27 February 2016

Hike for March 2, 2016

Dear Hiking Friends,

Next Wednesday, we will adventure north of Paris with Daniel Perot in the lovely Foret de Carnelle. 

"We'll take the train from *GARE DU NORD (surface) at 9:34*, arriving
PRESLES-COURCELLES (zone 5) at 10:11. (Direction Persan-Beaumont, via
Montsoult-Maffliers). At the Gare du Nord we will meet at the end of the
quay and board the last
car (i.e. the one closest to our meeting point). The quais for the suburbs
(banlieue) are in the far right part of the station. If you are unfamiliar
with the Gare du Nord, it would be wise to give yourself extra time to,
navigate through the station.
Return from Gare de Viarmes (also zone 5) but on ANOTHER LINE.
So if you don't have a "Mobilis ticket" or a "Navigo"
you have to buy a one-way ticket from Paris to Presles-Courcelles and another ticket from Viarmes to Paris.
The most likely train would be 16:04 arriving 16:47.
The walk will cover from 14 to 16 km depending on the weather and the
routes we will
choose with the hikers, but no bail-out option.
Be prepared for a couple of hills.
On the menu: la Pierre Turquaise (megalith), la Route Forestière du Bois
Belle-Fille leading to l'Etang Bleu, where we shall need a solid picnic and
Also, on our way sometimes we can observe deer and llamas in their
One more effort: the last upward slope is breathtaking, and not because the
       "La forêt de Carnelle se mérite!"
Your reward - A brand new train should take us from Viarmes to Paris.
As usual, bring your smiles and sunshine will reward us. It works, you
could notice we had no Winter.
If not, we will have April showers in March and cats and dogs instead of
deer and llamas.
It's up to you.
I'm looking forward to seeing you."

*Remember, idfwalks does not take responsibity for your safety. You need
you own insurance.*

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