02 September 2017

Hike for 6 September

Fontaine-le-Port - Champagne-sur Seine  18 or 12 k 

Fontaine-le-Port - Vulaines-sur-Seine/Samoreau - Champagne-sur Seine.
There you'll appreciate the charming city of Samois 
where Django Reinhard lived.
The distance will be 17/18 km. A 12-km walk is possible for a bail-out.
Move towards the head of the train at this station (Vulaines-Samoreau)
 as the step (footboard) may be very high and very narrow 
& the door handle hard.

Getting there
Departure Gare-de-Lyon at 09:20. Direction to Montargis.
Arriving at Melun at 09:47.
Then change for train to Montereau at 09:52.
Arriving at Fontaine-le-Port at 10:04.
Departure should be Hall 1-lettered platforms but check on arrival.
NOTE -- We will sit on HEAD OF TRAIN.
We will have only FIVE MINUTES to catch our correspondence and 
cross an underground with steps.
Unless you have a "Pass Navigo" or benefit from discounted fares ,
buy a Mobilis, (zone 5).
Return from Champagne-sur-Seine station to Gare-de-Lyon.
15:42, 16:42, 17:42. Arriving  16:41, 17:41, 18:41.

See you, Daniel.


Advice to hikers / Conseils aux randonneurs:
Make sure that you are covered by a personal accident and liability insurance, 
that you are fit enough to do the walk, and have the proper equipment / 
Assurez-vous que vous êtes couvert par une assurance responsabilité civile, 
que vous avez la condition physique nécessaire pour faire la randonnée choisie 
et que vous avez l’équipement adapté.

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