26 September 2011

Wednesday 28 September at Luzarches

This Wednesday, September 28, Claude will lead us on a delightful end-of-summer hike in and around the town of Luzarches, about 30 km north of Paris in the department of the Val d’Oise. We will take an early train because direct trains to Luzarches are infrequent, and in doing so, we will be able to see the morning mist over the countryside. With any luck we will see dewdrops on spider webs before the sun has burned them off.  Lunch will be beside a former washing house (lavoir). The town of Luzarches has several remains of its past worth seeing as well: the church, the market stall and a remaining city gate. Here is Claude’s information. You see that we are counting on a sunny day!

Quoi de mieux que de partir de bonne heure pour une magnifique randonnée ensoleillée de 14 km. Elle nous conduira  à Luzarches pour découvrir cette jolie petite ville et ses environs vallonnés et parcourus de petits ruisseaux agrémentés de nombreux lavoirs.

Départ: Gare du nord à  8h49 par le train LOMI en direction de Luzarches pour une arrivée à Luzarches à 9h42 (quais pour les lignes Banlieue, ligne H, quai 30/31 probablement).

Retour: Gare de Luzarches à 15h51 pour une arrivée gare du nord à 16h42.

N'oubliez pas une petite laine pour la fraîcheur du matin, vos lunettes de soleil, votre pique-nique et votre bonne humeur habituelle.

01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35

17 September 2011

Wednesday 21 September at Mareil sur Mauldre

close-up view of the Mauldre at Mareil

Next Wednesday, September 21, Judy Choat will lead us on a walk in the department of the Yvelines, starting and ending in Mareil sur Mauldre. We have been to Mareil before, but Judy has prepared a brand new itinerary for us. Here is her info.
On Wednesday we will walk a circular trail from Mareil sur Mauldre. The distance will be 20-21 km and will involve a few gentle uphill sections particularly at the beginning. It will be through forest and fields and pretty villages with a glimpse (through a broken wall) of the Chateau de Wideville, one of five homes belonging to Valentino (fashion designer) which he bought in 1995 and has since restored—apparently at great cost .
Travel Information:

I will meet you at Mareil sur Mauldre station as I will drive there but you should travel thus:
Paris Montparnasse train MOPI, direction Mantes la Jolie leaving at 9.43 and arriving at Mareil sur Mauldre 10.35. This train stops at most intermediary stations, for instance: Meudon at 9:53, Sevres RG at 9:58, Versailles Chantiers at 10:07, Plaisir Les Clayes at 10:23. If you all want to travel together I sugggest you meet in the last carriage. Anyhow I will see you all on the platform at Mareil-sur Mauldre.
The return trains are hourly and I think the most likely one will be at 16.58, train POMI, arriving Montparnasse at 17.57
Wear strong shoes, bring a picnic and plenty to drink , also waterproofs (which will hopefully stay in your bag!)
My cell phone number in case of an emergency  06 84 30 91 47
See you on Wednesday,

classic bridge over the Mauldre

11 September 2011

Wednesday 14 September along the Marne

The château at Champs sur Marne

Daniel will be leading a walk on the beautiful banks of the Marne and its
parallel canal, where the constant passage of barges contrasts with the
elegant canoes and kayaks.

We'll visit the Château of Champs (the garden "à la Française"), one of the finest in France, set in a park in the "English style".
*Transport *

RER A (direction Marne-la-Vallée) to Neuilly-Plaisance (zone 3).

The train DYLA passes through Paris at
- Charles-de-Gaulle/Etoile              9:47.
- Châtelet/les Halles                      9:53.
- Gare de Lyon                              9:56.
Arriving at Neuilly-Plaisance at      10:09.
Meeting outside the station. Main exit, place de la Gare.

Return from Noisy-Champs on the same line but in zone 4.
Distance 15 kilometres.
Bring the usual picnic lunch, water and rain or sun gear.
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See you on Wednesday!