31 May 2015

June 3 hike

Hike for June 3 - Champagne-sur-Seine - Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau - Fontainebleau 

The hike will start in Champagne-sur-Seine (right bank) and will end at Fontainebleau-Avon train station. 17k, leave or take.
We will walk through the forest to Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau. After lunch there will be a bail-out point as we will be near the Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau train station (9k).  However, getting on the train at this station may be tricky as the step (footboard) can be very  high and very narrow and you have to stand on it to push the door handle up, no problem if several people bail out and can help each other.                                                   Also in Vulaines-sur-Seine, a museum dedicated to French poet Stéphane Mallarmé.  http://www.musee-mallarme.fr/root
Then we will cross the river to the forest. 

There will be a few ups and downs, a short steep ascent at the very start, with steps. 
If mosquitoes like you, come prepared, there may be a few in the morning. Wear good footwear, poles are a good idea. Carry enough water. Lunch should be around 12:15/30pm. 

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


-Take train GAMU from Gare de Lyon direction/to Montargis at 9.19, arriving at Melun at 9.44, then change for train KOHO to Montereau at 9.50 arriving in Champagne-sur-Seine at 10.15 ; Zone 5.  Departure should be from Hall 1-lettered platforms- but check on arrival. I will meet you at Gare de Lyon, we will sit in the last car or one before last if the last car is crowded.

-Return trains from Fontainebleau-Avon every half hour. 16.00 (arr:16.41) - 16:30 (arr:17.15)
There is a brasserie next to the train station.

-Return trains from Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau Via Melun, every hour at .47:  13.47-14.06/14.13 arr Gare de Lyon 14.41…

Unless you have a "Passe Navigo” or benefit from discounted fares, buy a "Mobilis 5 zones" (16.60€)

See you on Wednesday! 


ps: Sorry, but I don't have a cell phone.

23 May 2015

two walks for May 27

This week we have two options, a shorter hike, 14 km, with Bob Levy and a longer one, 22/23 km, with Daniel Robinot. 

Here is Bob's info:

This Wednesday, May 27, Bob Levy proposes a 14 kilometer walk. easy, level, and slower, from Vaucresson  (SNCF Zone #4), through The Foret de Fausses Reposes and the Parc de St. Cloud, to the SNCF at St. Cloud.  For those wishing a shorter walk, there are three points at which we will pass stations:

Vaucresson to Viroflay       (SNCF Zone #3)       6 kilometers
Vaucresson to Chaville      (SNCF Zone #3)       8 kilometers
Vaucresson to Garches     (SNCF Zone #3)     10 kilometers


Vaucresson and all the return points are on the SNCF lines that run from the Gare St. Lazare, La Defense and St. Cloud.  The objective is to meet at the Gare Vaucresson at 10:00.  For those wishing to travel together we can meet as follows.  La Defense, DIRECTION ST. NOM LA BRETECHE, at 9:30 for the train at 9:41. You can take this train at the Gare St. Lazare as well. It  leaves the Gare St Lazare at 9:32, La Defense at 9:41 and St. Cloud at 9:47 and arrives at Vaucresson at 9:55. 

A Mobilis for Zones 1-4 will work.  Or purchase individual tickets for Zone #4 and then purchase another when you return from Zone #3.

Good Walking Shoes.  Rain  gear.  A small gift for the leader: something simple.  But tasteful.

Bob Levy
09 79 67 70 88
On the day of the walk:  06 43 45 58 33


And now for Daniel's info:

Amis randonneurs, bonjour.

Je vous propose cette semaine une belle randonnée au départ du Perray-en-Yvelines qui nous amènera aux Vaux de Cernay pour un agréable pic-nique avant un retour au Perray. Cette randonnée longue de 22/23 km nous promet de belles montées en sous-bois (environ 400 m de dénivelée). Nous ne rencontrerons aucun commerce sur le parcours, donc n'oubliez pas de prendre de l'eau en quantité suffisante, surtout si le soleil est de la partie, vous en aurez besoin :-))

Je n'ai pas trouvé de possibilité de retour anticipé, à moins de prendre le risque de vous perdre dans les bois, donc une fois partis, on va jusqu'au bout mais je commence à vous connaître, vous êtes forts (et fortes bien sûr) et tout ira bien.

Départ : Paris- Montparnasse train REPU à 8h24 (Versailles Chantiers à 8h47), arrivée au Perray-en-Yvelines à 9h20 où je vous attendrai.
Retour du Perray pour Paris à 15h27 ?? ou plus réaliste, 16h27/16h57 (pareil toutes les heures suivantes).

Comme d'habitude, pic-nique, boisson au choix, bonne humeur, etc ...

A bientôt.

+336 1085 4767


Hello dear walkers,
I propose this week a beautiful 22/23 hike starting from the Perray-en-Yvelines that will take us to Vaux de Cernay for a pleasant picnic before returning to the Perray . 
This long hike promises beautiful climbs through a wooded area. (about 400 m) .
We will pass no shops on the way, so be sure to take in enough water , especially if the sun is present, you might need a fair amount. :-))

I have not found any possibility to bail out, unless you take the risk of getting lost in the woods , so once gone, it goes to the end, but I'm beginning to know you; you are strong and everything will be fine .

Departure : Paris- Montparnasse Train REPU at 8:24 ( 8:47 at Versailles Chantiers ) arrival at Perray -en-Yvelines at 9:20 where I wait for you .  
Back to Paris from the Perray at 3:27 p.m. ?? or more realistically, 4:27 p.m. / 4:57 p.m. ( like all subsequent hours). As usual, picnic , beverage of choice , good humor, etc ... See you soon, Daniel                      

16 May 2015

May 20 Hike

Dear Fellow Walkers,

This week we will follow Judy over hill and dale to taste the pleasures of the merry month of May in and around the Valley of the Mauldre (upstream from our walk two weeks ago). Here is Judy's information.

This week's offering is a 19.5 km walk in the Yvelines, from Mareil-sur-Mauldre to Plaisir Grignon with 3 noteworthy hills (up and down ) and several smaller undulations . We will pass several pretty villages, cross the Mauldre a couple of times, once at a lavoir, and then traverse the Forest of Beynes where we will picnic by the Grand Table . This has inscriptions on it with directions used by the king and others when they were out hunting; however they would be disappointed if they saw it now as it is surrounded by red and white tape and some gas works are going on . In fact it is not a pretty sight ! But there are tables and chairs so it is too good an opportunity to pass up . 

We will also pass a memorial known as the "Prise aux Anglais " which with my natural British arrogance and lack of knowledge of the French language I assumed meant that we (the British ) had made mincemeat of the French. However , it was not so; the brave men of Beynes soundly beat the entire British army (or at least some of it) . 

Another very interesting feature of this walk is that we will pass the Vignoble de Beynes . Ask Lee to tell you the story of how it came into being . Lee's husband Daniel is part of the group who are working hard on this project. 

There would be an option to bail out on this walk but consider it carefully as the return train service is much less frequent than from Plaisir Grignon . The pain of walking a few extra km might be worth the gain ! Up to you . The parting of the ways comes after 14.5 km and you would have to walk an extra km or so unguided but I would provide you with a map and it is fairly straightforward .
Wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather and the conditions underfoot . Bring lunch and plenty of water. 

I will  join the train at Plaisir Grignon.

I am sorry about the early start but the next train means a very late start and therefore a very late finish
Take train MEPU direction Mantes la Jolie from Montparnasse at 8.39 as far as Mareil sur Mauldre arriving at 9.31

The return trains from Plaisir Grignon are at random intervals ! Worst case scenario is a half hour wait and a journey time of 45 minutes but sometimes the trains are more frequent and quicker . I imagine we will finish between 3.00 and 3.30 

If you choose to bail out the trains from Villiers St Frederic are hourly at 29 minutes past each hour and the journey time is 33 minutes

All these stations are in zone 5.

See you Wednesday.


Landline    01 30 80 01 34
Mobile      06 79 48 38 81

10 May 2015

Hike for May 13

Dear Hikers.

This week we will return to the Essonne department for one of idfwalkers' favorites, a lovely walk along the Juine River.

This 14 km hike will start in BOURAY sur Juine and will end at LARDY.  RER C, zone #5.
The total distance will still be about 14 kilometers. 

BOURAY to LARDY RER (the first of two times we go through LARDY        6 kilometers
LARDY to CHAMARANDE RER and The Chateau                                       10 kilometers
CHAMARANDE to LARDY RER (Second of two times)                              14-15 kilometers

For anyone driving to BOURAY you will need to take the RER one station at the end of the day.

A gentle uphill onto a forest path leading to LARDY, then on through the forest to CHAMARANDE hopefully passing its Chateau.  The walk from Chamarande to Lardy is along the River Juine passing a particularly lovely spot in Janville, where there is a beautiful park, and old mill, a small dam, and many old stone houses.


We will meet at the RER 'C', BIBLIOTHEQUE F. MITTERRAND, at 8:55 for the train ELBA, 9:05, DIRECTION St. MARTIN D'ETAMPES, arriving at Bouray at 9:45.
(This same train passes through INVALIDES at 8:52, and St. MICHEL / NOTRE DAME at 8:58)
We will meet at the REAR of the platform, the last car of the train.

The RER 'C' platforms can be confusing.  Be sure to go to the platform that includes the destinations 'DOURDAN' and / or 'ETAMPES'.

Trains return to Paris every 30 minutes, from EACH of the stations, at approximately :15 and :45 depending upon the station.

A MOBILIS, ZONES #1-5 is recommended for the maximum flexibility.

As of now, the lunch spot has not been identified.  So, please bring a SNACK (fruit, etc.) if lunch is later than usual.

As always good walking shoes are the order of the day.  A lunch.  Some chocolate for the leader.  A readiness to laugh.

Bob Levy can be reached at:

And on the day of the walk:
All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

02 May 2015

Hike for May 6

Dear Hikers, 

This week Claude will lead us on a 15 km hike in and around the Valley of the Mauldre in the department of the Yvelines. Our hike will take us to small hidden valleys where Protestants lived a secluded life after the 16th century St. Barthelemy Massacres. The entire hike will be 15km with a 360 meter cumulative altitude change. It will be possible to leave the hike after 11km and return to the station which is quite close to our picnic spot. (in an unexpected location). After lunch the rest of the group will continue the hike on the other side of the Mauldre and return to our starting point in Nezel. 

Travel information:

This hike is a loop from the station of Nezel-Aulnay which can be reached from either the Gare St. Lazare or the Gare Montparnasse. Leaving from the Gare st. Lazare will be quicker by 5 minutes, but will involve changing trains in Mantes-La-Jolie and coming back towards Paris to Nezel. Claude will meet the group at the station at Nezel-Aulnay.

Option   Gare MONTPARNASSE: 8h 39 train MEPU direction Mantes-la-Jolie, passes through Versailles-Chantiers at 9h 01 and arrives at NEZEL-AULNAY à 9h 43 (zone 5)

Option  Gare Saint-Lazare: 9h 07 train en direction d'EVREUX arriives at Mantes-la-Jolie à 9h 39 (zone 5), change trains. Take the  9h 55 direction Paris Montparnasse which arrives at NEZEL-AULNAY à 10h 06.

Return from Nezel: trains are hourly for both options.

16h 08 or 17h 07 going to Paris Montparnasse
- (15h 53) or 16h 53 going to Paris Saint-Lazare via Mantes-la-Jolie

You will need a picnic lunch, good humor and, unfortunately, to be prepared for rain.


Claude's text:

Cette randonnée nous mènera dans les vallons cachés proches de la vallée de la Mauldre, où se réfugiaient et vivaient jadis des protestants après les massacres de la Saint Barthélemy au XVI° siècle. Seulement longue de 15 km, son profil vallonné nous aura fait franchir 360 m de dénivelé cumulé au cours de la journée.

Pour ceux qui seraient épuisés après le pique-nique dans un lieu inhabituel, il y aura la possibilité de rejoindre la gare, d'où pour eux un parcours de maximum 11 km. Mais les plus courageux et donc les plus nombreux reprendrons leur sac à dos pour terminer avec moi cette sympathique randonnée.

Départ : 2 possibilités

Gare MONTPARNASSE 8h 39 train MEPU en direction de Mantes-la-Jolie, 9h 01 à Versailles-Chantiers, arrivée à NEZEL-AULNAY à 9h 43 (zone 5)

Gare Saint-Lazare 9h 07 train en direction d'EVREUX arrivée à Mantes-la-Jolie à 9h 39 (zone 5), puis train 9h 55 en direction de Paris Montparnasse arrivée à NEZEL-AULNAY à 10h 06

Je vous attendrai à la gare de NEZEL

Retour : Gare de NEZEL-AULNAY

16h 08 eu 17h 07 en direction de Paris Montparnasse
- (15h 53), 16h 53 en direction de Paris Saint-Lazare via Mantes-la-Jolie

N'oubliez pas pique-nique et boisson, tenue adaptée à la météo et bonne humeur habituelle.

Claude FAURE01 30 92 04 95
06 84 14 55 35 le jour de la randonnée