25 September 2016

Hike for Sept 28

Hike for Sept 28  -  Fontainebleau

We will hike from Fontainebleau-Avon to Bois le Roi.
It should be about 18 km.

We will walk up to the Denecourt tower -again- and then continue on to Rocher Cassepot. Part two of the hike will start with Rocher St Germain and then, we'll walk in the forest to Bois le Roi.
This hike includes ups and downs and, at Rocher St Germain, boulders and narrow passages that may not agree with bad knees (for about15/20min), however, it is possible to pass by the rocks of Rocher St Germain, I will bring a map if you wish to do so.
We will maintain a good pace.

Lunch will be around 1pm. Bring a snack and enough water as there is no water in the forest. Come with good footwear.  


-Take train “Ligne R” from Gare de Lyon direction Montargis at 9.19, 
arriving at Fontainebleau-Avon at 9.57, Zone (the train stops at Melun). Departure should be from Hall 1 -lettered platforms- but check on arrival. At Gare de Lyon, meet up on the platform  by the rear car, travel in the rear car with the group if you wish.

-Return trains from Bois le Roi at 15.39 (arr:16.11); more likely 16.10 (arr:16.43); 16.40 (arr:17.13) . 
There is a café next to the station.

If you do not have a "Passe Navigo" (weekly pass, regular price: 22.15 €) or benefit from any discounted fares, buy a "Mobilis 5 zones" (17.30€)

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in a hike. 

See you on Wednesday! 


Hike for Sept 21 -

Hike for Sept 21 -  Beynes to Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche
Cette randonnée de 22 km et 460 m de dénivelé nous conduira à travers campagne et forêt en traversant de charmants villages entre Beynes et Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche.

Départ : Gare Montparnasse train en direction de Mantes-la-Jolie à 8 h 39, arrivée à 9 h 26 à Beynes où je vous attendrai (zone 5)
Retour : Gare de Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche en direction de Paris Saint-Lazare trains toutes les 15 minutes

N'oubliez pas des vêtements et des chaussures adaptés à la météo, votre pique-nique, et votre bonne humeur habituelle car le rythme sera soutenu.

This « rando » of 22 km and 460 m of elevation will lead us through countryside and forest while crossing charming villages between Beynes and Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche.

Getting there: train from Paris Montparnasse to Mantes-la-Jolie at 8:39, arrival at 9:26 at Beynes where I will expect you (zone 5)

Return: Station of Saint-Name-the-Bretèche in the direction of Paris Saint-Lazare, trains every 15 minutes

Do not forget clothing and shoes adapted to the weather, your picnic, and your usual good mood

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes. 

Claude FAURE

09 September 2016

Hike for Wednesday 14 Sept

Around Mantes la Jolie                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Amis randonneurs, 
Dear hiking friends,

Cette semaine rando dans la campagne et la forêt proche de Mantes la Jolie. 23 Km environ et 400 m de dénivelé. Comme d'habitude, le rythme sera soutenu, 
pas de 'bail out' et il ne faudra pas oublier de prendre beaucoup d'eau et bien sûr, chaussures et vêtements adaptés à la saison sans oublier votre bonne humeur.

Pour venir :  Train au départ de Paris St Lazare à 8h20 (direction Bréval), arrivée à Mantes la Jolie à 8h51 - train direct
Sortir côté gare routière de Mantes la Ville par la passerelle  et prendre le bus ligne K qui part du quai 22 à 9h00Descendre à l'arrêt Buchelay-Mairie à 9h34. Je vous retrouverai dans le bus ou à Buchelay. Retour par la même ligne. Navigo, Mobilis ou ticket de métro acceptés.
A Paris RDV sur le quai ou dans la dernière voiture.

This week, we will  hike in the countryside and the forest close to Mantes La Jolie. Approximately 23 km and 400 m of elevation. As usual, the pace will be steady, no 'bailout' . Do not forget to take plenty of water and of course, shoes and clothing adapted to the season without forgetting your good mood.

Getting there : Train from Paris St Lazare at 8:20 to Brévalarriving at Mantes La Jolie at 8:51 - Direct train
Leave by the footbridge on the Mantes la Ville side and take the line K bus which leaves quay 22 at 9:00Get off at the "Buchelay-Mairie" stop at 9:34.
I will meet you in the bus or at Buchelay. Return by the same line. Navigo, Mobilis or subway ticket accepted .
If you'd like to travel together, travel in the rear car of the train.

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes. 

A bientôt.

L'homme sage est celui qui connaît ses limites.

05 September 2016

Hikes for Sept 7

Longer hike

 Parmain / Nesles

We will walk in a loop from Parmain, 23k. 
It is possible to bail out and walk back to the station but you need to bring a map (IGN  2313 OT) 
Varied landscape and terrain. There will be some slight elevation, one short steep slope with steps; estimated cumulative elevation gain: 400m.
We will have to walk at a good pace. Wear g ood footwear. Bring a picnic lunch, snacks and enough water (at least 1.5L). It will be hot.
You must be in good form, particularly if you are not used to walking in hot weather.

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


-Take train H to Persan Beaumont at 8.30 from Gare du Nordget off at l’Isle Adam-Parmain, arriving at 9.19.                     
Zone 5 (regular return fare, 14€).  I will meet you at Gare du Nord, we will sit at the rear end (or a little bit farther down if the train is full).
If you are not familiar with Gare du Nord, arrive early enough to make your way through the maze there.

-Return trains from l’Isle Adam-Parmain : direct trains at 16.09 (arr:16.59); 16:39 (arr:17.29); 17:11 (arr: 17.55); 
17.41  (arr: 18.23). There are other frequent trains that are not direct (1h 05 min).

See you on Wednesday! 


Shorter hike                        

Dear walkers,

As a short option for next Wednesday I propose a leisure walk of 9 km through the parks of Plessis-Robinson and Fontenay-aux-Roses. 
It will be mostly on the hilly ground with one short steep climb but on easy footpaths. We'll be rewarded by a panoramic view on these two towns.

To get there:

Take the RER B Direction ROBINSON 
From CHATELET LES HALLES at 9:32, arrival ROBINSON at 9:58 
The same train from DENFERT ROCHEREAU at 9:40 
2.75 € one way Zones 1 - 3
At the Gare de Robinson walk to the head of the train then to the right, take the exit avenue Jules Guesde then the stairs leading to the street. I will be there.

Return from FONTENAY AUX ROSES, RER B zone 3, trains to Paris every 15 min.

If you walk 1.5 km more, return is from Robinson, on the same line. You can also walk 3 km more along Coulée Verte to Metro station Châtillon-Montrouge.

Bring your picnic lunch, a lot of water and don't forget your sticks.
A mercredi,

Dominique R.
06 33 23 07 31