14 February 2010

Wednesday 17 February the Bièvre from Igny to Arcueil Cacan

Dear Hikers,
This week we will hike the third section of the valley of the Bièvre River, about 14km, 4½ hours walking time, from Igny to Arcueil Cachan.  As we progress the environment will become more and more urban, and the Bièvre will disappear underground for at least half of the itinerary.  Most of the mills and all of the laundries and tanneries have long since disappeared, with modern constructions taking their place. There have been efforts in the towns of Fresnes and Cachan to bring the Bièvre back to the surface and to reintroduce vegetation that once grew along its banks.
We will meet at the Igny (zone 4) station at 9:54.  Getting there:  Take the RER B, train Plan, direction St Remy lès Chevreuse, which leaves Châtelet les Halles at 9:11, St Michel - Notre Dame at 9:13, and Port Royal at 9:17 and get off at Massy Palaiseau at 9:36. At Massy, change to the RER C, train Cime, which leaves Massy at 9:51, direction Versailles Chantiers and arrives at  Igny at 9:54. I believe there is a 6 minute walk between the RER B and RER C stations.
There are other ways to arrive at Igny, but at this time slot, this is the suggested itinerary on http://www.transport-idf.com/frontal?controller=Default.
Return:  From Arcueil/Cachan on the RER B.  It will be possible to leave the group early if you are tired.
Bring the usual picnic lunch and rain/snow gear. I suspect that there will be mud at the beginning of the hike. If you want to be notified if, for some unforeseen reason, we need to cancel, please call or email me with your phone number(s).
See you on Wednesday!
Mary Lynne
mlfich@yahoo.com          01 4741 98 20         06 70 88 18 59

06 February 2010

Wednesday 10 February along the Vaucouleurs

Next Wednesday, February 10, Claude Faure will lead us on a hike near Mantes, in his own back yard, so to speak. Here is his info.

Autour de la vallée de la Vaucouleurs

La Vaucouleurs est une petite rivière, long d’une vingtaine de kilomètres se jetant dans la Seine à côté de Mantes-la-Jolie dans les Yvelines. Son cours est jalonné de lavoirs et d'anciens moulins. Cette randonnée de 17 kilomètres et avec un dénivelé de 350m. nous conduira d'une rive à l'autre afin d'admirer les paysages valonnés qu'elle a creusés, ainsi que quelques charmants villages.

For those of you not yet fluent in French: We will explore the valley of the little Vaucouleurs River, which empties into the Seine near Mantes-la-Jolie in the Yvelines. We will hike from one bank to the other, passing charming villages with their old washhouses and former mills while admiring the undulating landscape. The distance is 17km with a 350 meter level change.

Gare St Lazare 9h07 train 51001 direction Evreux pour une arrivée à Mantes la Jolie (zone 6) à 9h39 où je vous attendrai, puis bus Tam I à 9h45 pour Magnanville.

Magnanville bus Tam I à 16h50 pour prendre le train de 17h08 à Mantes la Jolie arrivant à Paris St Lazare à 17h40.

You will need a picnic lunch and sturdy walking shoes as there may be muddy places. Please let me know if you will be coming and give me your cell phone number.

Ce serait effectivement bien que les participants me préviennent + mon numéro de portable pour le jour de la randonnée.

01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35

See you on Wednesday!