29 August 2015

September 2 hike

Next Wednesday, September 2, Daniel Perot will lead us in and around
the "Ville nouvelle de Cergy-Pontoise". Here is his info:

> Our hike will be a loop, starting and ending at Cergy St. Christophe on the RER A  line. From the giant RER station clock at CERGY-SAINT-CHRISTOPHE, "biggest
> in Europe", we'll admire some truly monumental architecture, then stroll
> along the banks of the Oise where it loops around the Cergy leisure center.
> ---
> Mercredi prochain, notre randonnée s'effectuera à Cergy,
> le long de l'Oise, qui dans un méandre entoure la base de loisirs. Nous
> démarrerons sous l'horloge gigantesque, la plus grande d'Europe, et là nous
> découvrirons une architecture audacieuse dans un secteur contrasté, avant
> d'aller apprécier les bords de l'eau.
> ----
> Get there... 

RER A destination Cergy-le-Haut l suggest we meet up on the platform at Châtelet/les Halles at 9:30 a.m., HEAD OF THE QUAY. There we will board the RER A train UBOS, passing through Châtelet-les-Halles at 9:49.
Normally the train passes through Aubert station at 9:52, Charles-de-Gaulle at 9:55 and La Défense at 9:59.
Get there... Phew!
The direction of the train is Cergy-le-Haut.
And we will stop at CERGY-St-CHRISTOPHE (penultimate stop), at 10:31.
 Return from the same station (zone 5). Frequent trains.
> The walk should last about 3½ hours, some 13-14 km.
> The ground is flat.
> For a shorter course, 10-11 km, it is easy to leave the group in the leisure center and reach the
> station earlier. I suggest you copy and bring the map below, so you could choose the itinerary you prefer.
> ----
As usual bring you picnic lunch, and appropriate weather gear.
> To contact Daniel:
> Tel. 09 50 56 65 26.
> Mobile (only on the day of the walk) : 06 51 22 35 16.

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