24 April 2010

Wednesday 28 April in Fontainebleau forest

Hi everyone,
Wednesday's hike was a rounding success. In spite of the last minute change, 25 of you were able to join the group. The message for next week's hike is coming to you early because your faithful secretary is leaving town for ten days without her computer.
On Wednesday, April 28, Serge agrees to lead a walk from Bois-le-Roi to Fontainebleau-Avon (some12 kms) through Fontainebleau forest.
We'll take the train 91005 to Bois-le-Roi at 10:35 at the Gare de Lyon.
We'll see  you with pleasure next Wednesday.

18 April 2010

Wednesday 21 April around St Cheron *NEW*

Francois found out today that NO RER C's to Dourdan will run tomorrow, so rather than cancel the hike, he has changed the destination to Lardy where he will do a 12 km walk. 

You will take the other branch of the RER C going south, destination St. Martin d'Etampes. Francois suggests that you meet at St. Michel Notre Dame where the train ELBA leaves at 9:22 arriving at Lardy at 10:13. 

Return trains are about every half hour. I hope this catches you in time. Enjoy the walk in the spring sunshine. 

This week François will lead us on a hike in the department of the Essonne. The walk is a loop starting and ending at St Chéron. It will be about 15 km, through fields and woods and past the 18th century Chateau du Marais. There is an unusual “lavoir” with a humorous touch in the town of St Maurice Montcouronne.

We will take the train DEBA (RER C) at Invalides (9.01), St Michel (9.07), or gare d’Austerlitz at 9.11, direction Dourdan la Foret. We'll meet in the first carriage. Arrival time at St Chéron is 10.07.

There is a return train every half hour: for instance: 15.09, 15.39, 16.09. The travel time to Paris is about one hour.

You will need the usual picnic, sturdy walking shoes and rain protection.

See you on Wednesday!

11 April 2010

Wednesday 14 April from Coignières to Chevreuse

This week Mary Lynne will lead a 15 km walk in the Chevreuse Valley from Coignières to St Rémy lès Chevreuse. We will pass through the hamlets of Levis St Nom and Maincourt sur Yvette before reaching our picnic spot facing the 17th century Chateau of Dampierre built by Jules Hardouin Mansart. 
You may wish to stay behind to visit the chateau and its gardens designed by Le Nôtre , but we will continue our hike towards Chevreuse and its lovely “promenade des petits ponts” over the Canal de l’Yvette, ending at the RER B station at St Rémy. (There is bus service between Dampierre and St Remy, 17 minutes, leaving Dampierre at 13:23 and 14:21)
If there is sufficient interest we could have a group admission to the sculpture gardens at the Coubertin Foundation located just outside St. Remy. (3,50€) You'll need to tell me in advance so that I can reserve.
Most of the terrain is relatively flat although there is one short, steep climb. Bring the usual picnic lunch, sun and rain protection, and be prepared for a short stretch of wetland.
Getting to Coignières:  Take the train DOPO which leaves the Gare Montparnasse at 8:58, direction Rambouillet, and arrives at Coignieres at 9:47. This train stops at Versailles Chantiers at 9:24.
Return: The RER B trains leave St. Remy every 15 minutes. There is a bus which connects St. Remy with Versailles Chantiers.
If you plan to join us, please inform Mary Lynne at mlfich@yahoo.com or 01 47 41 98 20 and 06 70 88 18 59. We hope that the train strike will not interfere with these plans.
See you on Wednesday!!

04 April 2010

Wednesday 7 April from La Villette south

Dear Hikers,

Due to the train strike projected for next Wednesday, 7 April, we think it safer to plan a hike accessible by metro.

Virginie has graciously volunteered to lead us through Eastern Paris from the Porte de la Villette in the north to the Porte d’Ivry in the south, passing through three parks along the way.

The hike will cover 18km with lots of zig-zagging and the possibility to leave the group at any time along the route.  Bring a picnic lunch, and it will be possible to stop for a drink at the Place de la Nation.

She would like to take the Voguéo from the Bibliotheque Mitterand to the Porte d’Ivry where the scenery is more pleasant from the water than on land.

Meeting place: the exit of the Metro Porte de la Villette, sortie Cité des Sciences at 10:00.

See you on Wednesday !