31 January 2010

Wednesday 3 February, three parks in Paris

Hello all, 
This week, Martina will lead us on a walk in Paris. Here is her information.
On Wednesday February 3,  I  will lead a walk along the Seine and through three different parks.
We will start our walk in the 15th at 10am, arriving at the Jardin des Plantes at around 14.00. For full details, contact me by email or phone. This is a walk suitable for 'expats' new to Paris and new to the walking group as our meeting point is easily reached by metro.
If you are interested in coming, please contact me by mail or by telephone on Monday or Tuesday before the walk.
Let's hope the sun is shining and the sky is blue!
Martina David-Ault
phone 01 41 31 00 19

25 January 2010

Wednesday 27 January at Fontainebleau

This week, January 27, we will walk in the beautiful Forêt de Fontainebleau with Ellen Vivet.

The train leaves the Gare de Lyon at 10:05, destination Montargis, arriving at Fontainebleau-Avon at 10:40.

Return trains are twice an hour.

If you have a car and are willing to drive down, we could vary the starting and ending point, a decision based as usual on the number of cars vs the number of people.

Ellen requests that everybody intending to come should contact her at ellenvivet@me.com or lesdeves@wanadoo.fr.

Her cell phone is 06 78 26 92 46. Everybody with a cell phone should give Ellen their cell number.

Be prepared for rain or snow. Bring a picnic lunch as usual.

See you on Wednesday!

20 January 2010

Friday 22 January, volcanoes in Dreux

Here is an invitation to our esteemed leader Claude Faure's photo exhibition on volcanoes and to attend his presentation this coming Friday at 20:00. Don't miss this opportunity to get up close and personal with volcanoes! Dreux is about an hour west of Paris on the N12. I will be driving from Garches and could take three or four others with me.
All the best,
Mary Lynne

Objet : Encore des volcans
Chers amies et amis,

Encore une grande exposition volcanique qui se prépare du 11 au 29 janvier au centre culturel "Le lièvre d'or" à Dreux, exposition à laquelle je serai heureux de vous rencontrer. Pour cela un point fort est prévu :

Diaporama conférence VOYAGES AUTOUR DES VOLCANS le vendredi 22 janvier à 20 h

Si vous êtes occupés à cette dates, je me ferai un plaisir de vous faire visiter cette exposition à la période qui vous conviendra (suivant mes disponibilités) à condition bien sûr de me prévenir à l'avance.

Qu'on se le dise ! Cordialement.

Claude FAURE

01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35

17 January 2010

Wednesday 20 January across Paris

Hi walkers,

This week Virginie will be our leader. Here is her info:

For January the 20th, I suggest a walk through Paris from north to south, from the mairie of the 18th to the mairie of Ivry.

The meeting point will be at 10 am in front the Mairie of the 18th, metro Jules Joffrin line 12.

The end of the walk will be at the Mairie d'Ivry sur Seine, end of line 7, at 3pm. Or at 4pm if we stop for a drink in a café on the way.

Happy New Year to everybody and best Greetings

As usual bring a picnic lunch, warm clothes, good shoes and rain gear.

See you,Virginie

10 January 2010

Wednesday 13 January on the plateau de Saclay

Plateau de Saclay

This walk will start at the gare de Igny (where the last walk with Mary Lynne ended) go up to the plateau de Saclay, through that village, across the plateau to the 'ferme de Viltain' and down to the gare of Jouy en Josas - some 12 or 14 km.

The water for the fountains of the Chateau de Versailles that flows through the aqueduct de Buc (walked under that with Mary Lynne!) is collected in 'rigoles' on this plateau: another of Louis XIV's grand projects! The 'ferme de Viltain' has a market where one can buy raw milk and other dairy products as well as vegetables, honey, etc.

Getting there

The RER C to Igny zone 4: take the 9:24 SARA at St Michel Notre Dame (direction St Quentin en Yvelines) to Versailles Chantiers arriving at 10:00. From there, change to the 10:10 train VICK (direction Juvisy) arriving at Igny 10:26. I'll meet you at Versailles Chantiers.

Or at Igny if you decide to come from Paris to Igny via Juivisy. To do this, take the train CIME at St.Michel Notre Dame at 9:27 and arrive at Igny at 10:24.

If you just miss the 9:27 there is a train five minutes later which allows you to catch up with the direct (but slower) train. Take the train MONA at St Michel Notre Dame at 9:32 direction Massy Palaiseau. Get off at Massy Palaiseau at 10:13. Change to the train CIME, direction Versailles Chantiers, leaving at 10:21, arriving at Igny at 10:24.

Return from Jouy en Josas.

Dress warmly! The picnic will be al fresco, no shelter along the walk.

Looking forward to seeing you,

01 46 26 03 06

02 January 2010

Wednesday 6 January in the forest of Carnelle

Best wishes to all for a healthy new year filled with invigorating walks!

Daniel Perot will inaugurate the new season with a hike in the beautiful Carnelle Forest north of Paris. As a wise person once said, "There isn't any bad weather, just bad clothing". So, as Daniel says, bundle up and join the fun.

Call or email Daniel directly if you can come. Please do not respond to this email.
  • We will take the train POMA from Gare du Nord (surface) at 9:36, arriving at Presles-Courcelles at 10:16. (Zone 5, direction Persan-Beaumont via Montsoult-Maffliers.)

  • We will meet at the end of the quay and board the last car (the one closest to our meeting point).
Return from Gare de Viarmes, zone 5, on another line. Get a single ticket.
15:13 - Paris 15:57.
15:58 - 16:42.
16:57 - 17:41.

The walk will cover from 14 to 16 kilometers depending on hikers and weather.
On the menu: la Pierre Turquaise (megalith), la Route Forestière du Bois Belle-Fille leading to l'Etang Bleu where we will have our picnic.

Be prepared for a couple of hills and for cold weather – excellent for mud, it's all frozen, but not for toes and noses – so bundle up!

Looking forward to seeing you and wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Please email or call Daniel if you wish to go on the walk.
  • Phone 09 50 56 65 26 or 01 45 90 65 26
  • Mobile (only the day of the walk) : 06 99 20 70 79
  • Email: daniel.perot@free.fr
  • Give your cell phone number if you have one.