13 December 2015

December 16 Hike

Dear Hikers,

Next week Daniel Robinot will lead us on our last official hike of 2015,  20 km with a bailout possibility. 

Remember, each hiker is responsible for her/his own liability and accident insurance. Chaque randonneur est responsible pour son propre assurance.

Amis randonneurs, bonjour.

Cette semaine je vous propose le grand tour de la base de loisirs de Cergy. Belles vues sur le plan d'eau et sur l'Oise. Le terrain est plat mais pas toujours . Ce tour fait 20 km mais une issue de secours est possible. Attention pour les buveuses de thé, le premier "stop" est un peu loin. 

The terrain is flat, but not always. Be prepared. The first place for a technical stop is rather far from the station. You will need a picnic lunch and your good humor as usual. There shouldn't be too much mud on the itinerary.

Vêtements et chaussures adaptés (on ne devrait pas trouver beaucoup de boue), piquenique et bonne humeur comme d'habitude.

Pour se retrouver, RER A, train UKRA, direction Cergy le Haut, arrivée à Cergy St Christophe à 9h22 (Heure de départ à voir selon votre station). For example, this train leaves Chatelet les Halles at 8:40 and La Defense at 8:51.

Je vous retrouve sous les pendules. Retour par la même gare. 

Daniel will meet you under the huge clock. This hike is a loop starting and ending at Cergy St. Christophe. 

A mercredi.

L'homme sage est celui qui connait ses limites.

05 December 2015

Hike for December 9

Dear Hikers,

There are no more places available for the hike on December 9. Sorry. Look for the announcement for the December 16 hike next weekend.

29 November 2015

Walk for December 2

Dear Hikers,

This coming Wednesday, December 2, Daniel Perot will lead a walk from 

Boulogne to Versailles (zone 4), with three options:
A normal walk, a shorter one and an optional extension.
Distance: 15 kilometers with 3 hills.
The walk will start by crossing the Seine and part of the Parc de  Saint-Cloud and then
on to Versailles via the attractive village of Ville-d'Avray where we will
have our lunch facing "les  Etangs de Ville-d'Avray".
*We shall meet at 10:00 am by the metro station
Boulogne-Pont-de-Saint-Cloud, last stop on Métro Line 10.*
*Get there - When you get off the train, walk along the quay in the same
direction as the train, go up the steps and take the exit "Musée
Albert-Khan" (to the right).
The meeting place is ten meters from the metro station, at the intersection
of these three streets:
Av. du Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny / Rond-point Rhin-et-Danube (the
large roundabout) / and the little Rue du Port.
SHORTER WALK: distance: 6.5 kilometers, with 1 gentle hill.
For those who prefer this distance, you can go and have your lunch "aux
Etangs" with the group, then return to Paris from the station
Sèvres/Ville-d'Avray. (zone 3). The distance from "les Etangs" to your
station is 1.5 km. You will walk in town to reach your station
without your leader, but your guardian angel will not be far.
An OPTIONAL EXTENSION to "Hameau de la Reine" or to the gardens of the Château could be possible (+ 4.5/5
RETURN - There are three stations in Versailles: Versailles Rive-droite,
Versailles Rive-gauche and Versailles-Chantiers for different destinations
in Paris: La Défense, Gare Saint-Lazare // Javel, Invalides, Saint-Michel // Gare Montparnasse.
You will need a picnic lunch and water, and sturdy waterproof shoes as the
forest can be muddy in December.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.

daniel perot

20 November 2015

Here is the info for next Wednesday : 

A 16.5 km walk with a few gentle ups and downs so not too hard a test this week ! We will pass a few ponds , a few churches , a chateau , an amazingly elaborate chateau gate , a lavoir -  in fact all the usual sort of stuff !! For twitchers (British slang for overly keen bird watchers )  we will call in , albeit briefly , at a bird hide .
PS don't drink too much in the morning before you come as there are no very good places for a bathroom break for half an hour or so 


From Gare de Lyon take train BUPE RER D at 8.39 direction Malesherbes as far as Mennecy (zone 5 ) arriving at 9.30

We will return from Bourray (zone 5)  which is on RER C .The trains run half hourly at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour to Bibliotheque (41mins) , Austerlitz (44mins) , St Michel Notre Dame (48 mins) and Invalides (54 mins ) My best guess is that we will catch either the 3.15 or the 3.45
Let's be friendly and travel together in the rear coach of the train

Don't forget it is November ie late Autumn beginning of Winter so come appropriately dressed with good footwear, with a spare extra layer of clothing, waterproofs , lunch and a drink.

See you Wednesday 


14 November 2015

Two Hikes for November 18

Hello walkers,

I am sure that last night's massacre has touched all of us deeply. With so many innocent people killed in cold blood one wonders where our planet is heading. Here at IdF walks we will continue as normal and hope that the public transportation will be safe. We have two options for Nov. 18, one with Dominika Raveau and the other with Daniel Robinot, but first I will make a plea for a leader for December 2. Otherwise the schedule is full until the holidays.

November 25, Judy -- 16km
December 2, need a leader
December 9, Jean-Louis Narjoux will lead a loop from Trilport near Meaux on the Monceaux Forest. In lieu of a picnic, J-L proposes a tasting of Brie cheese (along with charcuterie) at a place that he will announce later.  He would like to know well ahead of time how many people are interested in this formula so that he can reserve. Those of you who are not interested can bring a picnic lunch and eat outdoors.RSVP directly to Jean-Louis.
December 16, Daniel Robinot

Now for next Wednesday's hikes.

Dominika:  Robinson to Meudon Val Fleury
For next Wednesday I propose a hike of about 11 km with some ups and downs through the parks of Plessis-Robinson and a part of Meudon forest. We will picnic near l'étang de Triveaux (there is a little buvette nearby).
After 4 km we will pass near a bus-stop (bus195 to Metro Chatillon-Montrouge) in case you need to leave earlier...

From Châtelet Les Halles take RER B SORI at 9:32 direction Robinson. Arrival at Robinson at 09:58, zone 3.
The same train from Denfert Rochereau passes 8 minutes later.

At the Gare de Robinson walk to the head of the train then to the right and take the exit avenue Jules Guesde. The meeting place will be at the top of the stairs.

Return from Meudon Val Fleury RER C zone 3.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday with the good weather and your good spirits.


My mobile 06 33 23 07 31 


Daniel: area around Mantes la Jolie

Hiking friends,

This week we will return to Mantes la Jolie. Our 21/22 km hike will take us to woods, countryside and little villages.There are no real difficulties but there will be hills (450 m. altitude difference), and the pace will be strong and steady in order not to finish too late . There is no bail-out possible.

As per usual, you will need shoes and clothing adapted to the weather, picnic lunch and water, and of course your usual good humor. There will be no possibility to purchase food along the way.  

Travel: (train and bus) Departure: Gare St. Lazare at 9:07, (train for Breval-Evreux), arriving at Mantes la Jolie at 9:41. Take the footbridge towards the bus station of Mantes la Ville and take the bus on quay 22, Ligne K at 9:51. (ten minutes changeover time) Get off the bus at the station "Graviers" where I will meet you at 9:58. Some of you already know how to do this.

Return from the same station, direct train to Paris at 16:08 or 17:08

I hope to see many of you on Wednesday.

Amis Randonneurs,
Cette semaine, retour vers Mantes la Jolie. Cette randonnée de 21/22 km nous promènera entre bois et campagne en passant par de petits villages. Pas de réelles difficultés mais le dénivelé sera important (environ 450 m) et la marche sera soutenue de façon à ne pas rentrer trop tard. Pas de "bail out" possible.

Chaussures et vêtements adaptés à la météo, picnic et eau (pas de possibilités de ravitaillement) et bien sur, bonne humeur.

Pour venir :  Départ Paris St Lazare à 9h07 (train pour Bréval-Evreux), arrivée à Mantes la Jolie à 9h41
Sortir par la passerelle côté gare routière de Mantes la Ville et prendre le bus quai 22 Ligne K à 9h51. Descendre station "Graviers" où je vous attendrai à 9h58 (Certains d'entre vous connaissent comment venir).

Retour par la même gare, train direct à 16h08 ou 17h08 ou semi-direct, moins rapides.

Je vous attends nombreux.


08 November 2015

November 11 Hike

Dear Walking Friends,

This week's hike (15km), will take us from Lardy to Breuillet-Village in the Essonne department. Your faithful leaders will be Anne Marie and Jean Groussin and yours truly. On the way we will pass the amazing XIII/XIV C. gothic church of St. Sulpice de Favieres. The pace will be moderate. Those who wish to walk more than 15 km can extend the hike five km to the station at St. Cheron.(map provided).

I had originally put Savigny le Temple on the schedule but family events prevented me from doing a reconnaissance walk. We will do that walk another time.

Travel info: RER C6, train ELBA, from St. Michel/ Notre Dame at 9:12, direction St. Martin d'Etampes, zone 5, to Lardy, arrival at 10:01. This train passes through Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand at 9:20.This is where Anne-Marie, Jean and I will board, in the last car. It is a good idea to arrive early enough to find the correct departure quai.

Trains return to Paris from Breuillet at 15:21, 15:51, 16:21, etc.for a trip of about 50".

You will need a picnic lunch, water, rain and sun gear as usual. Coffee, chocolate and spirits are optional and always appreciated.

See you on Wednesday with a smile on your face.

Mary Lynne    0670881859

Anne Marie    0681119732 (only the day of the walk)

Jean          0616314827 (only the day of the walk)

01 November 2015

Two options for November 4

Dear Hikers,

 Next Wednesday we have a city option with Marcel Kohl and a country option with Daniel Perot. 

       Montmartre with Marcel Kohl

       We’ll meet outside the “Metro Abbesses”(line 12) at 10 a.m.(you may use the elevator as Abbesses is the deepest metro station in Paris-36m)
        We’ll wonder about the origin of the names “Abbesses” and “Montmartre”, and have a look at the”square de la Place”with the wall “I love you” in 250 languages, then “St Jean”, where we’ll have to find the 30 eagles,concealed in the church.
        Then we’ll see the grocery of the film”Amélie Poulain” and the Bateau-Lavoir(where Picasso,Modigliani,Van Dongen ....used to paint), and also”Le Moulin de la Galette (and the cossacks’ episode), ”le Passe-muraille” and its story, the villa Léandre, Giles’Rabbit, the Bleustein-Blanchet park, l’église St Pierre,.....
    Then, at 12 or 12.30,we’ll have lunch in a restaurant (which one?Not decided yet)
    In the afternoon we can walk to the Goutte d’Or (North-African district) and Château Rouge (African district) where we can finally take the metro(line 4)
      Of course, you’re free to bail out any time.
        PS: I’ll speak French, but friends can translate
       Mobile: 0781547519
> -
>        This week, November 4th, Daniel Perot will lead us along a portion of the
> *Canal de
> l'Ourcq*. This canal was conceived to bring badly needed water to Paris as
> well as to provide a waterway for the transport of building materials from
> the Foret de Retz. It tooks water from the River Ourcq which flows into the
> Marne.  Its construction dates to the beginning of the 19th century under
> Napoleon I, but talk of bringing water to Paris goes back as far as Louis
> XIV. Wikipedia gives a detailed history of the canal.
>        Much of the section that we will walk through is lined with poplar
> trees. We
> will also visit the Parc de Sevran where we will see traces of the ruins
> of the National Gunpowder Factory which operated from 1873 to 1973
>        - Le canal file entre deux pelouses couronnées de peupliers et
> borde le parc
> de Sevran.
>        - Le parc forestier de Sevran : Un site industriel (ancienne
> poudrerie) se
> transforme en espace vert !
> -------------------------------------------------------
*Départ - Gare d'Haussmann-Saint-Lazare (RER E). Train COHI, 9:57.
> Direction : Gare de Chelles-Gournay.  Arrivée - GARE DE BONDY, 10:12.
> * Ce même train est accessible depuis la gare de Magenta à 10:01. *
> ***You can board this train from the Gare de Magenta as well.
> ----

*Get there
The station Haussmann/Saint-Lazare is adjacent and accessible from Gare
> Saint-Lazare (or Auber), direction RER E.
> The station Magenta is adjacent and accessible from Gare-du-Nord,
> direction RER E.

I shall wait for you at the exit of Bondy station, place de la Gare.
> *----.
> Durée de la rando : 3 heures / 12 kilomètres.
> ----
>> Le retour se fera par la gare de Villeparisis qui se trouve en zone 5. The
return will be from Villeparisis station, zone 5, from a different train line
> (RER B).
> ----
> For a shorter walk, (2h30 / 10 kilometers), possible return from the station Vert-Galant
> in zone 4 (RER B).
> *----
> Don't forget your rain gear, sun gear, lunch, water, chocolate, and... adequate
> shoes...

email : daniel.perot@free.fr
Tél. 09 50 56 65 26.
Mobile: 06 51 22 35 16 (only the day of the walk).
> ==========================

two walks for October 28

Dear walking friends,

This is the blog entry that never got posted last week. I hope that you managed to find out about the two options from another source. 
We have two hikes planned for next Wednesday, both of which will enable you to get out into the country to see fall colors. 

          First option:
Francois Bechet will lead a 12 km hike in the Essonne:  It will be a mostly flat and easy walk in open countryside, a 12 kms loop from Saint Michel sur Orge. We first will go through a park and have a look at the basilique de Longpont.Then we will pass the tour de Montlhery and come back to St Michel along the river Orge.

Transportation: RER C train DEBO leaves St Michel/Notre Dame, at 9h42, Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand at 9:50, direction Dourdan la Foret, arriving at St. Michel sur Orge at 10h17. As usual we will meet and ride in the last carriage.

Trains return to Paris from St. Michel sur Orge every 15 minutes.


Our second option will be a 20+ hike with Daniel Robinot.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Amis randonneurs,

Cette semaine, je vous emmène pour une randonnée entre la Drouette et la Guéville, 2 petites rivières, au départ de Rambouillet. J'avais prévu une sortie tranquille mais un reconnaissance du parcours en a décidé autrement. C'est donc une belle boucle de 28 km que nous ferons ensemble. C'est long mais le terrain est facile. Sur le parcours, nous pourrons voir châteaux, églises, rivières, faisans et, si la chance est avec nous, des antilopes et des kangourous (si, c'est vrai, je n'ai rien fumé !).

Pour venir : Paris-Montparnasse train à 9h06 (Versailles-Chantiers 9h21), arrivée à Rambouillet à 9h43 (Train direct) où je vous retrouverai.

Retour pour Paris au départ de la même gare à ... on verra quand on y sera.

Compte-tenu de la longueur du parcours et des jours qui raccourcissent, la marche sera soutenue afin de rentrer avant la nuit (vers 16h si tout va bien). Comme d'habitude, chaussures et vêtements adaptés à la saison, pic-nic et bonne humeur, pour le soleil je fais de mon mieux.

Promis, c'est la dernière fois (de l'année) que je fais aussi long. Je vous espère nombreux.

A bientôt,

Dear Hikers,
This weekI take you along for an excursion between the Drouette and the Guéville, 2 small rivers, starting at Rambouillet.
 I had envisaged a quiet exit but a scouting of the itinerary decided otherwise. It's thus a beautiful loop of 28 km which we will make together.  It's long but the ground is easy. On the coursewe will be able to see castleschurchesrivers, pheasants andif luck is with us, antelopes and kangaroos (ifit's trueI did not smoke anything!).

To come : 
Paris-Montparnasse train at 9h06 (Versailles-Chantiers at 9h21), arriving to Rambouillet at 9h43 (Train direct) where I will find you.
Back to Paris from Rambouillet at ... it will be seen when one will be there.
Taking into account the length the course and days which shorten, the pace will be constant in order to return before the night (around 4:00pm  if all is well).  As usualshoes and clothes adapted to the seasonpic-nic and good moodfor the sun, I will do my best.

Promisedit is the last time (of the yearthat I make also long. I hope for you many. 

See you soon.

+336 1085 4767

15 October 2015

Hike for October 21 and preview for October 28

Next Wednesday, October 21, Daniel Perot will lead us for 15 km, expandable to 22 km, along the Grand Morin. 

The following Wednesday, Oct. 28, we will have two options, Daniel Robinot for 20 + km, destination not yet  communicated, and 12 km with Francois Bechet around Longpont sur Orge. 

Now, here is Daniel's information for next Wednesday:

       A new route and an opening for Spring

On Wednesday, October 21st we will walk alongside the banks of the river Grand-Morin in the department of the Seine et Marne. There are traces of Roman settlement along the Grand Morin, and there were many water mills and paper factories up until the 15th century. Our itinerary will be a loop starting and ending in Faremoutiers.
Departure 9:16 at Gare-de-l'Est.
Arrival 10:08 Faremoutiers (Pommeuse).
Train CITU. Direction Coulommiers. Zone 5.
Likely return: 15:45 from Faremoutiers, arriving at Gare-de-l'Est, 16:42.
Next is 16:45 arriving 17:42. Train PITU.
The distance will be 15 km.
The terrain: a few lovely slopes and kind glorious mud.
Bring you usual gear, picnic and water. If this weather continues, you will need hats, gloves, and maybe even a thermos of something hot for the picnic. 

A POSSIBLE OPTION for a 21/22-km walk.
(Please note: these 6 kilometers more were not scouted. bring your maps and GPS)
Possible but unlikely return 16:45 arriving 17:42.
Likely return 17:40 arriving 18:42.
= =======================

A bailout (exit) after 8 km is possible, but
due to the distance from Paris or suburb, probably not a option you will want to take.
You can call Daniel for more information.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Tel. 09 50 56 65 26.
Mobile (only on the day of the walk) : 06 51 22 35 16.

10 October 2015

Hike for October 14

Next Wednesday we will walk 9,5km at a mild pace along the part of the Coulée Verte du sud parisien, from Chatillon to the Parc de Sceaux. There is an open-air exposition about recent works in the garden embroidery in front of the Chateau. It will be possible to leave earlier, after 7km near station La Croix de Berny RER B or to continue walking and go backbr to Metro station for additional 5,5km. 
Meeting place:
Take the Metro line 13 that passes through Gare St. Lazare and Gare Montparnasse direction Chatillon-Montrouge.
Get off at Châtillon-Montrouge (zone 3), take la Sortie Châtillon (on right) where I will wait for you. We will 
start at 10h.

Return from station Parc de Sceaux RER B, frequent trains to Paris.

Don't forget your picnic lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday

D. Raveau  06 33 23 07 31

03 October 2015

Hike for October 7

Hello Hikers,

Jacques Génin has proposed to lead us next week in the always beautiful Valley de Chevreuse. 

Here is his proposal :  

A 16-km loop beginning at Bures-sur-Yvette. We will follow the ancient railway project Paris-Chartres which had never been completed. After a tour in Gometz-le-Châtel, we will find the river Yvette at Gif and follow it to Bures. Parts of this trip are slightly hilly, good paths, no mud expected.

Bail out possible at 11 km close to the station of Gif-sur-Yvette.

Transportation :

RER B, direction Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse,  at St-Michel-Notre-Dame at 9:25, arrival at Bures-sur-Yvette at 10:01.
Return from Bures-sur-Yvette near 15:00. There are 4 trains each hour to Paris.

Jacques Génin

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we don't have a repeat of the soggy walk we did in that vicinity three weeks ago!

19 September 2015

Hikes for September 23 and 30

Dear Hikers, 

Here follows information for the next two Wednesdays. It wasn't planned this way on purpose but all three walks start at the Gare du Nord. All the walks are different, though. As you can imagine, the recent heavy rains will have left MUD for us to enjoy, ha ha.

September 23 with Tom Smith

The walk for Wednesday September 23 will be around 20 kilometres from Pontoise to L'Isle Adam via Auvers-sur-Oise. You can bail out at Auvers-sur-Oise although that is only about 8km in. There could be an option of continuing along the river to L'Isle Adam instead of going through the forest which would make it about 14km.
 We start by walking along the northern banks of the Oise River until reaching Auvers-sur-Oise where we may take a diversion to pay our respects to the Van Gogh brothers. Lunch should be on the banks of the river around here. Then, crossing to the southern side, we approach Chateau Stor from where we make our way into the forest which may be muddy in parts. Exiting the forest we walk through L'Isle Adam, taking in some of the sights, to get to the train station at Parmain.
 The walk is pretty flat all the way so shouldn't present any difficulties. The weather may not be great so that may slow us down. Be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear!

I'll be taking the 9:41 train to Pontoise (OPOC) from Gare du Nord surface, suburban trains - travel time 40 mins (arrival 10:21). As usual we can congregate in the last carriage. An alternative, particularly from the west side of Paris, is the RER C line. Suitable ARRIVAL times at Pontoise are 10:02 and 10:32. We'll wait until the latter in case anyone comes that way.
Return trains from L'Isle Adam (Parmain station) run every half hour to Gare du Nord (50 mins). We will likely catch the 16:39 but may be one earlier or later depending on our pace.

 Tom Smith
Mobile: 0755772085


September 30. Two proposals, 18 km with Francois and 28 km with Daniel Robinot.

Information about the 30th september hike with Francois:
We will start from Viarmes, go through woods and countryside and the villages of Seugy, Baillon, Coye-la-Forêt and end at the Orry-la-ville-Coye station.
The distance is about 18 kms, mostly flat except at the end. A shortcut is possible to avoid the last up and downhills and shorten 2 Kms.

Departure Gare du Nord (surface, trains de banlieue) 8h55 (direction Luzarches) arriving at Viarmes at 9h33. As usual we will meet at the rear of the platform to board the last car of the train. 

Return trains to Paris every 30 minutes from Orry la Ville. Travel time:40 minutes.

As Orry la ville is out of the Région Ile de France, Mobilis are not available.
Looking forward to seeing you. 

Information about thé 28 km hike with Daniel R.

Amis randonneurs, bonjour.

Pour finir l'été en beauté, je vous propose une longue randonnée (28/30 Km) au départ de Parmain sur les bords de l'Oise.
Nous commencerons tranquillement sur les bords de la rivière et finirons en douceur toujours sur les bords de la rivière. Entre temps, nous aurons marché entre forêt domaniale de l'Isle Adam et campagne. A la longueur s'ajoutera le dénivelé, plus de 400 m.
Afin de ne pas terminer trop tard, le départ sera un peu matinal et la marche soutenue.
Surveillez la météo afin d'avoir la tenue appropriée, prenez de l'eau en quantité suffisante, pas de ravitaillement possible, votre pic-nique et bien entendu, votre bonne humeur habituelle. Pas de "bail out" possible.

Pour venir : Départ Paris-Nord à 8h30 Train POVA, arrivée à L'Isle-Adam/Parmain à 9h19 où je vous attendrai.
Retour par la même gare, train toutes les 30 mn

A bientôt.
Mobile : +336 1085 4767

Friendly hikershello. 

To finish the summer in beautyI propose to you a long hike (28/30 km) starting at Parmain on the banks of the Oise River.
 will start quietly on the river banks and will finish carefully always on the river banks.
 Meanwhilewe will have walked between the national forest of Isle Adam and the countryside. There will be a 400 m elevation difference.
In order not to finish too late, the departure will be fairly early and will will keep a brisk pace.

Watch the weather forecast in order to have the correct clothing, take water in sufficient quantity, (there will be no way to replenish your supply along the way), your picnic and of courseyour usual good mood.
 No bailouts are possible.

To come: 
 Paris-North (Gare du Nord, surface, trains de banlieue) at 8:30 Train POVAarrive at L'Isle-Adam/Parmain at 9:19 where I will await you.
 by the same stationtrains every 30 mn. 

See you soon.

Mobile : +336 1085 4767

12 September 2015

September 16 Hike

This Wednesday September 16 Bob Levy is proposing a walk of some 17 Kilometres, beginning and ending at St. REMY LE CHEVREUSE (RER ‘B’).  There will be NO bailouts on this walk though it is possible to catch a bus for the final 2-3 kilometres back to Saint Remy (see below).
The Walk takes us up the gentle abandoned Rambouillet railroad grade then east through the villages of Boullay and Herbourville to the Chateau de Breteuil.  We will have an early lunch on the grounds outside the chateau.  After lunch it is through forest trail to the beautiful village Choisel and onward to Sablons. From there a climb to La Madeleine Chateau overlooking Chevreuse, then down along the lovely River Yvette and back to Saint Remy.  The pace will be brisk.
NOTES: The walk is relatively easy and flat.  The exceptions are these:
1.    Following lunch, a narrow rocky downhill trail toward Choisiel, and
2.    At the three-quarter mark, a climb to Chateau Madeleine.  There is an alternative, flat trail that bypasses the climb and the Chateau.  A map will be distributed for those who desire it.
3.    There is a bus from the village CHEVREUSE to St. REMY le CHEVREUSE.  You can board at the MARIE / CITY HALL.  Its schedule is at approximately noon, 1:00 and 2:00 PM. The ride is about 10 minutes.
Meet at THE REAR  of the platform ‘RER B’ CHATELET-LES HALES, DIRECTION ST. REMY LES CHEVREUSE.  Meet at 9:15 for the train at 9:23.  This train makes later stops at ST. MICHEL, LUX, PORT ROYAL, DENFERT, UNIVERSITAIRE, BOURG LA REINE.
There are trains from St. Remy to Paris every 15-20 minutes at the end of the trip.
Bring the usual gear.  ON second thought, as Bob Levy is leading, bring even more than the usual gear.
Bob Levy

05 September 2015

Hike for September 9

Dear All,

Okay the Rentree has passed - time to start walking again if you have been having a lazy summer ! Holidays are over but there are still plenty of lovely days to be had in the next few months so come on let's go for a good walk ! I suggest a good long hike of 22 km with no possibility of a bail out - however the terrain is all flat apart from one long hill with a few steps but no particular difficulties . As it is a long walk we will have to maintain a reasonable pace in order to avoid arriving home at midnight !! Say maybe 4-5 km / hr
We will be having lunch at a very pretty lake just AFTER passing through the quaint village of Clairefontaine  ( I am telling you this to stop you all from being too overexcited at all the picnic benches in Clairefontaine itself )



Take train 16757 from Montparnasse direction Chartres at 9.06 as far as Rambouillet ( zone 5 ) arriving 9.41 . I know this is a rather early start but it is a fast train , the only stop being Versailles Chantiers where some of you may wish to board . It calls here at 9.22

Return trains are no worse than half hourly but if you want to catch the fast train we should aim for the 4.16 pm , which should be feasible 

Don't forget all the usual stuff ! Water , lunch , appropriate clothes and footwear , sunhat and sunblock or rain gear , bug spray etc .If there is any more rain before Wednesday I could find the first mud of the season and you all know I am an expert at that !

Hope to see loads of you on Wednesday ,


Landline    01 30 80 01 34

Mobile      06 79 48 38 81 

29 August 2015

September 2 hike

Next Wednesday, September 2, Daniel Perot will lead us in and around
the "Ville nouvelle de Cergy-Pontoise". Here is his info:

> Our hike will be a loop, starting and ending at Cergy St. Christophe on the RER A  line. From the giant RER station clock at CERGY-SAINT-CHRISTOPHE, "biggest
> in Europe", we'll admire some truly monumental architecture, then stroll
> along the banks of the Oise where it loops around the Cergy leisure center.
> ---
> Mercredi prochain, notre randonnée s'effectuera à Cergy,
> le long de l'Oise, qui dans un méandre entoure la base de loisirs. Nous
> démarrerons sous l'horloge gigantesque, la plus grande d'Europe, et là nous
> découvrirons une architecture audacieuse dans un secteur contrasté, avant
> d'aller apprécier les bords de l'eau.
> ----
> Get there... 

RER A destination Cergy-le-Haut l suggest we meet up on the platform at Châtelet/les Halles at 9:30 a.m., HEAD OF THE QUAY. There we will board the RER A train UBOS, passing through Châtelet-les-Halles at 9:49.
Normally the train passes through Aubert station at 9:52, Charles-de-Gaulle at 9:55 and La Défense at 9:59.
Get there... Phew!
The direction of the train is Cergy-le-Haut.
And we will stop at CERGY-St-CHRISTOPHE (penultimate stop), at 10:31.
 Return from the same station (zone 5). Frequent trains.
> The walk should last about 3½ hours, some 13-14 km.
> The ground is flat.
> For a shorter course, 10-11 km, it is easy to leave the group in the leisure center and reach the
> station earlier. I suggest you copy and bring the map below, so you could choose the itinerary you prefer.
> ----
As usual bring you picnic lunch, and appropriate weather gear.
> To contact Daniel:
> Tel. 09 50 56 65 26.
> Mobile (only on the day of the walk) : 06 51 22 35 16.

22 August 2015

Hike for August 26

This week Michel will lead us from Lagny to Torcy In the Seine et Marne department. Here is his message:

I propose a 16 km walk from the Marne river to the streams of “La Gondoire” and  of “La Brosse” and to the new center of contemporary arts in the Rentilly gardens.
Please take the train from Gare de l’est at 9h31, line P to Meaux to reach the Lagny-Thorigny station, third stop, zone 5, around 10.  Return trip to Paris is on the RER A-line, trains every 10’ from the Torcy station also zone 5, many stops in Paris.
See you at the Lagny-Thorigny station at 10.  My phone N° is  Michel

15 August 2015

Hike for August 19

Hoping this message reaches some of you left in Paris for the summer ! 

I am planning a walk of 16km in the Nemours area , ( I hear you saying ONLY 16km but rest assured this is not an easy walk ! ) Nemours is a very interesting and attractive town and the surrounding countryside is similar to the Foret de Fontainebleau, i.e rocky ! Plenty of ups and downs on this walk so good exercise , quite a few steps too , so not a walk for the faint hearted but of course that doesn't apply to any of you !! Great views from some of the rocky tops over the surrounding countryside , also we will walk around the outside of the Chateau in Nemours and then admire it from above - excellent photo opportunity . As it could be hot we will make a couple of stops along the way so if you need sustenance bring a little snack and obviously PLENTY to drink .


Take SNCF line R  train GAMU direction Montargis at 9 .19 from Gare de Lyon arriving at Nemours St Pierre ( zone 5 ) at 10 . 23 travelling in the last carriage

Return trains from the same station are hourly at 34 minutes past the hour and probably we would catch the 16.34  

Don't forget WATER , lunch , suitable footwear , waterproofs (if necessary ??!! ) , bug spray , sun block and a hat . IF YOU NORMALLY USE POLES I SUGGEST YOU BRING THEM AS THE PINE NEEDLES ON THE GROUND CAN MAKE IT SLIPPERY 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday

Now an editorial plug from ML:

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If you ever get to Wilmington, Delaware, or nearby Philadelphia, a visit to the powderworks museum is most worthwhile.