19 April 2015

Two walks for April 22

This week two lovely spring walks are planned -- a stroll in the Parc de Sceaux with Dominique Raveau to see the cherry blossoms, and a longer walk with Bob Levy along the Bievre, with bailout points.

You need your own personal and liability insurance to walk with us.

From Domi:
Next Wednesday I invite you to admire the cherry blossoms in Parc de Sceaux.
I'll wait for you at Bourg la Reine Station (the main exit) then we'll go for a leisure walk across the Park. 

The point of the walk will be the picnic under the pink cherry trees.
It'sp going to be a sunny day, so come to enjoy and have some chat 

Departure from CHATELET LES HALLES at 10:41 Line B
From DENFERT-ROCHEREAU the same train, 8 minutes later 
Arrival in BOURG LA REINE at 11:00

Return from CROIX DE BERNY, frequent trains to PARIS.

Looking forward to seeing you

Dominique R.

my mobile 06 33 23 07 31


And now for Bob's info:
For Wednesday 22 Avril Bob Levy is proposing a slower walk along the River Bievre.  The walk can be as long as the walker desires as there are many GARES de RER along the Route.

We begin at the Gare de VERSAILLES CHANTIERS (SNCF and RER) one level above the tracks.  There is a large BLACK train-schedule sign hanging from the ceiling (sign no longer used) and we will meet beneath it.

From Versailles Chantiers we will walk through forest to Etang Val d'Or and then along the lovely River Bievre.  The river winds through field and forest, through the village of Buc, beneath an enormous aqueduct, and onward through horse country to Les Loges de Josas.  From there we continue through open country to Jouy en Josas, then Vauboyen.  All three villages have RER Gares on the Line 'C'.  For those who wish to continue further it is an easy and flat walk to villages Bievres and onward, in each town the RER 'C'.

The hills on this route are few, and they are gentle.  There will be NO reason to hurry and there will be rest stops at the top of each.

The approximate distances for this walk are as follows:
To Les Loges de Josas / Petit Josas:        6 kilometers.
To Jouy en Josas                                       9 kilometers.    
To Vauboyen                                            12 kilometers.
To Bievre                                                  14 kilometers.

It is recommended that each walker buy a MOBILIS for the day, ZONES #1 - 4, to allow for the most flexibility.


Plan on being at Versailles-Chantiers no later than 10:00.
From La DEFENSE:                     9:13 AM, DIRECTION VERRIERE, TRAIN 'VERI', ARRIVE VERSAILLES CHANTIERS 9:36.  Bob Levy will likely be on this train.


RER 'C' FROM ANY OF THE VILLAGES NAMED ABOVE.   The train can be taken in either direction; Direction Versailles Chantiers or Direction Massy-Palaiseau to connect with the RER 'B'.  Mid-day these trains run avery 30 minutes.

Things to bring.
1. The usual stuff: lunch, hiking shoes, water-proof clothes.
2. A readinesss to laugh.

Bob Levy
On Day of the Walk: 06 43 45 58 33
Previous Days: 09 79 67 70 88

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