Saint Lazare pour Mantes la Jolie à 9h07  Arrivée à Mantes à 9h41
Ensuite, sortir côté Mantes la Ville et prendre le bus ligne K qui part à 9h46 quai 22 (ne traînez pas pour sortir de la gare)
Descendre à l'arrêt "Magnanville-Graviers" où je vous attendrai à 9h53. Si vous ratez l'arrêt, descendez au suivant.

Titres de transport acceptés ... tous (Mobilis, Navigo, ticket de métro ou vente à l'unité).

Retour par bus pour la gare de Mantes et train direct pour Paris à 16h08 si tout va bien :-))

Les chemins commencent à être humides et gras, prenez des chaussures adaptées et comme d'habitude, picnic, boisson réconfortante et bonne humeur.

A bientôt.



October 29 hikes:

The shorter one:

Hello walkers, 

I propose another short leisurely walk for next Wednesday. We will stroll through the parks of Chatenay-Malabry (Arboretum where we'll admire trees, Vallée aux Loups where we'll have a picnic and Parc de la Maison de Chateaubriand where we'll stop to have a cup of coffee or some patisserie in its Salon de thé). 

To get there: 

From CHATELET LES HALLES take RER B (train SORI) at 09:32, direction ROBINSON The same train leaves from DENFERT-ROCHEREAU at 09:40. Arrival at ROBINSON at 09:58

At the Gare de Robinson walk to the head of the train then to the right and take the exit Av.Jules Guesde. The meeting place-on the top of the stairs. Return from ROBINSON - trains every 15 minutes. Zone 3

See you on Wednesday.
mobile : 06 33 23 07 31

Now the info for the longer hike on October 29:

Dear All,

A very pretty walk of around 20km from Epernon to Rambouillet passing through several delightful villages along the little River Drouet . There is one longish flight of steps and a few hills but nothing frightening  , lunch will be by the pond in St . Hilarion where there are seats .We will finish by walking through the Jardin Anglais in the grounds of the Chateau at Rambouillet
After 18km or so we will pass close to the station of Gazeran but trains that stop there are as rare as hen's teeth so this is not really a viable bailout option .



Take train 16757 from Montparnasse direction Le Mans at 9.06 as far as Epernon arriving at 9.50 . This train calls at Versailles Chantiers at 9.22 and Rambouillet at 9.43 if either of these two options are easier for you.

Return express trains are hourly but there are stopping trains in between . Probable fast train would be the 16.16, arriving in Paris at 16.50.

Travel together in the last carriage if you wish.


You will need a picnic , water , raingear , warm clothing , and good strong footwear . Remember it will almost certainly be muddy

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday

Landline    01 30 80 01 34

Mobile      06 79 48 38 81

11 October 2014

Hike for October 15, 2014

Next Wednesday Domi & Philippe Raveau will lead a 14 km hike through woods and fields with three climbs and one long descent. It will be a loop starting and ending in Lardy, a small town situated in the department of the Essonne.

We will begin by visiting the old town lying on the river Juine and its park of de l'Hôtel de Ville with beautiful trees. Then we will pass the Juine on the site of an old mill and will do a short and steep climb through the Forêt de Janville which will remind you of the Fontainebleau Forest. On our way we will see a very old dolmen http://fr.topic-topos.com/dolmen-janville-sur-juine

After about 9 km we will have a picnic in a perfect picnic spot - the park of the the 17th century Chateau de Chamarande. A bail out is possible from the Gare de Chamarande RER C, zone 5.

There we can stroll through two exhibitions : a contemporary art exhibition Vivre(s) and a small archives displayhttp://centenaire.org/fr/en-france/ile-de-france/essonne/lexposition-14-18-si-loin-si-proche - free entry

You will need sturdy walking shoes and walking sticks. Don't forget to bring some snack since a picnic will be rather late.


Take the RER C ELBA Direction St Martin d'Etampes 
Departure from St Michel Notre Dame at 8:58 (be there earlier)
Arrival at Lardy at 9:46. We will meet in front of the Gare de Lardy, zone 5.

Return from Lardy every half hour, for instance, at 15:42; 16:12; 16:42

Remember, you need personal accident and liability insurance to join our walks.

Let's hope for a sunny day.
See you on Wednesday

06 October 2014

Here is a proposal from Marcel Kohl for a cultural walk in the Latin Quarter of Paris on Monday, October 13.
Je vous propose une dernière sortie à Paris guidée par Serge Léger. Nous visiterons”SAINT GERMAIN et le QUARTIER LATIN”(avec les cafés littéraires,la place Furstenberg, l’enceinte de Philippe Auguste dans un parking, le BE BOP à Saint Germain,le plus vieux café de paris,la cour Saint André des Arts,les thermes de Cluny et le musée du Moyen Age,Monsieur Montaigne nous porte chance,le Collège de France,le lycée Louis Le Grand,le Port du Salut,le Collège Irlandais)
Le rendez-vous est le lundi 13 octobre à 9h30 ,devant la brasserie Lipp
151 Bd ST Germain
Metro Saint  Germain des Prés
Serge Leger est un fin connaisseur de l’histoire de Paris,et il est passionné par son sujet.
Vous serez tous bienvenus
Marcel Kohl
PS: Serge Leger demande 3 euros par personne pour ses frais

This week we will hike 15/16 km. in and around round the charming town of Montfort l'Amaury which is situated at the edge of the Rambouillet Forest. Mary Lynne will be our leader. After a two kilometer walk from the train station to the village of Montfort l'Amaury we will take a quick look around before heading out of town to walk in the Rambouillet Forest where we will have our picnic lunch. On our way back to the train, (same station), we will be able to explore the town where there are several noteworthy sites to visit: the ruins of the chateau of Anne de Bretagne, the church and its unusual cemetery, and Maurice Ravel's house. 

People who would rather visit the town than hike in the forest could remain in town and make their own way back to the station. Return trains: one train every hour at 25 minutes after the hour.

Travel information: 

Departure Paris-Montparnasse at 8h58 (train DAPO) direction Dreux   (Meet at the end of the quay to board the last car going out.) This train stops at Versailles Chantiers at 9:11 where Mary Lynne will board the train.

Arrival gare  "Montfort l'Amaury-Méré" at 9h36. 

Return: We will aim for the 16h25 which will arrive in Paris at 17h02. We don't have much leeway with the train as they are only every hour.

You will need a picnic lunch, liquids and appropriate clothing for the season, keeping in mind that the gorgeous weather we have been enjoying might be coming to an end. Alas!

Remember, you need your own personal liability and accident insurance for all our walks.

See you on Wednesday!
Mary Lynne