27 June 2011

Wednesday 29 June to Maisons Alfort

Dear Hikers,
Next Wednesday, Charlie Crummer and Virginie will lead us on a hike in the Bois de Vincennes and along the Marne to the Veterinary School Museum at Maisons Alfort. Here are their directions.
We will start at Porte Dorée, the northwest entrance to the bois de Vincennes and end at the Maisons Alfort.  The reason is that the musée of the École Vétérinaire de Maisons Alfort opens at 14h.  Tarif: 7€ including audioguide.  At the beginning, in the bois, we can dally and row boats if the group wants. 
We will start at 10am at Porte Dorée at the foot of the golden statue just above les cascades.Bring the usual: a picnic lunch, good boots, warm clothing and snow shoes just in case.
If you need more information for this walk you can contact Charlie at charlie.crummer@gmail.com  or Virginie at virginiexue@voila.fr

18 June 2011

Wednesday 22 June in the Vexin

Rabbit Stew Farm, Commeny

Dear Hikers,
Next Wednesday, June 22, Claude will be our leader on a 14 km hike northwest of Paris in the Vexin Français.  Here is his information:  the early departure from the Gare St. Lazare is due to the rarity of the trains to this destination. So, get up with the birds and have a wonderful hike in a lovely part of Ile de France.

Summer starts on 21 June, time to profit from the longest days of the year. We'll have an early start on a 14km walk in the French Vexin which include part of the ancient Roman road from Paris to Normandy. We'll have a stop at Rabbit Stew Farm in the charming village of Commeny, then return via the Goulines wetlands nature reserve.

Getting there: At the gare St Lazare catch the 8.03 train, direction Gisors, arriving at Santeuil Le Perchay (zone 6) at 8.55.

Getting back: At the gare de Santueil catch the 14.24 train to Paris, arriving 15.25.

Don't forget your hiking gear—from umbrella to sun cream—as well as your picnic and your usual sunny disposition.
Le 21 juin c'est l'été, donc le moment de profiter des plus longues journées de l'année. Je vous propose dès l'aube une randonnée de 14 km dans le Vexin français qui nous fera parcourir une partie de la "chaussée Jules César" ancienne voie romaine entre Paris et la normandie. Nous ferons un arrêt à la "ferme du lapin compote" pour un éventuel ravitaillement dans le charmant village de Commeny avec un retour par une zone humide réserve écologique naturelle.
Départ: Gare St Lazare direction Gisors à 8h03 pour une arrivée à Santeuil à 8h55 (zone 6)
Retour: Gare de Santeuil à 14h24 pour une arrivée à Paris St Lazare à 15h25
N'oubliez pas vos tenues de rando (du parapluie à la crème solaire) votre pique-nique et votre bonne humeur habituelle.

Claude FAURE
01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35

Etang de la Gouline

12 June 2011

Wednesday 15 June from Moret to Montigny

Alfred Sisley, Moret sur Loing
Dear Walkers,
Following on the heels of our lovely walk in the Fontainebleau Forest last week, we will continue in the region with Daniel leading us. Here is his information:

Many of you enjoyed the hike of June 8. It's not over. Given its success, we'll stay in the region.On Wednesday 15 June we will start from Morêt-sur-Loing (station Môret/Veneux-les-Sablons) and visit the medieval et historical city. Great!

The hike will continue through the nature reserve of the plain of Sorques with a bucolic stroll, possibly accompanied by a flock of dragonflies, along the Loing (river) which will led us to Montigny-sur-Loing, our train station.

Getting there: *Gare de Lyon*, SNCF train GIMO, leaves *10:05*, direction
Montargis, arrives at *Moret les Sablons, zone 6, at 10:47*. We will travel
in the next to last car leaving the Gare de Lyon. (It seems you don't like being in the last one.)

Give yourself plenty of time. Last week problems with the RER A almost caused some hikers to miss the train. Last week it left from Quai J in the Salle Diderot. Remember that there are two sets of platforms at the Gare de Lyon, colored coded blue and yellow. Check the departure panels to know from where our train departs. 

Return: from Montigny, also in zone 6. Trains leave about every hour. We will aim for the 16:50 train which arrives at 17:41 at the Gare de Lyon.
The easy and splendid walk is 14 km = 3½ or 4 hours. + visit of the city.
Bring along water, some lunch and hiking equipment.
I'm looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!
On the Web:
Pictures. − Google... Moret-sur-Loing... Images for Morêt-sur-Loing.
Maps for a visit of the medieval city. − www.viamichelin.co.uk  ...  Morêt-sur-Loing.

J.B.C. Corot, Moret sur Loing 1822

04 June 2011

Wednesday 8 June in the forest of Fontainebleau

Dear Hikers,
Next Wednesday, June 8, Prudence and Mary Lynne will lead us in the beautiful Fontainebleau Forest.  Here is their information:
Our itinerary, approximately 14 km, will start at the train station of Moret Veneux les Sablons and end at the station of Fontainebleau Avon. We will hike through typical Fontainebleau terrain of rocks (le Rocher d’Avon) and hills with a good dose of flat terrain through the woods. Additional rock scrambling will be possible. At the end of the hike, we will pass through the gardens and woods of the chateau, so that those who wish to may stay and visit the chateau. Those who continue to the station will take a short break along the grand canal, which predated the one at Versailles by 60 years, by the way.
Getting there: Gare de Lyon, train GIMO, leaves 10:05, direction Montargis, arrives at Moret les Sablons, zone 6, at 10:47. We will travel in the last car going out of the Gare de Lyon.
Return: from Fontainebleau, also in zone 6. Trains leave about every half hour. We will aim for the 17:04 train which arrives at 17:41 at the Gore de Lyon.
You will need a picnic lunch, good hiking shoes, and maybe rain protection.
See you on Wednesday!
Prudence: 01 46 26 03 06
                06 63 44 60 09, the day of the hike only
Mary Lynne: 01 47 41 98 20 and 06 70 88 18 59