31 August 2012

Wednesday 5 September from Jouy to Versailles

The manufacture des toiles de Jouy in 1805

Stuart will lead us on our first hike of the "rentrée", next Wednesday 5 September. Here is his information:
Jouy-en-Josas to Versailles

Distance: 19.5 km

Terrain: easy going, no steep hills

Bail-out option: Saint-Cyr (12 km)

This walk begins in the beautiful Bièvre valley at the historic town of Jouy-en-Josas, famed for its Toiles de Jouy and the Oberkampf family. The route passes by several buildings associated with the family and the manufacture of the cloth. Note: we won't be visiting the Toiles Museum which really needs a dedicated visit. 

We then follow the Bièvre to the town of Buc passing by the aquaduct Louis XIV had built to supply his famous fountains. Buc is famous for its association with the aviator Louis Blériot who set up the first airfield here soon after his historic crossing of the Channel and the town soon became the centre for the early pioneers of aviation. 

After Buc we head for the Domaniale de Versailles and walk along its many étangs. The aim is to have our picnic lunch (yes, there are picnic tables!) by a quiet étang... along with the water birds. After lunch we head for Saint-Cyr RER for those who want a shorter walk. 

For those who want to continue we follow the escarpment with its magnificent views of Versailles Palace where you can really appreciate its vast scale. Awesome indeed! The walk concludes at Versailles Chantiers RER.

Getting there:
Leave:10:09 Gare Montparnasse (direction Chartres): Zone 4  N.B.
Arrive: 10:23 Versailles Chantiers. Change trains.
Leave: 10:44 Versailles Chantiers (VICK direction Versailles Rive Gauche) This is the RER C.
Arrive: 10:50 Jouy-en-Josas.
N.B. You can also reach Versailles Chantiers by the RER C or the SNCF U line, La Defense/La Verrière.

Saint-Cyr => Versailles Chantiers => Gare Montparnasse: trains leave every '11, '29, '41, '53 mins.
Versailles Chantiers => Gare Montparnasse: trains leave every '01, '16, '38, '49 mins.

Comme d'habitude we hope for good walking weather but, comme d'habitude, please come suitably prepared not forgetting to pack that most important ingredient - your good humour!!

Best regards,

mobile: 06 19 85 25 56

Mr Blériot's flying machine

26 August 2012

Wednesday 29 August Coignières and Levis Saint Nom

Le fond de Bellepanne

This week Mary Lynne will lead us on an easy 12/13 km hike in the Parc de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse. Here is her info:

Starting at the Gare de Coignieres, (13th century church), 18 km southwest of Versailles, we'll head for the lovely Vallon du Pommeret, then climb up to the abbaye de Notre Dame des Roches. We'll also visit the village church of Levis-Saint-Nom, situated on a promontory above the confluence of the Yvette and Pommeret streams. Levis-Saint-Nom doesn't have a center; it's composed of several charming hamlets. From the hamlet of la Recette we will make our way along the chemin de la Porte Doree towards the sources of the Yvette and Les Essarts-le-Roi where will head back to Paris. 

Travel info:
Getting there:  Gare Montparnasse, train REPU, 8:54, zone 5, direction Rambouillet, arriving at Coignieres at 9:41. This train stops at Versailles Chantiers at 9:17  where I will board the train. I'll look for you in the last train car. 
Return trains from Les Essarts-le-Roi leave at 02 and 32 minutes after the hour.

As usual, you will need a picnic lunch, comfortable hiking shoes, rain/sun protection and the usual dose of good humor.

See you on Wednesday!
Mary Lynne's contact info:  mlfich@yahoo.com.       06 70 88 18 59

Notre Dame des Roches

19 August 2012

Wednesday 22 August along the Coulée Verte

Chemin des Godets at Anthony
Next Wednesday we will do an easy walk of about 13 km at a mild pace along the Coulée Verte, located south of Paris. Created in the 1980’s when the TGV Atlantique was built, the space above and alongside the railroad line was transformed into a veritable green ribbon for hikers and cyclists. We'll start our walk at Châtillon then follow the track through Bagneux, Fontenay aux Roses, with a little detour to the centre of Chätenay, a birthplace of Voltaire, to see the old church and an ancien lavoir. From Antony to Verrières we'll take the Coulée Verte bis, an alternative more agreeable for this hot weather with a little spring and ponds.
You will need a picnic lunch, a lot of water and don't forget your hats. 
Meeting place:
Take the Metro line 13 that passes through Gare St. Lazare and Gare Montparnasse direction Chatillon-Montrouge.
Get off at Châtillon-Montrouge (terminus, zone 3), take la Sortie Châtillon (on right) where I will wait for you.
We should start at not later than 9am to avoid a great heat so please come earlier.

Getting back:
Return on the RER B or C from Massy Verrières (zone 4) around 2pm with trains every 20 minutes.
My phone numbers in case you need to contact me for further information:
          home number : 01 47 02 90 48
          mobile : 06 33 23 07 31
A mercredi
Dominique Raveau

Saint Germain de Châtenay