31 January 2015

Two hikes and a restaurant option for February 4

Dear Hikers,

Winter is upon us but we are not going to let a bit of rain, snow or mud daunt us. Next Wednesday, there are two hiking options. On one, Chaville/Meudon/Robinson, we have an option for a hot meal and lots of conviviality.  The second option offered by Daniel Robinot around Mantes-La-Jolie has a picnic and guaranteed mud option. 

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

First a description of the hike/lunch/hike, Chaville to Robinson options:

Morning: Mary Lynne will lead us about 6/8 km from Chaville, through the Foret de Meudon, to the restaurant at Meudon, Val Fleury. The original idea was to start at Garches, but slowed down by mud (yes, there is mud on this walk too!), the walk has been shortened to allow time for Les Terrasses de l'Observatoire ( the Meudon Observatory) and to arrive on time at the restaurant. 

Lunch: We will meet at 13:00 at the restaurant, Le Miromar, 15 Rue de Banes, a minute's walk from the station. Rue Banes is perpendicular to the railroad tracks. About 18 of you have reserved a place in the restaurant. If any one else wants to join the group, I suggest that you call the restaurant to see if you can be accommodated.

Afternoon: After refueling at the Miromar, Judy and Brigitte have kindly offered to lead a two hour walk (7km approx.) though another part of the Foret de Meudon and through at least two more parks to the RER B station of Robinson. Estimated arrival time is 17:00. This depends of course how long we stay in the restaurant and how much mud we encounter! You can choose to hike just in the morning, just in the afternoon or both, "évidement"!

Travel arrangements:

Morning: Gare St. Lazare, train VALE, Line L, leaves at 9:29, arrives Chaville Rive Droite at 9:49. This train passes through La Defense at 9:37 and St. Cloud, where I will get on, at 9:43.

Mary Lynne.

Return: trains leave the RER B Robinson station every 15 minutes. ( 05, 20, 35, 50 minutes after the hour)



Now for Daniel's info about the Mantes option:

For those who prefer the sweetness of mud baths to the delicacy of the couscous, I propose you a quiet hike in my small countryside. Maxi 15 to 16 km, on mostly level terrain, but at a sustained pace.

The ground will be often muddy. As usual, good shoes, adapted clothes and good mood. A small nice bistro is on arrival before taking back a bus for the station.

To come: departure from Paris-St Lazare, direct train via Poissy at 9:04 am, arrived at Mantes la Jolie at 9:41 am. 
Come out side Parking of  Mantes la Ville and take the bus Lines K on the quay 22 at 9:46 am (go out quickly).
Come down to the stop "Graviers"
where I will wait for you at 9:53 am. If you miss the stop, come down to the following stop and wait for me.

I take care of ordering the sun. See you soon.

+336 1085 4767 

Amis randonneurs,

Pour ceux et celles qui préfèrent la douceur des bains de boue à la délicatesse du couscous, je vous propose une randonnée tranquille dans ma petite campagne. 15 à16 km maxi sans beaucoup de dénivelée mais à un rythme soutenu.

Le terrain sera souvent gras. Comme d'habitude, bonnes chaussures, vêtements adaptés et bonne humeur. Petit café sympa à l'arrivée avant de reprendre un bus pour la gare.

Pour venir : Départ de Paris-St Lazare, train direct via Poissy à 9h04, arrivée à Mantes la Jolie à 9h41.
Sortir côté Parking Mantes la Ville et prendre le bus Ligne K qui part du quai 22 à 9h46 (sortir rapidement).
Descendre à l'arrêt "Graviers" où je vous attendrai à 9h53. Si vous ratez l'arrêt, descendez au suivant et attendez-moi.

Retour par le train de 15h08 ou 16h08.

je m'occupe de commander le soleil. A bientôt.

+336 1085 4767

24 January 2015

Hike for January 28

Dear Hikers,

We have only one option this week, but a chance to leave the walk after 13 km. Judy will be our leader. Here is her information, generously peppered with her British humour. Remember, you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our walks.

We will head West to the countryside and pretty villages of the Yvelines. We will walk 21.5km on fairly level paths with a bail out option after about 13km. If you choose the shorter option you will have to navigate the last 1.5km yourselves with the aid of a map which I will provide .
We will see the chimney pots of one chateau and have a good view of two others, walk through the Foret des Quatre Piliers and have lunch at the edge of an attractive pond ( sitting on logs so bring something to sit on ) We will have completed about half the distance and it will be about 1pm .
If you prefer mud to tarmac you will be disappointed as I have incorporated some quiet lanes with a good surface to minimise the slipping and sliding; however, fear not, you will find enough gloopy mud to stick to your boots !
If you are shy about going to the toilet in the middle of open fields then don't drink too much at breakfast time as there won't be any tree cover for about 45 minutes . If you don't care, well then, the world is your oyster !!
Bring lunch, a drink, warm and waterproof clothing and wear suitable footwear; otherwise be hungry, thirsty, cold, wet, and as for the state of your feet, well words fail me !

Travel Arrangements:

I WILL DRIVE so will meet you at the station of Montfort L'Amaury/ Mere

All the stations (long and short walk) are in zone 5 - if you live in zone 1-2 it might be VERY slightly cheaper to buy two single tickets , however a Mobilis gives you the flexibility to choose longer or shorter at the last minute - up to you . However if you live outside of the centre of Paris then a Mobilis would be the best choice .

Take train DAPO on line N from Gare de Montparnasse at 8.58 arriving Montfort l'Amaury at 9.36 . This train also passes through Versailles Chantiers at 9.11 

Return journey :

The trains are hourly.

If you do the shorter walk the trains are at 15 minutes past the hour from Orgerus - Behoust and the journey to Montparnasse takes 47 minutes
If you do the longer walk the trains are at 20 minutes past the hour from Garancieres - La Queue les Yvelines and the journey to Montparnasse takes 42 minutes . If we walk at a good pace we may make the 15.20, but realistically, it is  possible we may have to settle for the 16.20 !

See you Wednesday.


 Landline    01 30 80 01 34

Mobile      06 79 48 38 81

17 January 2015

Two hikes for January 21

On Jan. 21 we have two options, an 18 km hike with Francois Bechet in the Oise department, north of Paris, from Viarmes to Orry-la-Ville, and a three hour hike with Martina in the Parc de St. Cloud and along the Seine. 

Here is Francois' information. 

Nous irons de la gare de Viarmes à celle de Orry-la-ville Coye à travers bois et champs. La distance est d’environ 18 Kms. Le trajet comporte peu de déclivités sauf dans les derniers Kms qui peuvent être évités par un raccourci. Il risque d’y avoir des passages boueux.

Aller:  prendre à la Gare du Nord le train pour Viarmes (direction Luzarches) à 8h55,arrivée à 9h33.
Retour: par Orry-la-ville où il y a un train tous les quarts d’heure.

Orry-la-Ville étant situé hors de la région Ile de France il n’est possible d’acheter de mobilis.

Since Orry la Ville is situated outside the region of Il de France, it will be impossible to use a Mobilis ticket.

Bring the usual picnic lunch and remember warm clothes and waterproof shoes. There might be MUD! The terrain is relatively flat except for the last few kms.

See you on Wednesday!


Here is Martina's information:

Hello walkers and Happy New Year - despite ….
If you are up for a ‘short’ walk of three hours, then please come on 

Wednesday January 21 to the end station of Metro 10 in Boulogne-Pont de St. Cloud. 

Take the exit to the left going back from the last Metro car.  On the street level at the Brasserie Jean-Baptiste I will wait for you from 9.45 on to start walking at 10.00.
We will pass through the park de St. Cloud (somewhat changed from the picture above) and then continue on the side of Issy-les-Moulineaux until we reach the Metro station Javel Andre Citroen at 13.00.

As always, dress appropriately, wear good walking shoes and have water to drink.
Not necessary to let me know, just come in time when we start our ‘hike’. 

Stay well, ‘keep calm and carry/walk on’

Martina David-Ault 

10 January 2015

Hike for January 14

Hello Walkers,

Next Wednesday, 14 January, Dominique Raveau will lead us from the very edge of Paris on a 14 km walk along the Canal de l'Ourcq. This portion of the Canal covers industrial and commercial activities in the beginning; then becomes more and more agreeable as it heads out into the country. 


We will pass near Les Grands Moulins de Pantin, the 19th century industrial heritage, then along the banks to the Parc de la Bergère in Bobigny where we will have a picnic. The walk will finish with a visit of the Parc de Sevran where you can see amongst the trees a lot of remains of the National Gunpowder Factory's activities (operated from 1873 to 1973)..
Meeting point: 10.00 Fontaine aux Lions, outside of Metro line 5
Direction Bobigny P. Picasso, exit Porte de Pantin

Return will be from the station Vert Galant (zone 4) RER B at 16:03 or 16:18 or 16:30 
Buy in advance a one way ticket (Vert Galant to Paris, zone 4) or have a credit-card with you since it's the only way to buy a ticket at the RER Station.
It's possible to bail out in Bobigny, Metro line 5 or 2 km later in Bondy, RER E, a train every 15 min. zone 3.
RER E, direction Haussmann Saint Lazare, correspondence with RER B Gare du Nord.

Bring your rain gear, picnic lunch and water. I must draw your attention that there's not much opportunity for "technical stops" on the first part of the walk before the Parc de la Bergère.

(If you have any questions about the hike please contact Dominique on her cell phone 06 33 23 07 31. Remember all hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.)

Looking forward to a sunny Wednesday! 
All the best,

05 January 2015

Hike for January 7, 2015

Welcome to the New Year with Ile de France Walkfriends! We will start 2015 with a hike in one of our all-time favorite places, the Forêt de Fontainebleau and Laurence will be our leader. Her information is below. There will be another mailing soon about a proposal from Daniel Perot and news of our restaurant lunch together, but it is more urgent that I get the information about Wednesday's walk to you now.

The hike will start from Bois le Roi and will end in Fontainebleau-Avon. It should be about 14km, if I don’t miss any turns which is unlikely!
There is rain in the forecast so I have changed the route to avoid very slippery areas; however, there are quite a few leaves on the ground everywhere so wear good footwear and you may want to bring a pole/staff. 


-Take train Gamu from Gare de Lyon direction Montargis at 9.19, arriving at Bois le Roi at 9.50, Zone 5 (the train stops at Melun. Departure should be from Hall 1, but check on arrival.)

I will meet you at Gare de Lyon, we will sit in the last car as usual.

-Return trains from Fontainebleau-Avon at 15.30 (arr:16.11) - 16.00 (arr:16.41) - 16:30(arr:17.15)
There is a brasserie next to the train station.

If you do not have a "Passe Navigo", or benefit from any discounted fares, buy a "Mobilis 5 zones" (16.10€)

Bring a snack & lunch.
See you on Wednesday! 

Happy New Year to all of you.


ps: Sorry, but I don't have a cell phone.