23 June 2016

Hike for June 29

Hike for June 29  -  St Nom La Breteche    

18k, with bail out options

Dear All

As this is my last opportunity to lead a hike for Idf walks  I thought we would walk in my " neck of the woods " i.e near my home here in St Nom La Breteche .

In the morning we will walk about 10km firstly through the woods (plenty of options for "spending a penny " ) with a few ups and downs and then to my house which is perched on the top of another small hill . 
Here we will stop for a BRING AND SHARE LUNCH . 
Please bring something that we can put on the table to share together-nothing elaborate and nothing that needs cooking ! 
Obviously we will probably stop for a little longer than normal but I am not suggesting a party that lasts all afternoon as we still have a walk to do after lunch . 
The most direct (and least attractive ) way to a station ( Villepreux les Clayes ) is about 4km - you will need a map , I will provide a copy of the route if you need it . 
A second choice would be to come with the group along  nice countryside paths for 4km then break off and go directly (1.5km ) to Noisy le Roi station ( I will give you a copy of the route if you need it ) or,
thirdly you could come all the way with me through very nice countryside and the attractive village of Rennemoulin ( 7.7km )  to Noisy le Roi station - clearly the best option !! 


Take line N from Montparnasse in the direction of Plaisir Grignon at 9.20 as far as Fontenay le Fleury ( zone 5 ) where I will meet you when the train arrives at 9.54 . This train calls at Versailles Chantiers at 9.46

The return journey will be from Noisy le Roi (zone 5 ) where the trains are half hourly to St Nom la Breteche (one stop ) . Here you will have to change trains and catch a train back to St Lazare via La Defense , these trains run every 15 minutes . Hard to predict what time this will be as it depends how long we spend eating but it is unlikely to be very late as the total walk is less than 18km !! 

You must know my reputation for finding muddy walks and sharing them with you so come prepared as it has been very wet in the last few weeks ( or even months ! ) , Bring season appropriate clothing ( for whichever season you consider it may be - sunblock? sunhat? waterproofs ? ) something for  lunch TO SHARE and water .

Hope to see as many of you as possible on Wednesday


Landline    01 30 80 01 34

Mobile      06 79 48 38 81 

20 June 2016

Hike for June 22

Dear Hikers,

Summer is almost here and we are wondering what happened to spring. No matter, we kept on hiking in spite of the weather. Next Wednesday for our first summer walk we will return to the Vexin Français with Claude as our leader. 

Remember you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes.

Here is Claude's information:

Cette randonnée de 20 km et 425 m de dénivelé nous conduira dans la vallée de l'Aubette, au nord de la vallée de la Seine, dans le Vexin français. Elle alternera entre charmants villages typiques du Vexin et campagne vallonnée. 

This 20 km hike, with 425 m of altitude change, will bring us to the Valley of the Aubette stream, to the north of the Seine valley, in the Vexin français. This is in opposition to the part of the Vexin territory which was part of Normandy before Normandy became part of France. We will walk through charming villages amid rolling countryside. 

Travel information:
Départ : Gare Saint Lazare à 9 h 12, train en direction de Mantes-la-Jolie via Conflans, arrivée à MEULAN HARDRICOURT à 10 h 08 où je vous attendrai.

 If you are a new walker, know that our intrepid group will probably meet at the end of the quai at the Gare St. Lazare and ride in the last car going out of the station. Claude will meet us at the arrival station of Meulan Hardricourt.

Retour : Gare de MEULAN HARDRICOURT (en face du café de la gare) à partir de 15 h 30, train environ toutes le 30 mn vers Paris Saint Lazare.
Trains every 30 min on average.

Comme d'habitude, tenue adaptée à la météo, pique-nique, suffisamment d'eau et votre bonne humeur habituelle.

As usual, wear clothing appropriate for the weather, bring a picnic lunch and sufficient water for the day, and of course your usual good humour. 

Claude FAURE

11 June 2016

Hike for June 15

Dear Hikers,

Next week, Jacques Genin will lead us 16 km in and around the Valley of the Bievre.
Remember you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes.

Now here's Jacques' data for June 15th :

"I propose a loop from Bièvres up to Jouy-en-Josas and back by Montéclin. We'll have a look (behind some trees...) at the Château des Roches ou maison littéraire de Victor Hugo, the Château du Bois du Rocher and some bloomy rhododendrons.

We can get there by the RER C :
Javel 09:04, change at Versailles-Chantiers 09:27/09:44, Bièvres 09:59
or with no change :
Javel 08:19, Paris St-Michel/Notre Dame 08:33, Bièvres 09:33.
In case of strike, it would be possible to join Bièvres by bus from Pont-de-Sèvres :
Pont-de-Sèvres Bus 291 at 09:22, Velizy-2 at 09:38, Velizy-2 Bus 15 vers Massy-Palaiseau at 09:45, Gare-de-Bièvres 09:57. 

Look in your inbox next Tuesday evening for information about the possibly reopening of the RER C from Javel to Austerlitz."    

Jacques Génin - 06 62 42 06 03