29 September 2012

Wednesday 3 October above the Yvette

Gif sur Yvette

On Wednesday 3 October Bob Levy will lead a 15 km. walk in the hills above and along the River Yvette, from Lozère (RER B) to the village Saint Rémy lès Chevreuse (RER 'B').  

From Lozère a wonderful network of trails winds gently uphill and down, all-but-hidden paths that take us between countryside backyards, offering views of the valley below.  We pass through three forests, across wide fields, down 'ancient' stairways, finally descending to the Yvette at the village Gif sur Yvette.  From here, a riverside walk takes us to Saint Remy, the final leg (Courcelle to Saint Rémy) passing a pair of lovely ponds.

The walk would be classified 'easy'.  However there is a single short flight of steps uphill early in the day, plus a winding rock stairway downhill a bit later.  If you are considering walking sticks, bring them.

For those who desire a shorter day, there are two alternative return points.  Gif sur Yvette (10 km) and Courcelle (13 km).

MEET UP: Châtelet Les Halles (RER B) direction Saint Rémy at 9.15 for the 9.26 train to Lozère. We will meet at the front (the first car) of the train.   For those wishing to board at stations further down the line (Saint Michel, Luxembourg, etc.) allow 2 minutes for each station between yours and Châtelet.

RETURN: Trains return to Paris every 15 minutes from any of the three end points (Gif, Courcelle, Saint Rémy). All stations are in zone 5.

Bring the usual good shoes, picnic lunch, and appropriate weather gear.  As the rains have returned, consider a plastic 'sheet' or other covering for sitting on wet ground, rocks, or tree-trunks at lunch.

To contact Bob Levy:

On the day of the walk: 

22 September 2012

Wednesday 26 September from Lagny to Pomponne and Beyond

The Marne at Pomponne

 Michael Browne will lead us on our first autumn walk.  It will start and end along the Marne and in between will traverse the countryside and villages. It will be 14 km and should take about 3.5 to 4 hours. Here is Michael's information.
Departure: From the gare de l’Est take the 9.31 train, direction Meaux (final destination), to Lagny Thorigny (zone 5). This is the third stop, around 25 minutes later.  Meet as usual at the end of the quai at the gare de l'Est to board the last car going out. I will be waiting for you at Lagny Thorigny station a bit before 10.
Right from the Lagny Thorigny station, the walk goes uphill through the fancy houses of Pomponne and into the countryside behind the small village of Carnetin via a part of the aqueduc de la Dhuys (a former supply of water for Paris).  From Carnetin and its beautiful view of the Northern loop of the Marne and the Jablines recreation area, the walk goes down to the river along the forêt de Vallières which offers many possible picnic spots but no tables, around 6 kms from the station.  Going back up the forest (single difficult part),  through the plateau of Thorigny,  back down to the southern part of the Marne loop on the aqueduc and along the Marne adds around 8 kms to reach the station.
You will need a picnic lunch, good walking shoes and the usual rain and sun protection.
Trains back from the Lagny Thorigny station to the gare de l’Est leave every half hour.
See you on Wednesday!

The aqueduc de la Dhuis at Carentin

15 September 2012

Wednesday 16 September: Three churches in the Essonne

View of Breux Jouy

Distance: 16km
Terrain: 3 steepish climbs **NO BAIL-OUT OPTION**

This week's walk in the lovely Essonne takes in three interesting churches and a fox! From Breuillet Village we climb up the hill to the Porte des Bourdeaux and Saint Yon church and then follow the path to the village of Boissy sous Saint Yon where we will visit the Saint Thomas Becket church. 

As the name implies this church was associated with Thomas Becket when he fled to France after quarrelling with King Henry II of England. After his infamous murder in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170 he was canonised and his tomb became one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Christendom.

We then move on to Saint Sulpice where we will have our lunch next to the church. After lunch we gently follow the Renarde (fox) stream to the lovely village of Souzy la Briche. Unfortunately we can't visit the charming château which is for Presidential use only!! From Souzy we climb up the hill and finally to Saint Cheron RER. For those who want a slightly longer walk we can continue from Saint Cheron back to Breuillet Village along the l'Orge river (4km).

Getting there:
09.17 Gare d'Austerlitz RER C (direction Dourdan) DEBO
10.07 Breuillet Village zone 5.

Saint Cheron: trains leave at '17 and '47 mins each hour
Breuillet Village: trains leave at '22 and '52 mins each hour

Since we will be visiting so many churches I'm sure that the Almighty will ensure good weather, but just in case come prepared!!

Best Regards,
mobile:06 19 85 25 56

The village church of Saint Sulpice de Favières

08 September 2012

Wednesday 12 September in the valley of the Mauldre

Near the vineyard at Beynes

On Wednesday, September 12, Judy Choat will lead us in the department of Les Yvelines. Here is her information. 

Our walk of 19.5 km will take us from Beynes to Mareil sur Mauldre through the forest, the countryside, and also the pretty villages of Herbeville , La Maladrerie, and Crespières. We will stop for lunch by a lake in the Bois de Abbecourt.

There are a few gentle ups and downs, but no difficulties , no steps. As usual wear appropriate footwear and bring lunch and water.

Owing to the vagaries of the Transilien train service it will have to be a rather early start and consequently a rather early lunch . A mid afternoon snack might be a good idea. This is a counterbalance to Stuart's late start and late lunch last Wednesday!!!


I will drive so will see you at Beynes

Take train MEPU at 8.39 from Montparnasse, direction Mantes la Jolie, to Beynes (zone 5) arriving 9.26 This train passes through Versailles Chantiers at 9.00. 

Return from Mareil sur Mauldre at 16.15 train PEMU arriving Montparnasse 17.11. The trains are only once an hour so we miss that one at our peril!

Judy Choat

Mobile number 06 79 48 38 81