16 July 2016

Hike for July 20 -

Hike for July 20  - Parmain

We will walk in a loop from Parmain. 23k with an option to bail out after lunch and walk to the station (6k), for  a total of about 17k, directions will be provided (or bring a map if you have one- IGN  2313 OT) 

Varied landscape and terrain. There will be some slight elevation, one short steep slope with steps; estimated cumulative elevation gain: 400m. Wear good footwear. 
Bring a picnic lunch, snacks and enough water (at least 1.5L). It should be hot with possible showers.
You must be in good form, particularly if you are not used to walking in hot weather.

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


An earlier start to catch a direct train, better to start earlier on a sunny summer day anyway.

-Take train H to Persan Beaumont at 8.30 from Gare du Nord arriving at l’Isle Adam-Parmain at 9.19,      
Zone 5 (regular return fare, 14€).  I will meet you at Gare du Nord, we will sit in the rear car.
If you are not familiar with Gare du Nord, arrive early enough to make your way through the maze there.

-Return trains from l’Isle Adam-Parmain : direct 16.09 (arr:16.59); direct 16:39 (arr:17.29); 17:11 (arr: 17.55); 17.44  (arr: 18.41). There are other frequent trains that are not direct.

There is a café across from the train station. 

See you on Wednesday! 


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