22 October 2016

Hikes for Oct 26

Hikes for Oct 26 

Here are the two walks you can choose from for next Wednesday.

Shorter walk - Abbey Road  -  13k

A 13-km loop and possible visit of renovated and glorified "Abbaye de Royaumont". Take advantage of its reopening!
Price is 7.50 per person.  5.50 from 10 people. Please prepare exact change: 5.50+2.00 euros.

For those who are not interested in the visit, we will have a short and pleasant loop around the Abbey.

Picnic is not permitted on the grounds of Royaumont. No benches around.
So I suggest a little snack if you can... Yes you can.  You will have your good lunch on a bench later. At 1:15 p.m.

Getting there:
Departure - 10:04  -  Gare Paris-Nord (Banlieue) arriving at SEUGY 10:48. (Direction Luzarches).
Return - From SEUGY to Paris-Nord. 15:09, more likely 16:01.
Zone 5. (regular return fare from Gare du Nord, 12€).  Mobilis 17.30 from Paris. 

In Seugy I'm pretty sure machines are out of order.
If you are not familiar with Gare du Nord, arrive early enough to make your way through the maze there.

Bring a snack and picnic lunch, water, and don't forget you good will. 
Météo Ile-de-France on Wednesday : 9°C / 15°C. Ensoleillé.
See you on Wednesday.


Tél. 09 50 56 65 26.
Mobile (only the day of the walk). 06 51 22 35 16.



Longer walk - Forêt royale and walled town of Dourdan -  about 18k

We will do a loop. First, we will walk through the town center and take a pretty path along the river to reach the forest. There are some ups and downs, the total elevation is about 400m.
We will walk at a good pace to finish early enough so that those who wish to do so can have a drink in town or visit the medieval castle and museum (open until 6pm). The train station is near the town center.
Bring lunch and a snack, enough water. Come with good footwear.  

Getting there:
Take RER C -Train DEBO - from  St Michel at 9.12 or Gare d’Austerlitz at 9.17or  Bibliothèque F.        Mitterant at 9.21  direction Dourdan la Forêt arriving at Dourdan at 10.19, Zone 5. Travel in the rear car with the group if you wish.

-Return trains direct from Dourdan with RER C at 16.08 (arr:17.15-17.25);16.38 (arr:17.45-17.55); 17.00        (arr:17.55-18.05) ; 17.08 (arr:18.15-18.25). Around the same times are buses to Massy P+ RER B, about 1 hr also.

If you do not have a "Passe Navigo" (weekly pass, regular price: 22.15 €) or benefit from any discounted fares, buy a "Mobilis 5 zones" (17.30€)

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in a hike. 

See you on Wednesday! 


16 October 2016

Hike for October 19

Hike for October 19 - Forêt de Sénart

Dear walkers,

Next Wednesday's walk should be a 17 km loop in the Forêt de Sénart starting and finishing in Champrosay, Draveil, Essone.
It's a place of very old oaks (500 years) and of numerous ponds. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/ For%C3%AAt_de_S%C3%A9nart
We will have a picnic near the Sénart Pheasantry, a forest information centre based in a former 18th-century hunting lodge.
We must maintain a good pace so as not to miss the return bus at 16:08 (next one at 16:55 so bring a map IGN 2415 OT)


Take a train RER line D from CHATELET LES HALLES dir. CORBEIL ESSONNES at 08:25

arrives in JUVISY sur ORGE at 08:57

The same train RER line D from GARE DE LYON at 8:31

arrives in JUVISY sur ORGE at 08:57

4.35 € full fare one way + a bus (metro) ticket or Mobilis 4 zones, price 12€.

Please, note:

Gare de Juvisy est la plus grande gare francilienne en nombre de voies (hors Paris intra-muros), avec treize voies, actuellement en travaux.
Due to construction works it is strongly recommended not to take the line C because of traffic disruptions and complicated exits!

As it is, take the exit DANTON coté Seine, meeting is outside of station ( Accès DANTON). Please, be sure to choose a right exit, correspondence is short!
Then we will head to the Gare Routière Seine to take a BUS Seine Sénart n°17 at 9:10 dir. Hôpital Joffre, arrives at 9:27 near the entrance of the forest.

Bring a snack, a picnic lunch, enough water and don't forget good will.

See you on Wednesday

Dominique R. 06 33 23 07 31

10 October 2016

Hike for Oct 12

Hike for Oct 12 - Vétheuil - Laroche Guyon- Vétheuil -     About 20 - 22 Km                                       

                                        Oct 12 - Photo Daniel R.

If you'd like to come you must have a car or carpool with someone who does. 
The meeting point will be at Mantes la Jolie station from where we will depart (unless you’re not picking up anyone & you want to go straight to Vétheuil).  We will leave the cars in Vétheuil . 

Hiking along the ridge of the valley of the Seine, picnic lunch in the garden of the castle of Laroche Guyon then visit of the castle (about 1h ) before returning to Vétheuil. 
The hike can be  shortened to 16k if you return the same way we came (marked path).
Bring your picnic lunch.

Info about the castle: Price : 7.80 €/p, 7.10 € for group > 10 p or 6.10 € if > 20 p.    http://www.chateaudelarocheguyon.fr/heading/heading19563.html


Meeting at Mantes la Jolie station on the Mantes la Ville side of the tracks at 8:45 for the cars. Getting to Mantes by train from Paris:  St Lazare Station at 8:20 (train #13103 to Rouen), arriving at Mantes at 8:51.  Meet the drivers on the Mantes la Ville side of the station

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in a hike.


01 October 2016

Hike for October 5

Dear Hikers,

This week I offer a shortish hike in honor of the opening of Danielle Thompson's movie, Cezanne et Moi. This 12 km hike ( 171 m. difference in altitude) will start and end in Villennes sur Seine, a 20" train ride from the Gare st. Lazare. It will be an easy walk except for a long stairway at the end of the walk, but which can be avoided by taking streets, but this will be longer. 
We will walk from Villennes to Medan where we will pass by the house that Zola bought in 1878 thanks to the success of his book L'Assomoir. The house is closed for renovations until 2018. Other artists and writers frequented Medan during that period: Cezanne, Pissaro, Goncourt, Dardel, Maupassant, Huysmans. We will also take a peek at the chateau, originally a 15th century hunting lodge which has been renovated to its 16th century style.From 1924-1935, Maurice Maeterlinck, author of Pelleas et Melisande resided at the chateau.

Leaving Medan we will walk though woods, fields and villages on the plateau above the town before returning to Villennes.

Getting there: 
two ways: 

1.) Gare St Lazare, line J, train MALA, at 9:23, direction Mantes La Jolie, arriving Villennes at 9:46.  

2.) RER A  train UOLE from Chatelet les Halles, at 9:11 to Houilles and change to the J train to Villennes. AT Chatelet les Halles, take RER train UOLE, direction Cergy Le Haut at 9:11 to the station at Houilles, then change to the J train MALA, coming from St. Lazare, direction Mantes la Jolie and get off at Villennes sur Seine.

RER A train UOLE, direction Cergy Le Haut to Houilles arriving at 9:28. This train leaves the Gare de Lyon at 9:07; Chatelet les Halles at 9:11; charles de Gaulle Etoile at 9:17; L'a Defense at 9:21.

Change to J train ( same one as in option 1), leaving Houilles at 9:34 and arriving at Villennes at 9:46. The RER A UOLE leaves Chatelet les Halles at 9:11

Return trains from Villennes every half hour: 15:11, 15:41, 16:11, 16:41, etc. we will aim for the 15:11 train. Or, we could visit the 11th century church  and take the next train, or we can enjoy a drink at the cafe opposite the station.

You will need sturdy hiking shoes, sun and rain protection, plenty of water and a picnic lunch, as well your usual good humor.

You need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in a hike.

See you on Wednesday!
Mary Lynne