27 March 2010

Wednesday 31 March, "the Venice of the Brie"

Daniel Perot will lead this week's walk, the second Spring walk, yeah, yeah.
Let's hope this wonderful weather continues. Here is Daniel's info:

On Wednesday March, 31st, Daniel will lead the walk around Crécy, "la Venise briarde" in the Brie with its river the Grand Morin and some lovely brooks.

We will go by train from the gare de l'Est to the station Crécy La Chapelle (zone 6).
  • Départure gare de l'Est 10:30, direction Meaux. Arrival Esbly at 11:01.
  • At Esbly, transfer to Crécy en Brie La Chapelle 11:07, arrival 11:22.
Then... we will chose to do either a bucolic or a sporty walk (same trip).
  • For a bucolic walk, return from Crécy en Brie 16:34, arrival in Paris 17:30.
  • For a sporty hike, return 15:34, arrival in Paris 16:30.
We will cover 12 kilometers in 3 or 4 hours. Altitude will vary from 49m to 130m. We will walk through fields and woods, along rivers and over some hills.

Remember to bring water and some lunch... rain gear, sun gear (if necessary), hats. Come see the "Venice of the Brie" in its springtime colors. Just bring your sturdy shoes and enjoy a lovely walk.

Looking forward to seeing you on the hike, let me know if you are

Phone 09 50 56 65 26 or 01 45 90 65 26
Mobile 06 99 20 70 79 only on the day of the walk.

20 March 2010

Wednesday 24 March at Auvers

the church at Auvers sur Oise

Dear hikers, 
This week Serge Gallice will be our leader. Here is his information:
We will have a hike whose theme is Van Gogh, the unique, famous, awesome painter Vincent Van Gogh. I'm planning to do this hike between L’Isle Adam and Pontoise going through Auvers/Oise. This hike is roughly 10 miles (16km) long.
Let me now describe a little bit this great hike to you. It will start at L’Isle Adam Parmain, a town located in the Oise Department. We will linger by and along the Oise River. Then we will arrive at Auvers/Oise where we can visit the church, have a look at the cemetery at the Van Gogh brothers' tombs, Vincent and Theo's tombs. There is too the Van Gogh's room to be visited for a small fee. We can have lunch at the Park where there is a beautiful statue of Vincent. Do not forget along the way we can see reproductions of his paintings. Then, after Auvers sur Oise, we will proceed to Pontoise.
We'll start our hike from L'Isle-Adam Parmain.   So we'll take the train POVA from Paris Gare du Nord (surface) at 09:13 direction Persan Beaumont and go to L'Isle-Adam Parmain, arriving at 10:08. 
We will finish at Pontoise from where we'll take the train back to Paris.

There's a possibility to visit Van Gogh's house for a fee of 6€.
You will need the usual good hiking shoes, rain gear, water and a picnic lunch.



village house at Chaponval

06 March 2010

Wednesday 10 March in the New Athens

After experiencing the bucolic spendors around Mantes last Wednesday, this week we will walk closer to home with Marcel Kohl. Here is Marcel's information:

La Nouvelle Athènes (9th arrondissement de Paris) et visite du musée de la Franc-Maçonnerie le 10 mars.

Ce jour-là, nous verrons l'église de la Trinité, le square d'Orléans (souvenirs d'Alexandre Dumas, Chopin,George Sand, Delacroix) la place St Georges, le musée de la Vie Romantique, l'Hotel des Ventes Drouot, etc.

Nous déjeunerons (pour les volontaires) au Bouillon Chartier, 7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, à 12h. Le restaurant est unique pour le cadre (19e siècle, classé aux Monuments Historiques) et les pingouins qui nous servent. La nourriture est plus ordinaire que le décor, mais ce n'est pas très cher.

A 14h30 visite du musée et du temple du Grand Orient, 16 rue Cadet, avec une conférencière (7€).

Le rendez-vous est devant l'église de la Trinité (métro Trinité, ligne12) à 10 heures.

Ce n'est pas la peine de me prévenir si vous venez ou ne venez pas, ou venez à
une partie du programme, je le constaterai de visu.

Amitiés à tous,

Marcel Kohl

For the friends who are not so fluent in French

On March 10th we'll be in the romantic 19th century:
  • Meeting-point: Trinité Church (Paris).

  • Then sightseeing and lunch in a celebrated Art Nouveau restaurant: 325 places and 16 waiters—wonderful.
  • Then back to the Free-Masons' museum (with Lafayette's sword) and the masonic lodge.


No need to tell me if you're coming. It'll be a nice surprise.