17 February 2013

Wednesday 20 February at Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau, le cour des Offices
We will need leaders starting March 20. Spring will be here, flowers will be in bloom, there  still be might be mud on the trails, but who cares! We have a wonderful group of leaders and we would be happy to have new people lead us on new trails or on old favorites. 

Next Wednesday Jean-Louis has proposed to lead us again in the ever-popular Forêt de Fontainebleau, known to be the least muddy forest in the Ile de France in this season! Here is his info:

Pour le mercrdi 20 février 2013, je propose une rando à Fontainebleau.

Départ:  gare de Lyon à 09h19, train 51815, direction Montargis arrivée à la gare de Fontainebleau-Avon à 09h57. 
Prendre un mobilis 5 zones peut être intéressant.
longueur 17 à 18km.
durée 05h30 à 05h45 pour la rando elle-même plus le temps du pique-nique.
Je propose en outre au départ de consacrer environ 30 minutes à la visite extérieure du chateau.

La rando est sans difficultés particulières; le terrain sera dans l'ensemble plutôt sec. Il y a un peu de dénivellé: nous allons monter sur les rochers d'Avon, suivre la crête puis redescendre et rejoindre la Seine avant de revenir à la gare. Pas de raccourci possible sauf à suivre la route.... "

The hike has no particular difficulties; the terrain should be not too wet. There will be a bit of climbing among the rocks. The only bailout possibility will be to walk along the highway.

Trains return from Fontainebleau Avon every half hour.

See you on Wednesday.

Jean-Louis Narjoux.
21 rue Alphonse Daudet 75014 Paris.

n° portable Annick: 06 06 86 67 23

Winter in Fontainebleau Forest

10 February 2013

Wednesday 13 February: two walks from Sucy Bonneuil

In the parc du Morbras
This week there will be two walks, a longer one led by Judy and shorter one by Daniel . Both will start from the same station at the same time but will not follow the same itinerary. On arrival at the starting point, Sucy Bonneuil station, you will have to make a choice. 

Getting there for both walks

Take RER A train NEGE, direction Boissy Saint Léger, arriving 9.53 at Sucy Bonneuil (zone 4, 4.10€):

     9.10 from La Défense
     9.21 from Charles de Gaulle Etoile
     9.26 from Châtelet Les Halles

Sometimes these trains don't run exactly to time so if you are worried that you are a little late, ring and we will wait for you (within reason!)


Here is the information for the longer walk — 21km but very straightforward with a few gentle undulations (nothing worthy of the name hill!)  It is a good mix of forest, countryside, an attractive park (Parc du Morbras) , a couple of châteaux, good company and probably some mud. We will start at Sucy Bonneuil  and finish at Ozoir la Ferrière passing the château des Marmousets, the château des Agneaux and the château de la Doutre.

The return journey for the longer walk will be from a different station (zone 5   5.65€) on a different line to a different station in Paris . A Mobilis ticket might  be cheaper if you start your journey outside Paris

The return journey will be from Ozoir la Ferrière on RER E to Magenta for the gare du Nord or Haussman Saint Lazare. It is difficult to predict which train we will take but they are at 15.31, 16.02 and 16.37 and the journey time is about 35-40 minutes
     06 79 48 38 81
     01 30 80 01 34


Here is the information for the shorter walk — 11km.  This walk will go from Sucy Bonneuil to Boissy Saint Léger on  mostly flat ground via the parc du Morbras (charming pictures and interesting information about this park can be found on Google).

The return journey for the shorter walk will be from Boissy Saint Leger (zone 4  4.10€) and the trains run every 10 minutes.

Contact info for Daniel:
     09 50 56 65 26
     Mobile (day of the walk only) 06 51 22 35 16


There will be mud and it will probably be cold so wear winter clothing and waterproof footwear, also bring your lunch and water.

See you Wednesday!

Ozoir la Ferrière, the château des Agneaux

02 February 2013

Wednesday 6 February in Fontainebleau Forest

Here is information about the February 6th walk which will be led by François. 

The hike will start at Bois le Roi station and end at Fontainebleau Avon station. It will be mostly flat and we will not go among the rocks.The length will be about 15km. There is no bailout point in this walk.

Departure: Gare de Lyon, train N°51815 at 9.19, direction Montargis, arriving 9.50 at Bois le Roi (zone 5). As usual we will meet at the end of the platfom at the Gare de Lyon.

Return: Fontainebleau-Avon 15.07 or 15.37. Anyway, there are trains every 30 minutes for a 35-minute journey.

My mobile phone is 06 09 41 14 66 (only on the 6th). See you then!

Best regards,