29 November 2014

two hikes for December 3

We are lucky to have two options for next Wednesday, with our two Daniels.

1.) 19 km with Daniel Robinot and 2.) 10 km with Daniel Perot.

1.) This week, I propose to you a walk between forest, charming villages and countryside near Mantes la Jolie. The distance will be around 19 km BUT, not very easy, ascents and descents permanently, 500m of elevation and sometimes slippery.
Bad news : no bail out possible and picnic "on the grass" (no nice place, sorry). Good news : there is a "bistrot" at the arrival !

So, you are stong and courageous, as I count on you and your usual good humor.

Getting there :

Start from Paris St Lazare at 9h07 (direct train via Poissy), arriving at Mantes la Jolie at 9h41
Leave the station on the side of Mantes la Ville and take the bus,  LINE K, which leaves at 9:46 on quai 22. You will need to do this quickly! 
Get off the bus at the stop BUCHELAY - MAIRIE where I will meet you at 10:01.
Tickets accepted ... All (Mobilis, Navigo subway ticket or sales unit).

The return to Paris will be on a direct train from Mantes la Jolie at 16:08, after the beer of course   ;-)

As usual, you will need a picnic lunch, water, or substitute and sturdy shoes.

See you soon.



Program for our walk on December 3rd
Hikers, walkers and strollers are welcome.
Come join us for a 10-kilometer walk that will take us to 3 lakes in
the Bois de Vincennes, with a stop for lunch in an
old cartridge factory which now houses several theaters.
You will need a picnic, and water -- taken in moderation it
doesn't hurt anybody.
Your equipment: good clothes, good shoes; rain gear: maybe yes, maybe no.
The walk will be led by Daniel Pérot.
Meeting - 10:00 am at square des Combattants-d'Indochine at the
foot of the golden statue, métro Porte-Dorée (line 8). Sortie Parc zoologique.
We will be returning by métro Château-de-Vincennes or RER A Vincennes (zone 2).
You can bring your good humour ;  if not... chocolate, cake, sweets, coffee,
pets, girl/boy friend, backpack, cigarettes, flask of whisky or plum brandy are appreciated.
Landline  09 50 56 65 26.
Mobile (only the day of the walk) 06 51 22 35 16.

23 November 2014

Hike for November 26

This week Judy Choat will lead us on a 22 km walk from Coignieres to Villepreux with an option to bail out at Neauphle le Chateau after 16 km although you would have to find your own way to the station ( 2.5km on a GR and I would provide a map ). The way is a little hilly but nothing steep or difficult. 
Lunch will be late so we will have a few minutes snack stop, after 8km, at the pretty lake on the outskirts of Maurepas .
In the afternoon for those brave enough to do the long walk ( you can do it!) we will go through the grounds of the Chateau at Plaisir (where our Thespian friend Krystyna has been known to perform with her local amateur dramatic group ) and then through the Foret de Bois D'Arcy and the Parc de Diane, with its ancient plane tree planted by Diane de Poitiers, mistress of Henri 11.
Hopefully the mud will not be too disgusting but it is November so choose your footwear wisely ! Bring warm and waterproof spare clothes, water, lunch and a snack .
All are welcome - faster walkers , mushroom collectors , tree photographers, fruit and foliage gatherers , but most especially those who are tolerant of other people's foibles and understanding of other people's needs !!

Judy will be driving so she will meet you at Coignieres. 

Take train REPU direction Rambouillet from the Gare Montparnasse at 8.54 as far as Coignieres arriving 9.41 . People seeking good conversation sit in the rear carriage !!


For those doing the shorter walk return trains from Neauphle le Chateau to Montparnasse are hourly at 29 minutes past the hour arriving at 02 minutes past the hour

For those doing the longer walk, return trains from Villepreux/les Clayes to Montparnasse are half hourly at 02 and 32 minutes past the hour and I would imagine the most likely train would be either the 16.02 arriving 16.37 or the 16.32 arriving at 17.07

All these stations are in zone 5 so you may wish to consider a Mobilis ticket

Hope to see you Wednesday.


Landline    01 30 80 01 34

Mobile      06 79 48 38 81

16 November 2014

Hike for November 19

This Wednesday we will walk 17 km with Claude Faure in the Foret de St. Germain which is easily accessible by the RER A. Many trees still have their lovely autumn leaves which will be a real treat for our eyes. Be sure to take the branch of RER A, direction Poissy. The walk will start and end at the station Acheres-Grand Cormier. Claude will meet the group at the station. Most of the terrain is flat but the pace will be brisk. Here is Claude's information. You need to have your own individual insurance.

Pour la randonnée de mercredi 19, je propose un parcours d'automne dans le nord de la forêt de Saint-Germain avec pique-nique à l'étang du Corra. Le parcours de 17 km est sans difficulté particulière, mais l'allure sera soutenue.

Départ : RER A Châtelet-les-Halles à 9h 27 (Auber 9h 29, La Défense 9h 37) TEDI direction Poissy arrivée à Achères-Grand Cormier à 9h 53 où je vous attendrai.

Retour : RER A Achères-Grand Cormier toutes les 20 mn et toutes les 10 mn à partir de 16 h

Vêtements appropriés, bonnes chaussures et pique-nique sont de rigueur et je vous fais confiance pour la bonne humeur.

Tout randonneur doit avoir sa propre assurance personnelle.

A mercredi!
Claude FAURE

01 November 2014

November 5 hike

This coming Wednesday, we will walk 16 km with Daniel Perot from Moret-sur-Loing to  Montigny-sur-Loing in the department of the Seine et Marne. Daniel will lead is through the charming and historic town of Moret-sur-Loing (with some comments, ) where the impressionist painter Alfred Sisley spent the last years of his life. Then we will then head out of town along the Loing River to the Plaine de Sorques. The river is very clear and you can see fish all along, and a little further look at the birds from an observatory. (Bring binoculars) The hike will end in Montigny-sur-Loing where we will catch the train back to Paris.
We will have an early lunch around 11:30 in Moret as there are very few benches along the river and there may be mud. The weather forecast predicts rain so come equipped.

Each hiker needs to have personal accident and liability insurance. 

Travel information:

Depart: Gare de Lyon,  9:19, direction Montargis. Arrivée: Morêt/Veneux-les-Sablons 10:05. Zone 5.

Return: We will catch the train at 16:45 at Montigny sur Loing, arriving in Paris at 17:41

Some web sites to peruse before Wednesday:

Le site ci-dessous mérite d'être signalé, c'est un véritable audio-guide. 

Photos Morêt-sur-Loing.

Alfred Sisley at Moret: 

And for the Plaine de Sorques:

All the best,
Tél. 09 50 56 65 26
Mobile (only the day of the walk)  06 51 22 35 16.