28 May 2011

Wednesday 1 June: Mantes and the Vaucouleurs

The "collègiale" at Mantes la Jolie

Hello IdF hikers,
Next Wednesday, Claude Faure will lead us in and around the historic city of Mantes la Jolie. The magnificent collegiate church by itself is worth the trip, but Claude will also take us along the Seine to the mouth of a tributary, the Vaucouleurs, before heading back to Mantes via the countryside and his hometown of Magnanville. As he explains below, Mantes la Jolie can be reached by either the Gare St. Lazare or the Gare Montparnasse. Please inform Claude if you will arrive from the Gare Montparnasse as that train arrives after the St. Lazare train. You will need a picnic lunch. Here is Claude's information:
Cette randonnée de 15 km et 285 m de dénivelées positives au départ de Mantes-la-Jolie nous fera d'abord parcourir quelques vieilles rues de Mantes au pied de la collégiale. Nous longerons ensuite la Seine jusqu'à "La Vaucouleurs", petit affluent de la Seine que nous longerons une partie de la matinée. Le reste se déroulera dans la campagne mantoise jusqu'à Magnanville où vous reprendrez le bus (un ticket de métro ou mobilis zone 6) pour retourner à la gare de Mantes-la-Jolie.

Départ: gare Saint Lazare à 10h20 en direction de Mantes-la-Jolie (zone 6) où vous arriverez à 10h50 et où je vous attendrai,
...ou gare Monparnasse à 9h43 en direction de Mantes-la-Jolie où vous arriverez à 10 h 56 (merci de me prévenir dans ce cas).
Retour: gare de Mantes-la-Jolie à 17h08 pour une arrivée gare St Lazare à 17h40,
...ou gare de Mantes la Jolie à 16h34 pour une arrivée gare Montparnasse à 17h49

N'oubliez pas vêtements appropriés, pique-nique et bonne humeur habituelle.
Claude FAURE
01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35

24 May 2011

Wednesday 25 May, the lakes of Vincennes

Lac Daumesnil

Next Wednesday, May 25 Jean Chameroy will lead a walk in the beautiful Bois de Vincennes. Here is his information:

We'll make a tour of the four lakes of the Bois de Vincennes, about 14km. Meet at 10am at the foot of the golden statue at the Porte Dorée metro station, line 8.

You'll need a picnic lunch, water, good shoes, and an agreeable disposition.

See you Wednesday,

Nous allons faire le tour des quatre lacs du Bois de Vincennes, 14 kms environ.  Rendez vous à 10 Heures au pied de la statue doree à la station Porte Doree,  Metro ligne 8.
Vous aurez besoin d'un déjeuner pique-nique, de l'eau, des bonnes chaussures, bonne humeur, etc.
A mercredi. Merci. Mon tel portable est: 06 20 00 63 78 


Lac Daumesnil

19 May 2011

Sunday 22 May in the valley of the Chevreuse

The Auberge de la Chapelle at Milon la Chapelle

A 16 km / 10 mile walk beginning and ending at Saint Remy Les Chevreuse (RER 'B').  A truly spectacular walk, and one which should be even more so in later Spring.  Forests, chateaux (two), stone bridges and riversides, a gorgeous new trail through the Foret Port Royale, villages, villages, and more villages.

We will begin at St. Remy, head north to the Foret Port Royale and the picturesque (if small) chateau at Chateaufort.  The Valley Merancy is horse country; stables, rolling hills, dark forests, rivers, stone bridges, many spots to stop for a leisurely lunch.  We follow the new Sentier Merancy through this scenic area to the village Magny Les Hameaux. From there, on to romantic Milon La Chapelle (perfect weekend getaway), through the Foret Du Claireau to the ramparts of the Chateau Madeleine overlooking Chevreuse.  We then follow the River Yvette for the return to Saint Remy and the RER 'B'.

We will meet at 9:25 at CHATELET-LES HALLES; the REAR of the platform for the RER 'B', DIRECTION SAINT REMY LES CHEVREUSE.  We will take the 9:38 train to Saint Remy.  If you wish to join us further down the train-line (St. Michel, Luxembourg ... ), add two minutes for each station south of Chatelet.  Trains return to Paris from Saint Remy every 20-30 minutes.

The trails are in EXCELLENT condition.  There WAS  IN WINTER one stretch of mud, much of which could be avoided.  Still, good boots are recommended.  There is one brief ascent (midway in the walk) which, for some, might need extra-time.  There is one descent near the hike's end which requires some care.

Trains to Paris are every 15-20 minutes from St. Remy.

Bob Levy

15 May 2011

Wednesday 18 May at Achères and Corra

The étang du Corra

This week we will hike with Claude in the Forêt de St. Germain-en-Laye in the morning, and after our picnic lunch he will take us to the atelier of a sculpteur. Here is his information:
Voici les éléments pour la rando de mercredi 18:
Cette randonnée de 11 km au nord de la forêt de Saint-Germain nous ménera à l'étang du Corra où nous pique-niquerons et visiterons un atelier de sculpture.
Aller : RER A  TROL direction POISSY à 10h 26 à Châtelet les Halles arrivée à 10h 52 à ACHERES GRAND CORMIER (zone 5)
Retour : RER A à ACHERES GRAND CORMIER à partir de 17h 15 (un train toutes le 10 mn)
Merci de préparer 8 euros par personne pour la visite à me remettre pendant le pique-nique.
N'oubliez pas pique-nique, vêtements tous temps et bonne humeur habituelle.
Je vous retrouverai à la gare d'Achères
Claude FAURE
01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35 le jour de la rando

07 May 2011

Wednesday 11 May from Lozère to Jouy

The abbey at Vauhallen

On May 11 Bob Levy will lead a hike from Lozère to Jouy en Josas.  The hike is 16 km / 10 miles, but as with other Bob Levy hikes, there will be other stations along the way—and corresponding maps and schedules—for those who wish a shorter day.  This is a particularly fine hike for photographers.

The hike begins at Lozère on RER B (direction St. Remy), climbs quickly (but briefly) into a lovely wood, exiting into farmland.  Just ahead the imposing abbaye de Vauhallen and, facing the abbey, one of the most picturesque farms and circular barns it will be our pleasure to see. 

Ahead the village of Vauhallen and its hill-top church, another short climb into stream-lined forests and a long wooded descent into the town of Igny (the first of the gares back to Paris).  Continuing on we join the Bièvre and stop for lunch beneath willows, where the river widens into a lake.  The next gare at Bièvres is close by.

Onward along the Bièvres to the home of Victor Hugo, the Chateau des Roches, and the lovely village of Vauboyen (the third of our gares).  The final kilometers take us to Jouy en Josas for the RER C back to Paris.  Jouy also sports a lovely bar with outdoor seating in its garden.

Getting there: Purchase a one way ticket to Lozère (zone 4). We will meet at Châtelet Les Halles and take the 9:25 RER B train,  direction St Rémy. For those boarding the RER B further down the line, allow 2 minutes for each station south of Chatelet.  We will be in the rear carriage of the train.

For those desiring a shorter day:
IGNY =            About 8 km / 5 miles (RER C)
BIEVRES =       About 10 km. / 6 miles (RER C)
VAUBOYEN =    About 13 km / 8 miles (RER C)
JOUY =           About 16 km / 10 miles (RER C)

On our return we will purchase another one way ticket from Jouy en Josas (zone 4) to Paris via Massy Palaiseau. Those who live west of Paris may want to purchase a return via Versailles Chantiers.

The trails should be in fine dry condition but it can change.  Bring good shoes, walking sticks (if you use them) for the two brief climbs, and a lakeside lunch.

Bob Levy
09 79 67 70 88

Day of the hike:
06 43 45 58 33

Looking forward to seeing you
Bob Levy

Bièvres, the château des Roches

02 May 2011

Wednesday 4 May from La Ferté Alais to Le Grand Saussay

The château du Grand Saussay

- On Wednesday, May 4, we will head south of Paris to walk in some lovely countryside in the departement of the Essonne. Virginie will be our leader. Our hike will be a loop starting and ending at La Ferté Alais.
- The hike, 21 km, will be from La Ferté Alais to Mondeville through fields and then we will head north and west back to the Essonne River on another trail where the terrain is nearly flat. On our way we will pass near by "Le Grand Saussay" a private castle, then the ruins of "la chapelle St-Blaise" and to finish we will walk southward along the Essonne River. There, on each side of the the river, are many lakes and ponds with flora and fauna that the Department of the Essonne is trying to preserve. In fact, these wetlands are some of the best preserved in all of the Ile de France.  

Getting there: We will take the RER D at gare de Lyon at 8:41, Direction Malesherbes to La Ferté Alais, zone 6. Or you can board the train at Chatelet les Halles at 8:36. We will board as usual in the last car.

- Our return will be from La Ferté Alais  at 16:42 which arrives at Gare de Lyon 17:37

- As always: have good walking shoes and a picnic lunch

- If you want additional information : Here is my email and my cell phone number:
       06 89 96 29 96

The château du Grand Saussay