25 September 2009

Wednesday 30 September at Dreux

Next Wednesday, September 30, Claude Faure will lead us on a 10 kilometer walk in and around the city of Dreux, located just west of the Eure River, which separates the departments of the Yvelines and the Eure-et-Loire.

In medieval times Dreux defended France from their powerful Norman neighbors to the west. On our walk we will learn about Dreux’s rich past as we explore it's many remarkable monuments. We will also walk outside the city, so this visit is not just a city tour.

Here is Claude’s information:

Ancienne place forte médiévale face aux puissants ducs de Normandie, la ville de Dreux a gardé de remarquables monuments comme l’église Saint Pierre du 13e siècle, le beffroi et l’hôtel Montulé du 16e siècle, la chapelle royale du 19e siècle.

Cette promenade d’environ 10 km à travers et autour de la ville nous permettra de découvrir ce riche passé.

Départ :
Gare Montparnasse 3 Vaugirard à 9h20 par le train 16513 en direction de Dreux pour une arrivée à 10h07 (12,90 € et 6,50 € pour les cartes sénior)

Retour :
A 15h38 par le train 16516 arrivant à 16h25 gare Montparnasse 3 Vaugirard

** Visite de la chapelle royale durée environ 1h coût 7,50 €
** Musée du vignoble drouaix (si nous avons le temps) coût 4 €.

Old medieval fortress defending the frontiers of "France" against the powerful dukes of Normandy, Dreux still has a number of remarkable monuments. Among them, the 13th-century church of Saint Pierre, a Renaissance bell tower, the 16th-century hôtel Montulé and the 19th-century Chapel Royal.

The walk, about 10 km in and around Dreux, will give us a good look at these riches. The tour of the Chapel Royal takes about an hour and costs 7.50 €. If we have time, a visit to the vineyard museum of Dreux will cost 4.00 €.

Gare Montparnasse 3 Vaugirard at 9:20 on train 16513 headed for Dreux, arriving 10:07. Allow extra time for the considerable walk from the main Montparnasse station to its Vaugirard annex.

Tickets are 12.90 € full price and 6.50 € with the Carte Sénior.

At 15:38 on train 16516, arriving 16:25 at Montparnasse Vaugirard

You will need a picnic lunch and the usual rain wear and walking shoes.

23 September 2009

Sunday 27 September at Provins


A walled medieval city, part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Here are the details of the walk.

Paris (Gare de l'Est) 9:45. Arrival Provins 11:07.


Provins: 16:21. Arrival Paris 17:41.
Provins: 18:14. Arrival Paris 19:41.

Provins: 20:14. Arrival Paris 21:41.

Provins: 21:21. Arrival Paris 22.41.

The station is 2 kilometers from the old city. The train is neither a TGV nor at all medieval, but it is a slow country train and the trip is 86 km long.

The walk

Leaving the station we will walk up to the old city, admire the historic houses, and get some maps at the tourist office. A few steps along the ramparts and we'll have our lunch at 12:30. At 13:15 we'll set out on a 3½ hour walk across the surrounding wheatfields and through the woods.

Then we return to the city, with remarkable views across the fields. There we'll visit Caesar's Tower, Provins' most famous monument.

If we have been good walkers, we'll have some time to wander around the city, visiting shops, boutiques and cafés.
In the late afternoon we'll meet at the central Place du Châtel and look for a snack shop or creperie and get our strength back.

Don't forget the station is 2 kilometers away, half an hour's walk from the old city.
The walk will last 4½ or 5 hours.

Those who prefer a more detailed tour of the city can leave the group after lunch and walk along the three sightseeing tours of the town. Join the main group at the place du Châtel in the afternoon for a happy end to the day.

Provins is particularly lively on Sundays, with numerous activities, visits and shows. Invite your friends to come along! For more information see www.provins.net.

Train fares

A 6-zone Mobilis ticket is a good deal cheaper than a round trip ticket from Paris. Mobilis is a one-day pass for a unlimited travel in Paris and the Ile de France, valid for train, métro, bus and RER. Provins is in zone 6.

As usual bring a light lunch and water and be prepared for a sunny day or a rainy one, even on Sun Day.

Please email or phone Daniel if you wish to come on the walk.
  • Phone 09 50 56 65 26 or 01 45 90 65 26
  • Mobile (only on the day of the walk) 06 99 20 70 79.
  • Email: daniel.perot@free.fr
Looking forward to seeing you,


20 September 2009

Wednesday 23 September in the forest of Fontainebleau

Dear Hikers,

This week, September 23, Ellen Vivet will again lead a walk in the beautiful Forêt de Fontainebleau.

The train leaves the Gare de Lyon at 10:05, destination Montargis, arriving at Fontainebleau-Avon at 10:40. Return trains are twice an hour.

If you have a car and are willing to drive down, we could vary the route, which, as usual, will be determined by the number of cars vs the number of people.

Everybody wanting to come should contact Ellen at ellenvivet@me.com and everybody with a cell phone should give Ellen their cell number. This is especially important since there is construction work around the station at Fontainebleau Avon.

See you on Wednesday!

13 September 2009

Wednesday 16 September, Champs and Noisiel

Next Wednesday's hike will be led by Daniel Perot. Here is his information. Happy hiking!

The Wednesday walk 16 September is a continuation of our recent hike to Champs sur Marne. This time we'll press on from Champs to Noisiel.

La randonnée de mercredi 16 septembre sera la prolongation de celle effectuée récemment et qui nous a conduit à Champs-sur-Marne. Cette fois-ci, nous continuerons notre escapade de Champs-sur-Marne à Noisiel.

During the hike, we will follow the river, cross different parks and woods, see the château de Champs and the famous"Chocolaterie Menier", which has considerable social and architectural interest. It will be possible to visit the building, now the headquarters of Nestlé France, during the Journées du Patrimoine on Sunday 20 September.

We shall meet outside the station of Noisy Champs at 10:23.

When you get out of the train, turn to the right along the quai in the same direction as the train, go up the steps and take the left-hand exit.

En sortant du wagon, se diriger dans le sens du train... prendre les escaliers, c'est la sortie à gauche.

To reach the station Noisy Champs, take the RER A going to Marne la Vallée. Buy a single ticket. The RER leaves the station:

  • Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile at 9:53
  • Châtelet-les-Halles at 10:00
  • Gare-de-Lyon at 10:03.

14 or 16 km - 3½ or 4 hours as the group decides. As usual bring a light lunch, water, and sun or rain gear.

Please email or call Daniel if you wish to go on the walk.


09 50 56 65 26 or 01 45 90 65 26

Mobile 06 99 20 70 79 (only on the day of the walk).

Looking forward to seeing you.


06 September 2009

Wednesday 9 September, Blackberry season on the Mauldre

Dear Hikers,

This note contains information about two walks that Claude is going to lead this month.


This week, September 9, Claude will lead us on a walk through woods and fields in the undulating countryside near the valley of the Mauldre. The walk will be a loop of approximately 15 km. There are no steep climbs. Blackberries are at their peak at this time so you just might want to bring a container for your collection.

Departure : SNCF train MOPI at 9 :43 from the Gare Montparnasse which arrives at the station Nezel-Aulnay (zone 6) at 10 :44. We will meet in front of the station.

Return trains from the same station are at 15:48 or 16:48, depending on our walking speed and how much time we spend picking blackberries.
Claude (06 84 14 55 35) will meet you at the Nezel-Aulnay station. Bring your picnic and rain gear.


Claude is also planning a walk in and around the city of Dreux with its famous royal chapel and old historic area, approximately ten kilometers, on the 30th of September. In order to reserve a guide for a tour of the Royal Chapel , he would like to constitute a group of twenty people.

Please contact Claude asap if you are interested in this hike and visit.

See you on Wednesday !