30 July 2016

Hike for August 3

Hike for August 3 - Bièvres

Jacques will be your leader Wednesday:

This Wednesday, I propose a 13-km loop in the wood of Verrières from the RER station of Bièvres.
First, we'll follow the river towards Igny and reach the plateau from the south after a short but steep path (70 m high, 16 % slope). 
We'll have lunch at the batterie de la Châtaigneraie.
We'll be back along the river Sygrie in the park Ratel.

Denivelé positif cumulé : 195 m Denivelé négatif cumulé : 195 m
Altitude maxi : 179 m Altitude mini : 70 m
Altitude moyenne : 109 m Max positive slope : 16%

Please check train schedule, don’t forget a picnic lunch, water.
and umbrella...

06 62 42 06 03

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


RER B Châtelet-Les Halles at 08:56 or 09:17 -  Massy-Palaiseau at 08:21 or 09:42, then RER C at 08:25 or 09:55 -  Bièvres at 09:33 or 10:03.
RER C Bièvres at 15:27 - Massy-Palaiseau at  15:38, then RER C 15:49 - Châtelet-Les Halles 16:14, two trains an hour at hh:27 and  hh:57.

23 July 2016

Hike for 27 July

Hello Walkers,                                                                                                                                                

For next Wednesday I propose again a nice 16km walk with various landscapes in the middle of the valley of the Bièvre river. 
This walk was scheduled for 1st June then cancelled because of floods.

We'll start in Jouy en Josas, famous for its "toile de Jouy", and climb through forest with ponds and golf course to Plateau de Saclay then walk through fields, we'll see bucolic scenes, farms and the old village of Saclay then, we'll follow the Favreuse ditch in direction of Bois Brûlés leading to the Gare d'Igny. Both stations are in zone 4.

Change trains in Massy Palaiseau:

Please don't be late, trains are not frequent since it's summer and I can't wait for you.
(peu de temps à Massy Palaiseau, ne vous trompez pas de correspondance Versailles Chantiers!).

Meet up in front of the main exit of the station.
Return from IGNY on the same line, RER C zone 4.                                                                               
Wear appropriate clothes, good shoes and bring snacks, a lot of water, your picnic and your good will.
Don't forget hats, walking sticks and something to sit on.

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

A mercredi!


Mobile : 06 33 23 07 31             

16 July 2016

Hike for July 20 -

Hike for July 20  - Parmain

We will walk in a loop from Parmain. 23k with an option to bail out after lunch and walk to the station (6k), for  a total of about 17k, directions will be provided (or bring a map if you have one- IGN  2313 OT) 

Varied landscape and terrain. There will be some slight elevation, one short steep slope with steps; estimated cumulative elevation gain: 400m. Wear good footwear. 
Bring a picnic lunch, snacks and enough water (at least 1.5L). It should be hot with possible showers.
You must be in good form, particularly if you are not used to walking in hot weather.

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


An earlier start to catch a direct train, better to start earlier on a sunny summer day anyway.

-Take train H to Persan Beaumont at 8.30 from Gare du Nord arriving at l’Isle Adam-Parmain at 9.19,      
Zone 5 (regular return fare, 14€).  I will meet you at Gare du Nord, we will sit in the rear car.
If you are not familiar with Gare du Nord, arrive early enough to make your way through the maze there.

-Return trains from l’Isle Adam-Parmain : direct 16.09 (arr:16.59); direct 16:39 (arr:17.29); 17:11 (arr: 17.55); 17.44  (arr: 18.41). There are other frequent trains that are not direct.

There is a café across from the train station. 

See you on Wednesday! 


09 July 2016

Hikes for 13 July

Two walks for 13 July

-Shorter walk 

Dear walkers,

As a short option for next Wednesday I propose an 11 
km walk in a green area just a few km from Paris.

We will walk through the 
Vallée aux Loups, will continue through the Forêt de Verrières then on the Coulée Verte finishing the walk in the Parc de Sceaux. There will be some ups and downs but nothing difficult.

From CHATELET-LES HALLES take RER 'B' at 09h08 DIRECTION: ROBINSON, arriving at 09:34 in Robinson

The same train from DENFERT-ROCHEREAU
 a9:16 -     Zones 1 - 3 . 2.75 € full fare for one person
Meet up: rear car
At Gare de Robinson walk to the head of the train then to the right and take the exit Av. Jules Guesde,
The meeting place will be on the top of the stairs.


eturn to 
PARIS: from the Gare de La Croix de Berny, RER 'B', Zone 3, frequent trains  2.75 € full fare for one person
Those who would like to walk 2 or 3 km more can take a train in Station Parc de Sceaux (still zone 3).
Please bring a picnic lunch, a lot of water and good will.

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes. 
Looking forward to seeing you

Dominique R.

my mobile 06 33 23 07 31

-Longer walk

 Amis randonneurs, bonjour.

Cette semaine c'est "Pic-nique aux Rochers d'Angennes". Cette longue randonnée (25 km) nous fera profiter de la fraîcheur de la forêt de Rambouillet en passant par le parc du château et le petit massif gréseux des Rochers d'Angennes. Comme d'habitude, le rythme sera soutenu, pas de 'bail out' et il ne faudra pas oublier de prendre beaucoup d'eau et bien sur, chaussures et vêtements adaptés à la saison sans oublier votre bonne humeur.

Pour venir : Train au départ de Paris-Montparnasse à 9h06, arrivée à Rambouillet à 9h43 où je vous attendrai. Vous pouvez vous retrouver dans le dernier wagon pour faire le trajet ensemble. Retour par la même gare.

A bientôt.


Dear hiking friends,

This week is "Picnic at the "Rochers d'Angennes". For this long hike (25 km) we will enjoy the cool of the forest of Rambouillet, walking across the castle's park and the little sandstone massif of Rochers d'Angennes. As usual, the pace will be sustained, no 'bail out'. Do not forget to wear appropriate shoes and clothing, bring plenty of water (1.5L at least) along with your happy mood.

Getting there: Train from Paris-Montparnasse at 9:06, arrival at 9:43 in Rambouillet where I will wait for you. If you'd like to travel together, travel in the rear car of the train. Return from the same station.

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes.

See you soon.


L'homme sage est celui qui connait ses limites.

02 July 2016


Dear walkers,

find  the information for Wednesday's walk below.

But, first, make a note that next week, for Bastille Day, Cecilia will offer an outing to Auvers sur Oise for those of us who would like to partake in the celebrating, on Thursday 14 July. Details to come with next week's walk description.



In the Parc du Morbras  *  Along the river, la Marne  *  In the Bois de Vincennes.

I will lead you from Sucy-Bonneuil (RER A) to Vincennes (RER A station or métro station).
The route and its numerous bailouts/exits are:
Exit         6 km.  --  La Varenne-Chennevières. There we will have our lunch/picnic.
Exit  9.5/10 km. --  Champigny (alongside la Marne).
Exit 14.5/15 km. --  Joinville (alongside la Marne).
About 19/20 km to Vincennes station. 
* The end of each stage is close to a RER A station.
Get there -- Take RER A, at the head of the train (direction
Boissy-Saint-Léger) and get off the train at SUCY-BONNEUIL, 
last but one station arriving at 9:47 am.
Exit -- Place de la gare, by a flight of stairs or a lift that descends
then a second one that goes up to reach the ground floor (!).
I'll wait for you outside 
*Train leaves Charles-de-Gaulle/Etoile at 9:16 am
Châtelet-les-Halles, 9:22
Nation 9:28 *
Sucy-Bonneuil is in zone 4. Return ticket will be depending on your trip.
You can see:  http://www.ratp.fr/fr/ratp/c_20589/billet-origine-destination/
There is no possibility for "technical stop" (toilet) during the first 45 minutes of the  walk.
Just in case... I recommmand the train leaving 20 minutes before.
After the exit there is a café, there you could spend a penny or more (ah! ha!). It's a few meters to the right after the bridge.
Don't forget, The meeting point is place de la Gare.
Come with appropriate clothes, shoes, buble paper to seat on the benches... Not forgetting picnic and water. 

Remember that you need personal accident and liability insurance to participate in our hikes.

I'm looking forward to seeing you,

Daniel Perot 


09 50 56 65 26
Mobile (only the day of the walk)  06 51 22 35 16