27 February 2016

Hike for March 2, 2016

Dear Hiking Friends,

Next Wednesday, we will adventure north of Paris with Daniel Perot in the lovely Foret de Carnelle. 

"We'll take the train from *GARE DU NORD (surface) at 9:34*, arriving
PRESLES-COURCELLES (zone 5) at 10:11. (Direction Persan-Beaumont, via
Montsoult-Maffliers). At the Gare du Nord we will meet at the end of the
quay and board the last
car (i.e. the one closest to our meeting point). The quais for the suburbs
(banlieue) are in the far right part of the station. If you are unfamiliar
with the Gare du Nord, it would be wise to give yourself extra time to,
navigate through the station.
Return from Gare de Viarmes (also zone 5) but on ANOTHER LINE.
So if you don't have a "Mobilis ticket" or a "Navigo"
you have to buy a one-way ticket from Paris to Presles-Courcelles and another ticket from Viarmes to Paris.
The most likely train would be 16:04 arriving 16:47.
The walk will cover from 14 to 16 km depending on the weather and the
routes we will
choose with the hikers, but no bail-out option.
Be prepared for a couple of hills.
On the menu: la Pierre Turquaise (megalith), la Route Forestière du Bois
Belle-Fille leading to l'Etang Bleu, where we shall need a solid picnic and
Also, on our way sometimes we can observe deer and llamas in their
One more effort: the last upward slope is breathtaking, and not because the
       "La forêt de Carnelle se mérite!"
Your reward - A brand new train should take us from Viarmes to Paris.
As usual, bring your smiles and sunshine will reward us. It works, you
could notice we had no Winter.
If not, we will have April showers in March and cats and dogs instead of
deer and llamas.
It's up to you.
I'm looking forward to seeing you."

*Remember, idfwalks does not take responsibity for your safety. You need
you own insurance.*

20 February 2016

Two Walks for February 24

Next Wednesday we have two walks, a walk along the Marne with Daniel Perot and Dominika Raveau, and a loop from Fontaine le Port with Judy. Remember, you need personal accident and liability insurance to hike with us.

From Dominika:

Dear Hikers,

As a short option for next Wednesday, I propose an easy and nice 11 km walk southeast of Paris.
We will walk around the peninsula of St Maur-des-Fossés where many famous people lived or worked.
It is almost entirely surrounded by a loop of the river Marne and by numerous isles;
we will cross l'Ile de Brise-Pain et l'Ile de St Catherine. http://mathieu.nivaggioni.free.fr/lvsh/iles/00.php
It is possible to leave after 7km, after having picnic, 1 more km to the station Varenne Chennevieres RER A.
​Getting there:
​​Take RER A at Châtelet-Les Halles, Direction Boissy-Saint-Léger at 9:47
Arriving at Saint-Maur-Créteil at 10:05  zones 1- 3​

​Retur​n from Champigny, RER A, zone 3; frequents trains to Paris.
Looking forward to seeing you
My mobile 06 33 23 07 31 


from Judy:

Here we go then - this week a choice between quite long and really quite long ! We will walk in the Fontainebleau Forest and along the banks of the Seine on an almost entirely flat trail between Fontaine le Port and Bois le Roi for 18 km and then for the brave / foolhardy there is the option to do another 5.5km back to Fontaine le Port . Obviously if the weather is inclement we can all throw in the towel at Bois le Roi , but if it's at all reasonable I hope someone will keep me company for the last part otherwise I shall be lonely ! We will have to keep up a reasonable pace otherwise those choosing the longer option will need head torches!


From Gare de Lyon take line R direction Montargis at 9 .19 as far as Melun arriving at 9.44 where we have ONLY 6 MINUTES to change trains taking the 9.50 direction Montereau as far as Fontaine le Port ( zone 5 ) arriving at 10.02
The return trains from Bois le Roi are at 07 and 37 minutes past the hour and take 34 minutes to  Gare de Lyon . I imagine the most likely train would be either the 3.07 or 3.37
The return trains from Fontaine le Port are hourly at 55 minutes past the hour and take 46 minutes to Gare de Lyon (changing again at Melun )

Let's travel together in the rear of the train

You know the drill : wear suitable clothing and footwear for the mud and the season ( winter in case you have forgotten ) , bring a picnic lunch and plenty of water .

Hope to see lots of you on Wednesday

Judy Choat

Landline    01 30 80 01 34

Mobile      06 79 48 38 81 

13 February 2016

Two options for February 17

Amis randonneurs, friendly hikers, bonjour,

Next Wednesday we have two hike options, a Paris walk with Martina and a country walk with Daniel Robinot, something for everyone. 

Here is Martina's information, followed by Daniel's. Remember you need you own accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes.

Hello walking friends,

Back in Paris I (Martina) can offer you to lead a short and energetic walk next week on Wednesday February 18.

We will meet in the Station house of the RER C - 'JAVEL'.  (If you take the Metro 10 it is station 'Javel Andre Citroen' and you have to cross the street).

Inside the station I will wait for you from 9.45 am and will be ready to leave at 10 am.

My plan is to cross three parks with you:

Jardins du Trocadero, Jardin du Tuileries and Jardin des Plantes.

Hope the weather is getting friendlier and you are up for this walk.

Have the usual good spirit with the right shoes, right clothes, water to drink and a snack to snack on.   Remember that you are responsible for your well being yourself.  

No need to contact me. I will be at the meeting point and leave at 10 am direction Pont de Grenelle.....

Greetings from Martina
From Daniel:

Au programme cette semaine une randonnée de 22 km qui nous fera passer par la maison de Jean Monnet, celle de Louis Carré et le village des Mesnuls. De belles choses à voir (pour ceux qui viendront bien sur !) mais que nous ne visiterons pas. Plus d'infos sur le document joint. Il est très possible que le terrain soit parfois un peu gras et nous aurons quelques côtes à remonter, environ 400/450 m de dénivelé. Comme d'habitude, la marche sera soutenue. No bail out ! Cependant, pour ceux qui le souhaite, vous pouvez couper 5km environ en revenant de la maison de Jean Monnet par le même chemin 
en suivant le GR11. 17Km aller/retour. Amenez votre carte IGN. 

Prévoir les vêtements et chaussures adaptés, le piquenique, etc ...

Pour venir : Paris-Montparnasse départ à 8h54 train REPU, arrivée à Coignières à 9h42 où je vous attendrai
Retour par la même gare à .05 et .35 toutes les heures.

A bientôt.
+336 1085 4767

Friendly hikershello.On our program this week is an excursion of 22 km which will make us pass by the house of Jean Monnetthat of Louis Carré and the village of "Les Mesnuls". Beautiful things to see (for those who will come of course!) but that we will not visit. More information on the document joint. It is very possible that the ground  will be thick with mud in some places, and we will have some hills to go upapproximately 400/450 m of altitude difference. As usualwalk will be at a constant energetic pace. No bail out ! But, of you want to slice 5 km off the itinerary, you could return to the station at Coignieres by the same trails, following the GR11. Bring your own IGN map.Envisage clothing and shoes adaptedthe picnicetcTo come: Paris-Montparnasse departure at 8:54 REPU trainarrives at Coignières at 9:42 where I will meet you.
Return by the same station to .05 and .35 every hour.

See you soon.Daniel

Maison Louis Carré à Bazoches-sur-Guyonne                      http://www.maisonlouiscarre.fr/
Louis Carré (1897-1977) est un galeriste français.
La Maison Louis Carré est une œuvre d’art à part entière qui comprend les bâtiments, le jardin, le mobilier et l’aménagement intérieur. C’est l’unique œuvre d’Alvar Aalto (équivalent finlandais de Le Corbusier) en France et l’une de ses villas les plus remarquables. Elle fût terminée en 1959 et la piscine en 1963. C’est grâce à son ami Jean Monnet que Louis Carré décide de s’installer dans la région. Il acquiert quatre hectares de terrain en 1956 dans le but de faire construire une villa. Louis Carré rencontrera l’architecte et le courant passera très vite entre les deux hommes.
Maison Jean Monnet à Bazoches-sur-Guyonne 
La maison de Jean Monnet est située dans le hameau de Houjarray sur la commune de Bazoches-sur-Guyonne dans les Yvelines. Cette maison ancienne au toit de chaume a vu naître en 1950 la Communauté Européenne et Jean Monnet y reçut les plus hauts responsables de son temps. Sous une allure discrète la demeure de Jean Monnet est un lieu historique. De 1945 à 1979, il résida et travailla à la construction européenne. 

07 February 2016

Hike for February 10

Hike for February 10  Forêt de Fontainebleau 

We will walk from Thomery to Bourron-Marlotte. It should be about 17k.
We will walk through the forest at a good pace to reach the rock formations near Bourron (Restant du Long Rocher & Rochers des Etroitures). There will be ups and downs (estimated cumulative elevation gain: 350m). Wear good footwear, bring snacks. Weather forecast: partly sunny, westerly winds, occasional light rain showers.

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


-Take train to Montargis at 9.19 from Gare de Lyon, arriving at Thomery at 10.01, Zone 5(the train stops at Melun-9.44). Departure should be from Hall 1 -lettered platforms- but check on arrival. I will meet you at Gare de Lyon, we will sit in the last car.

-Return trains from Bourron-Marlotte every hour: 15.40 (arr:16.41); we will probably catch the 16:40 (arr:17.41).

If you do not have a "Passe Navigo", or benefit from any discounted fares, buy a "Mobilis 5 zones" (16.60€)

See you on Wednesday!