27 March 2011

Wednesday 30 March in the Forest of Marly

In Marly Forest

This week Judy and Cecilia will lead us on  a lovely 16-17 km walk, (hilly in parts, 5 to 5 1/2 hours), around St. Nom-la-Bretèche, through fields, the Forest of Marly and pretty little villages.  We had to do some juggling of dates, and as a result, the Essonne walk planned for next week has been moved to April 27.

Take the 9h33 train, Sils, at the Gare Saint Lazare,  direction St. Nom la Breteche, Foret de Marly, which will arrive at St. Nom la Bretèche at 10h12. This train passes through La Defense at 9:42 so it would be possible to take the RER A or Metro line 1 to meet the SNCF train at La Defense. An RER A leaves Chatelet les Halles at 9:22 and arrives at La Defense at 9:32 which is plenty of time to get upstairs to the SNCF banlieue lines.
Return trains from St. Nom are every half hour: 16.37, 17.07, etc...

Cecilia's mobile phone number:  06 45 68 88 05.

See you on Wednesday!!

photo by Christophe Morvant

19 March 2011

Wednesday 23 March at Bagatelle

Hello walkers,

Spring will have officially arrived next Wednesday, March 23. If you would like to come on a walk and admire the first flowers, then meet me at 10 AM at Pont de Neuilly metro station on Line 1. I will wait for you from 9.45 on the street level in the middle of the Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

At 10.00 we will start walking, direction Pont de Neuilly and then along the Isle de Puteaux to the Parc de Bagatelle.

From there we will continue through the Bois de Boulogne to a metro station at around 14.00.

As always: have the right clothes and shoes, water and food (enough for lunch).



02 March 2011

Wednesday 9 March on the Marne to Boissy St Léger

The Marne at Joinville le Pont

The hike, some 14km or 8-9 miles, will be led by Bob Levy  

First along the 'GR des BORDS de MARNE', the walk will take us from Joinville le Pont some 4 km along the river to Chennevières.  Here, remaining with the GR, we leave the Marne for a mix of trail and small lanes, through Le Moulin Chennevières and Ormesson to the GR14 and the Parc du Morbras.

A lovely stone bridge, then a 2 km walk along a running stream will bring us to a perfect spot for lunch.  Then onward along the GR14, through wooded rolling hills to the Foret de Gros Bois and its Allées Royale and Elizabeth, and finally the town of Boissy Saint Leger.


1. For the first 4 km. there a few places for 'technical stops'.  There are cafes at approximately 3 km.
2. This hike has been selected in part because of its relative lack of mud.  Many trails are partially paved.  There are, however, some 2-3 kms where mud might be a minor issue.  The right shoes are, as always, essential.
3. With the exception of a flight or two of stairs, the hike is quite level.


GARE RER 'A'; JOINVILLE LE PONT.  10:00 A.M.  Use SORTIE 1, Avenue Jaurès.  We will meet immediately in front of the Gare under an overhang.  From Paris trains (Direction BOISSY or La VARENNE) run to Joinville le Pont every 6-10 minutes.


RER 'A' from BOISSY SAINT LEGER: To Paris trains every 6-10 minutes.


For those desiring a shorter day, there is the option of leaving the walk at La Varenne (4 miles) or Sucy (6 miles). Maps will be provided from the trail to the RER 'A' in those villages.

In the parc de Morbras