19 September 2015

Hikes for September 23 and 30

Dear Hikers, 

Here follows information for the next two Wednesdays. It wasn't planned this way on purpose but all three walks start at the Gare du Nord. All the walks are different, though. As you can imagine, the recent heavy rains will have left MUD for us to enjoy, ha ha.

September 23 with Tom Smith

The walk for Wednesday September 23 will be around 20 kilometres from Pontoise to L'Isle Adam via Auvers-sur-Oise. You can bail out at Auvers-sur-Oise although that is only about 8km in. There could be an option of continuing along the river to L'Isle Adam instead of going through the forest which would make it about 14km.
 We start by walking along the northern banks of the Oise River until reaching Auvers-sur-Oise where we may take a diversion to pay our respects to the Van Gogh brothers. Lunch should be on the banks of the river around here. Then, crossing to the southern side, we approach Chateau Stor from where we make our way into the forest which may be muddy in parts. Exiting the forest we walk through L'Isle Adam, taking in some of the sights, to get to the train station at Parmain.
 The walk is pretty flat all the way so shouldn't present any difficulties. The weather may not be great so that may slow us down. Be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear!

I'll be taking the 9:41 train to Pontoise (OPOC) from Gare du Nord surface, suburban trains - travel time 40 mins (arrival 10:21). As usual we can congregate in the last carriage. An alternative, particularly from the west side of Paris, is the RER C line. Suitable ARRIVAL times at Pontoise are 10:02 and 10:32. We'll wait until the latter in case anyone comes that way.
Return trains from L'Isle Adam (Parmain station) run every half hour to Gare du Nord (50 mins). We will likely catch the 16:39 but may be one earlier or later depending on our pace.

 Tom Smith
Mobile: 0755772085


September 30. Two proposals, 18 km with Francois and 28 km with Daniel Robinot.

Information about the 30th september hike with Francois:
We will start from Viarmes, go through woods and countryside and the villages of Seugy, Baillon, Coye-la-Forêt and end at the Orry-la-ville-Coye station.
The distance is about 18 kms, mostly flat except at the end. A shortcut is possible to avoid the last up and downhills and shorten 2 Kms.

Departure Gare du Nord (surface, trains de banlieue) 8h55 (direction Luzarches) arriving at Viarmes at 9h33. As usual we will meet at the rear of the platform to board the last car of the train. 

Return trains to Paris every 30 minutes from Orry la Ville. Travel time:40 minutes.

As Orry la ville is out of the Région Ile de France, Mobilis are not available.
Looking forward to seeing you. 

Information about thé 28 km hike with Daniel R.

Amis randonneurs, bonjour.

Pour finir l'été en beauté, je vous propose une longue randonnée (28/30 Km) au départ de Parmain sur les bords de l'Oise.
Nous commencerons tranquillement sur les bords de la rivière et finirons en douceur toujours sur les bords de la rivière. Entre temps, nous aurons marché entre forêt domaniale de l'Isle Adam et campagne. A la longueur s'ajoutera le dénivelé, plus de 400 m.
Afin de ne pas terminer trop tard, le départ sera un peu matinal et la marche soutenue.
Surveillez la météo afin d'avoir la tenue appropriée, prenez de l'eau en quantité suffisante, pas de ravitaillement possible, votre pic-nique et bien entendu, votre bonne humeur habituelle. Pas de "bail out" possible.

Pour venir : Départ Paris-Nord à 8h30 Train POVA, arrivée à L'Isle-Adam/Parmain à 9h19 où je vous attendrai.
Retour par la même gare, train toutes les 30 mn

A bientôt.
Mobile : +336 1085 4767

Friendly hikershello. 

To finish the summer in beautyI propose to you a long hike (28/30 km) starting at Parmain on the banks of the Oise River.
 will start quietly on the river banks and will finish carefully always on the river banks.
 Meanwhilewe will have walked between the national forest of Isle Adam and the countryside. There will be a 400 m elevation difference.
In order not to finish too late, the departure will be fairly early and will will keep a brisk pace.

Watch the weather forecast in order to have the correct clothing, take water in sufficient quantity, (there will be no way to replenish your supply along the way), your picnic and of courseyour usual good mood.
 No bailouts are possible.

To come: 
 Paris-North (Gare du Nord, surface, trains de banlieue) at 8:30 Train POVAarrive at L'Isle-Adam/Parmain at 9:19 where I will await you.
 by the same stationtrains every 30 mn. 

See you soon.

Mobile : +336 1085 4767

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