10 January 2016

two hikes for January 13

Dear Hikers,
This week we have two options. Remember you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes.

First Dominika's information:

Hello Walkers,

For 13th of January I propose an easy 10 km walk on the flat ground south of Paris, from BOURG LA REINE to IGNY.

We'll walk through the Parc de Seaux, then will take la Coulée Verte until the Parc Heller, Antony where the River Bièvre disappears underground. 
There we'll see the remains of the last mill then have a lunch on the picnic spot. From this point we'll go upstream until la Gare d'Igny (RER 'C').
There will be a possibility to leave after about 7 km as we'll pass near la Gare de Massy-Verrières, zone 4, RER 'B'

Departure from CHATELET LES HALLES  RER 'B' at 09:41
From DENFERT-ROCHEREAU the same train, 8 minutes later
Arrival in BOURG LA REINE at 10:01 zone 3
RV outside the main exit, sur la haute platforme de la Gare de Bourg la Reine

Return from IGNY, zone 4, RER 'C' trains to Versailles-Chantiers or Massy-Palaiseau, changing to RER 'B'

Bring a picnic, winter and rain gear and good will.

Looking forward to seeing you
I wish you All the Best


Now for Judy's information for a hike in the Val d'Oise department:

Hi fellow walkers ! 
I hope it isn't too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year from Bonnie Scotland where we need two days public holiday to recover from our Hogmanay celebrations !

This week's walk is a mere 16km but it is hilly , nothing steep or long or difficult just plenty of ups and downs . We will pass some pretty villages , a couple of chateaux , a lavoir and several Christian crosses at the side of the Roman road named La Chaussee Jules Cesar . 
We will walk right past Montgeroult station after about 12km however the service from there is sketchy to say the least - only one train that may be useful at 14.31 otherwise you will have to do the last 4km ( its nice ! )



Take train YOLA from St Lazare  at 8.58 direction Boissy L'Aillerie as far as Boissy L'Aillerie (zone 5 ) arriving 9.47

Be friendly and travel together in the rear carriage of the train because after all it is still the season of goodwill .

Return trains from the same station are hourly at 34 minutes past the hour taking approx. 50 minutes to arrive back to Paris St Lazare . The most likely return trains would be either the 14.34 (possible) or the 15.34 (probable)

In case you hadn't noticed it's winter ! Therefore come adequately prepared with warm and waterproof clothing and footwear (it's bound to be muddy) . Bring lunch and water 

See you Wednesday 


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