25 April 2009

Wednesday 29 April from Poissy to St Germain en Laye

This week's walk will be led by our intrepid Claude. He will take us from Poissy to St. Germain-en-Laye, visiting the Collegiale of Poissy and the famous Villa Savoy designed by Le Corbusier. Here is Claude's information.

Cette randonnée d'environ 15 km entre Poissy et Saint Germain en Laye nous permettra de balayer 8 siècles d'histoire de France depuis la collégiale de Poissy où fut baptisé Louis IX (Saint Louis) à la villa Savoye de Le Corbusier. L'itinéraire dans la forêt de St Germain nous permettra de voir quelques oratoires, de longer la maison d'éducation de la Légion d'Honneur ainsi que le château du Val pour terminer sur la terrasse et le parc du château de St Germain.

Aller par le RER A qui arrive à POISSY à 9h 58 (9h 26 à Châtelet les Halles) zone 5.

Retour par le RER A à partir de St Germain, un RER toutes les 10 mn

Je vous retrouverai à la gare de Poissy.

Veuillez confirmer votre participation par mail.

The walk will take us from Poissy to St Germain en Laye, about 15 km. On the way we'll sweep through eight centuries of French history, from the collegiate church at Poissy, where Louis IX (Saint Louis) was christened, to the Villa Savoye designed by Le Corbusier. In the forest of St Germain we'll see a few wayside oratories and pass by the maison d'éducation of the Légion d'Honneur and the château du Val, ending with the terrace and the château park of St Germain.

Departure by RER A arriving in POISSY, zone 5, at 9.58 (passing through Châtelet les Halles at 9.26).

Return via RER A from St Germain with a train every 10 minutes.

I'll meet you at Poissy station.


If you intend to come, please confirm by email .

15 April 2009

Wednesday 22 April

On Wednesday 22 April, Anne-Marie, Prudence and Claude will lead us on a 12 km, four hour walk through charming countryside along the Canal de Meaux and the Marne River from Esbly to Lagny. On the way, we will pass the birthplace of Louis Braille and the astonishing sculpture garden of Dhuys, an open-air artist’s studio with more than a dozen sculptures made from stones recycled from the ruins of a nearby bridge and aqueduct which was destroyed during the Second World War.

This walk is through flat terrain with the exception of one short but fairly steep hill.

Departure: Gare de L’Est, train 20364119, which leaves at 9:30 in the direction of Meaux, arriving at Esbly, zone 6, at 10:01

Return: from the gare de Lagny, zone 5, to Paris, Gare de L’Est. Trains leave Lagny every half hour.

Remember the usual picnic lunch, rain gear, and possibly sun protection if we are lucky with the weather.

Please inform Prudence or Claude if you intend to come on this walk

Prudence: prukupka@aol.com

Claude: claude7.faure@orange.fr


Mary Winter has posted a set of pictures illustrating the walk at http://mjwinter.com/marnewalkweb.

At http://picasaweb.google.fr/elebelle/IleDeFranceWalks2009?feat=directlink Ellen Vivet has pictures from this walk and the 15 April outing to Sceaux.

08 April 2009

Wednesday 15 April at Sceaux

Hello walking friends:

By popular demand,
on Wednesday 15 April I plan to lead a walk to and through the park of Sceaux. Our meeting point will be in the RER station Antony (RER Line B4 to the south, still in Zone 3). From 9:45 I'll be waiting for you, inside the station but after the turnstiles to your left when you come up the steps.

At 10:00 we will start the walk. First to the source of the Bièvre, then to parc Heller, the Coulée Verte and on to the park of the château de Sceaux. There we'll picnic at around 12:00 and then continue the walk along the Coulée Verte, arriving at the station Fontenay aux Roses (RER line B2, also zone 3) at around 15:00.

As always: have good walking shoes, wear appropriate clothes and be in good health.

Happy Easter and see you soon,

Martina David-Ault


06 April 2009

Wednesday 8 April at Malmaison

On Wednesday we'll meet at 10.30 at the station of Rueil Malmaison (RER A line 1, train Zebu, direction St Germain, en Laye, which passes through Chatelet at 10:13). We'll meet in front near the ticket counter.

We'll have a pleasant walk along the Seine; then go to the vallon des Gallicourts in the country, with various sorts of tables (picnic tables and "d'orientation"). Then we'll be in the forest of Malmaison and the étang de St Cucufa.

At 2.00 pm we'll visit the château de Malmaison (Napoleon's little gift to Joséphine) on a guided tour (not free unfortunately)
. Then through the picturesque village of Rueil we'll come back to Rueil station at about 4.00.

Your walking friend,

01 46 26 45 14