27 October 2009

Wednesday 28 October in the forest at Rosny sur Seine

We will finish the month of October with a lovely hike led by Claude in the Forest of Rosny, one of the biggest forests in the northwest Yvelines, located just downriver from Mantes La Jolie. As you will read below, the hike will be 18 km. long and will have a 450 meter elevation change.

Claude will meet us at the SNCF station of Mantes la Jolie at 9:39 and will take us to the bus which will bring us to our trailhead at Rosny sur Seine. Here is his information:

Randonnée automnale autour de la forêt de Rosny sur Seine

Au XVIe siècle cette forêt faisait partie du domaine de la famille de Sully, conseiller du roi Henri IV. Je vous propose donc de parcourir cette forêt très vallonnée à partir du petit village de Rosny sur Seine et de profiter des premières couleurs de l'automne.
Le parcours fait 18 km avec un dénivelé de 450 m.

Parcours aller :
  • Departure : Gare St Lazare 9h07 - train 51001 direction Evreux, direct jusqu'à Mantes la Jolie (zone 6) arrivée à 9h39.
  • Sortir de la gare côté Mantes la Jolie (direction nord) où je vous attendrai.
  • Bus TAM R2 à 9h47 jusqu'à l'arrêt Saint-Charles de Rosny-sur-Seine à 9h58.
Parcours retour :
  • Gare de Rosny sur Seine 17h51 - train 5016 pour Mantes la Jolie arrivée à 17h56.
  • Gare de Mantes la Jolie 18h08 - train 124 direct Paris St Lazare arrivée à 18h40.
N'oubliez pas votre pique-nique.

See you on Wednesday with a picnic and rain gear !

In case of any problem, 06 84 14 55 35.

19 October 2009

Walk 21 October at Fontainebleau

Dear Hikers,

This week, October 21, Ellen Vivet will again lead a walk in the beautiful Forêt de Fontainebleau.

The train leaves the Gare de Lyon at 10:05, destination Montargis, arriving at Fontainebleau-Avon at 10:40. Return trains are twice an hour.

If you have a car and are willing to drive down, we could vary the route, which, as usual, will be determined by the number of cars vs the number of people.

Ellen especially requests that everybody intending to come should contact her at ellenvivet@me.com and everybody with a cell phone should give Ellen their cell number. This is especially important since there is construction work around the station at Fontainebleau Avon.

See you on Wednesday!

11 October 2009

Wednesday 14 October along the Bièvre

Dear Hikers,

This week we will hike the first part of the valley of the Bièvre River, a modest 36 km Ile de France river which has its source near St Quentin en Yvelines. The Bièvre flows peacefully east then north to Paris, emptying into the Seine near the Pont d’Austerlitz.

Our first lap will take us thirteen kilometers through bucolic landscape and charming villages from St Quentin to Jouy en Josas.
Further downstream, the Bièvre suffered from the polluting effects of industrialization and urbanization.

In recent years serious efforts have been made to restore and clean up the river and its banks and making it attractive for hikers by creating a trail along its entire length. Some parts downstream are underground.

Getting there

We will meet outside the train station of St Quentin en Yvelines (zone 5) at 10:00. There are four ways to arrive at St. Quentin by public transport.
  • RER C 7 line, direction St. Quentin en Yvelines, trains SARA, passes through St. Michel/Notre Dame at 9:09 and Pont d’Alma at 9:18, arriving at 9:51.
  • SNCF line from La Defense to La Verriere, train VERI, direction La Verriere, leaves at 9:29 and arrives at 9:56.
  • SNCF line from Montparnasse train ROPO, direction Rambouillet, leaves Montparnasse at 8:59, arrives at St. Quentin at 9:32

  • You can catch the La Defense - La Verriere train by taking the 9:34 train 62477 from Montparnasse, direction Rambouillet, to Versailles Chantiers and changing to the VERI train mentioned above.
Added attraction

Towards the end of the walk, you could visit the Museum of the Toile de Jouy. This would be a great opportunity to learn about the production of this distinguished cotton material, the most famous being the cameo monochrome designs. www.jouy-en-joas.fr. Look under "Decouvrir".


From Jouy-en-Josas (zone 4) RER C 8.

Bring the usual picnic lunch and rain gear.

If you want to be notified if for some unforeseen reason we need to cancel, please call or email me with your phone number(s).

See you on Wednesday!

Mary Lynne

04 October 2009

Wednesday 7 October, up and down from Garches to Meudon

Prudence is back from the States and will lead us on October 7. Here's her information.


This walk will take us from the gare de Garches - Marnes La Coquette (SNCF) to gare de Bellevue (SNCF) or Brimborion (T2) in Meudon; about 12 km mainly in the woods but crossing bits of towns from time to time, expect some hills!

The train to Garches - Marnes Le Coquette leaves gare St Lazare at 9:37 to arrive at 9:57. I'll meet you at Garches. The return trains are frequent, every quarter hour or so, but on a different line, so don't get a round trip ticket.

Remember good walking shoes, water, picnic, and hopefully no rain!

Looking forward to walking together.

01 46 26 03 06
06 63 44 60 09