24 October 2010

Wednesday 27 October, a close-to-town walk at St Cloud and Ville d'Avray

Hello again,
Once again, we will work around the strike and start our walk at a Metro stop. This time we will  meet at the end of Metro line 10, Pont de St. Cloud at 10:00 where Mary Lynne and Prudence will await you outside the Societé Génerale.  We will cross the Seine and enter the Parc de St. Cloud where we will pass the Grande Cascade, the Jardin de Trocadero, La Ferme du Picquer and the Parcours de la Brosse. From there we will head to the ponds in Ville d'Avray and the Bois de Fausses Reponses. 
After our picnic lunch we'll have two options, either leading to the Gare de Vaucresson or to the Gare de Sevres Rive Gauche so don't buy your return ticket in advance. The foliage is beginning to be colorful although it isn't yet at its peak.
Claude's walk in the Foret de Rosny, originally scheduled for tomorrow, is postponed until next week in the hopes that the trains will be back to normal.
See you tomorrow!

Dear Hikers,
This week, Claude will lead us on a lovely 18 km hike (430 m. altitude difference) in the Forêt de Rosny which is out past Mantes-la-Jolie in the department of the Yvelines.  Here is his information.
Ce domaine forestier, le plus important à l'ouest de l'Ile-de-France faisait initialement partie du château de Rosny-sur-Seine qui appartenait à Sully ministre du roi Henri IV.  La forêt de Rosny abrite également quelques curiosités touristiques comme  un arbre remarquable vieux de 300 ans, le " chêne Mademoiselle " d'une circonférence de 4,20 mètres, les vestiges du château des Beurons, construit en 1615 par Simon Letellier, conseiller et médecin du roi Louis XIII, à la place d'un petit corps de logis, ancien rendez-vous de chasse.
This forest, the most important in the western Ile-de-France, formerly belonged  to the château of Rosny-sur-Seine which was owned by Sully, minister to King Henry IV. There are a couple of noteworthy attractions in the forest: a 300 year old oak tree with a 4,20 meter circumference and the vestiges of chateau, Les Beurons, built for Simon Letellier, counselor and doctor for Louis XIII.
Départ: PARIS gare St Lazare à 9h 07, SNCF train 51001, direction Evreux, pour arriver à Mantes-la-Jolie à 9h 39 où je vous attendrai. (where Claude will await us) Merci de sortir rapidement du train pour aller prendre  le bus TAM ligne R2 à 9h 47 en direction de Rosny-sur-Seine. Please leave the train and station quickly in order not to miss the bus which will take us from Mantes to Rosny.

Return: Retour à partir de Magnanville par le bus TAM ligne I en dirction de la gare de Mantes-la-Jolie, puis train pour Paris. Return will be by a different bus to the Mantes-la-Jolie station. Une bonne allure de marche doit permettre de prendre le train de 17h 08 qui arrive 17h 40 à Paris St Lazare. We will walk at a lively pace so as to be able to catch the 17:08 train for Paris.
Le parcours fait 18 km de long avec un dénivelé positif de 430 m. Par ces temps humides de bonnes chaussures de randonnée sont indispensables.
Comme il y a toujours la possibilié de grêve de trains, svp, consultez vos corriels mardi soir et mercredi matin pour savoir s'il y a un changement de programme ou annulation. De plus, il sera prudent d'informer Claude de votre intention de participer à cette marche et de lui laisser votre numero de portable. With the possibility of a continued rail strike, please consult your emails Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning to know if there has been a change of plans or a cancellation. It would be prudent to tell Claude of your intention to come, leaving him your cell phone number.

01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35

22 October 2010

Sunday 31 October from Dourdan to Breuillet

The message for next Wednesday's walk will be sent out this weekend, but meanwhile here is a message from Bob Levy who invites you to join a hike which he will lead in the Essonne from Dourdan to Breuillet on Sunday, October 31.  Here is his info: 
I am recommending we take the RER C to Dourdan from St Michel Notre Dame at 8:45 on the 31st as the clocks will be changed the night before and our bodies will think it's 9:45.  Also, the change of clocks means it gets dark earlier than we've become accustomed to.  Return C trains run every 30 minutes.

We take the RER to Dourdan, then walk back along the GR1 in the direction from which we came.  We pass through the villages of Sermaise and Saint Chéron, each of which has a gare for those who want a shorter hike.  Also through smaller farming communities, Marchais, Le Mesnil, and Le Bergerie. The Autumn reds and golds should be at their finest. The official hike will end at Breuillet for a total distance of 15-16 km.

Dourdan itself is a photographer's dream, with its church of Saint Germain d'Auxerre, its 13th century castle, and a 19th century semi-covered market hall.  From Dourdan a gentle climb and descent through forest and field, surrounded by, or just bordering, forest color.  The final leg takes us along the banks of the River Orge (L'Orge) to Breuillet.

I recommend hiking boots (not running shoes or sneakers) as there is one brief descent for which you will glad to have them.

If there is any more information (particularly re: transport) you will be informed. If you are interested in signing up and getting more details, please contact 
Bob Levy at levybob@sbcglobal.net
Bob Levy

16 October 2010

Wednesday 20 October from Moulin Galant to Ballancourt

The paper factory on the Essonne at Echarcon

Dear hikers,
Since it seems that there are no trains going to Moulin Galant tomorrow, I've decided to put Plan B into action and to take a tour of "Boulogne des Années Trente." There is a concentration of very interesting 1930's buildings, both private and public mostly in the northeast section of Boulogne, designed by Corbusier and Mallet-Stevens among others. On our way we will pass through the Jardin des Poetes and the Jardins des Serres d'Auteuil. At the end of the walk, those who wish can visit the 1930's Museum, le Musée des Années Trente. 
We will meet at 10:00 at the outside the metro stop "Porte d'Auteuil", line 10, sortie number 1, towards Rolland Garros and the Parc des Princes.
We will return from metro stop Marcel Sembat, line 9.
Bring a picnic lunch and be prepared for rain.
A demain!!
Mary Lynne

Dear Hikers,
On Wednesday, October 20, Mary Lynne will lead us on a walk along the Essonne River from Moulin Galant to Ballancourt, about 14 km on mostly flat terrain. Along this section of the Essonne there are many lakes and marshes with flora and fauna that the Department of the Essonne is trying to preserve. In fact, these wetlands are some of the best preserved in all of the Ile de France.  
Considering that there is a possibility that the rail strike will be prolonged until next Wednesday and that there is only one train per hour going to our destination, we have prepared a Plan B which would be accessible by the Metro. So it’s probably best to wait until Tuesday to purchase your tickets and check your in-boxes for information about an eventual change of plans.
Departure: RER D4, train BIPE, direction Malesherbes, leaving Chatelet les Halles at 9:37 and Gare de Lyon at 9:41, arriving at Moulin Galant, zone 5, at 10:25. A Mobilis ticket is usually less expensive than two one-way tickets for those living outside of Paris. We’ll meet downstairs on the quai so as to be able to get on the last car. Mary Lynne will board at the Gare de Lyon.
Our return will be from Ballancourt, zone 6, at 15:47, or at 16:47 for those who chose to do an extension to see the Chateau de la Saussay.
Bring the usual picnic lunch, rain protection, sturdy waterproof shoes and good humour. It is a good idea if you give Mary Lynne your cell phone number, just in case…
06 70 88 18 59
Scotland on Essonne: highland cows at Vert le Petit

10 October 2010

Wednesday 13 October from Tavery to Meriel

The church at Taverny
Taverny to Meriel via the Foret de Montmorency

This week, Bob Levy will lead our hike in the Val D'Oise. For those who do the whole hike it is 15 km. but there are two "bailout" possibilites as described below. Here is Bob's  info. 

For Wednesday I propose the following:

Meet at gare du Nord at 9:00 AM with tickets already purchased for the 9:13 SNCF train to Taverny (zone 4).  I think that the 4 letter designator is POVA. its final destination is Valmondois or Persan Beaumont (info on websites differs).

It is a 36 minute train trip to Taverny.

Hike from Taverny along the GR1 through the forêt de Montmorency. The beginning is a gentle uphill of 2 km. Following that it is level and downhill along the aptly named 'Route de Paradis'.  The IGN map number is 2313 OT.

Those who want the shortest hike (11 km) can leave the trail at Frepillon.  I will give them a map to the gare.  Trains from Frépillon are at 22 and 52 minutes past the hour and return to gare du Nord in 45 minutes.

Those who wish to leave at Méry sur Oise (12.5 km) will also receive a map to the gare de Méry.  Trains for Paris leave at 19 and 49 minutes after the hour. Again about 45 minutes to Paris.

Those who go all the way to Mériel (15 km) will be rewarded by a hike along the Oise as well as along the lakes of the parc de Méry.  Trains from Mériel leave at 15 and 45 minutes after the hour for a 50 minute ride to Paris.

Walkers should not purchase round trip tickets in the morning.  Instead, purchase a return ticket at Frépillon, Méry, or Mériel (all in zone 5).

There are parts of the walk - early sections in the forest of Montmorency - which are very muddy and require stepping over a number of fallen trees.  I will design a work-around / walk-around alternative which might add .5 km to the hike.

Due to the possibility that the train strike will continue past Tuesday, it is advisable that you let me know that you are coming and give me your cell so that I can inform you of a cancellation or change of train time.
Thanks and I'll see you on Wednesday!
Bob' cell number is 06 43 45 58 33

Barbara's number is 06 43 45 59 00

03 October 2010

Wednesday 6 October on the Coulée Verte

The château de Sceaux

Not to be confused with the Coulée Verte or Promenade Planté in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the Coulée Verte of this week’s walk is located south of Paris in two departments: the Hauts de Seine and the Essonne. Created in the 1980’s when the TGV Atlantique was created, the space above and alongside the railroad line was transformed into a veritable green ribbon for hikers and cyclists. It passes from the Porte de Vanves through nine towns to Massy.
Along the way we will make a little detour and visit the Ile de France museum in the château of Sceaux.  The current château, set in a magnificent park, dates from the Second Empire. The museum records the history of the Paris region from the 17th century to the mid-20th, recalls the many princely residences now gone, and houses an important collection of ceramics. Entrance is free.

To get there:
Take the RER B train that passes through Châtelet Les Halles at 9.35, direction Robinson. Get off at Fontenay aux Roses (zone 3) at 9.58, where Dominique will be waiting.

Getting back:
Return on the RER B from the Massy Verrières TGV station (zone 3) around 4pm with trains every 15 minutes.
Coulée verte du Sud Parisien, idéale pour les piétons et les cyclistes. Villes traversées: Fontenay-aux-Roses, Sceaux, Châtenay-Malabry, Antony, Massy, about 12 km. Ce long parc urbain linéaire a été créé sur les terrains disposés le long de la voie ferrée du TGV Atlantique (ou au-dessus quand celui-ci est en souterrain). Il offre calme, verdure, et ombrages au cœur des villes traversées.

Nous allons faire un petit détour et visiter à proximité  Musée d'Ile-de-France au château de Sceaux, le château du Second Empire, où sont présenté les collections sur l'histoire de la région parisienne du 17e au milieu du 20e siècle ainsi que les résidences princières disparues, ou encore la céramique. Entrée libre.

Depart: A Chatelet Les Halles prendre RER B à 09:35 direction Robinson. Descendre à Fontenay aux Roses à 09:58. Zones 3.  Retour sur la meme ligne RER B  de Massy-Verrières (Gare TGV) à 15:41, 15:56, 16:11, every 15 min.

Dominique’s phone numbers in case you need to contact her for further information:
          home number : 01 47 02 90 48
          mobile : 06 33 23 07 31

You will need a picnic lunch and the usual walking shoes and rain protection.

The Coulée Verte at Massy