01 November 2015

Two options for November 4

Dear Hikers,

 Next Wednesday we have a city option with Marcel Kohl and a country option with Daniel Perot. 

       Montmartre with Marcel Kohl

       We’ll meet outside the “Metro Abbesses”(line 12) at 10 a.m.(you may use the elevator as Abbesses is the deepest metro station in Paris-36m)
        We’ll wonder about the origin of the names “Abbesses” and “Montmartre”, and have a look at the”square de la Place”with the wall “I love you” in 250 languages, then “St Jean”, where we’ll have to find the 30 eagles,concealed in the church.
        Then we’ll see the grocery of the film”Amélie Poulain” and the Bateau-Lavoir(where Picasso,Modigliani,Van Dongen ....used to paint), and also”Le Moulin de la Galette (and the cossacks’ episode), ”le Passe-muraille” and its story, the villa Léandre, Giles’Rabbit, the Bleustein-Blanchet park, l’église St Pierre,.....
    Then, at 12 or 12.30,we’ll have lunch in a restaurant (which one?Not decided yet)
    In the afternoon we can walk to the Goutte d’Or (North-African district) and Château Rouge (African district) where we can finally take the metro(line 4)
      Of course, you’re free to bail out any time.
        PS: I’ll speak French, but friends can translate
       Mobile: 0781547519
> -
>        This week, November 4th, Daniel Perot will lead us along a portion of the
> *Canal de
> l'Ourcq*. This canal was conceived to bring badly needed water to Paris as
> well as to provide a waterway for the transport of building materials from
> the Foret de Retz. It tooks water from the River Ourcq which flows into the
> Marne.  Its construction dates to the beginning of the 19th century under
> Napoleon I, but talk of bringing water to Paris goes back as far as Louis
> XIV. Wikipedia gives a detailed history of the canal.
>        Much of the section that we will walk through is lined with poplar
> trees. We
> will also visit the Parc de Sevran where we will see traces of the ruins
> of the National Gunpowder Factory which operated from 1873 to 1973
>        - Le canal file entre deux pelouses couronnées de peupliers et
> borde le parc
> de Sevran.
>        - Le parc forestier de Sevran : Un site industriel (ancienne
> poudrerie) se
> transforme en espace vert !
> -------------------------------------------------------
*Départ - Gare d'Haussmann-Saint-Lazare (RER E). Train COHI, 9:57.
> Direction : Gare de Chelles-Gournay.  Arrivée - GARE DE BONDY, 10:12.
> * Ce même train est accessible depuis la gare de Magenta à 10:01. *
> ***You can board this train from the Gare de Magenta as well.
> ----

*Get there
The station Haussmann/Saint-Lazare is adjacent and accessible from Gare
> Saint-Lazare (or Auber), direction RER E.
> The station Magenta is adjacent and accessible from Gare-du-Nord,
> direction RER E.

I shall wait for you at the exit of Bondy station, place de la Gare.
> *----.
> Durée de la rando : 3 heures / 12 kilomètres.
> ----
>> Le retour se fera par la gare de Villeparisis qui se trouve en zone 5. The
return will be from Villeparisis station, zone 5, from a different train line
> (RER B).
> ----
> For a shorter walk, (2h30 / 10 kilometers), possible return from the station Vert-Galant
> in zone 4 (RER B).
> *----
> Don't forget your rain gear, sun gear, lunch, water, chocolate, and... adequate
> shoes...

email : daniel.perot@free.fr
Tél. 09 50 56 65 26.
Mobile: 06 51 22 35 16 (only the day of the walk).
> ==========================

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