28 April 2017

Hikes for 3 May

Two walks this week                                                                                                                                                                
Longer walk with Daniel R.        Guernes , the River Seine  -  26 km                                                                                   

Dear hiking friends,

Houlà, big hike this week ! I propose to discover a place where we never went : "The loop of Guernes". 
Guernes is a small village near Mantes la Jolie located in a loop formed by a meander of the Seine river.

We will begin the hike with a rough climb towards the village of Follainville before returning to the waterfront where we will have lunch. 
Then, we’ll follow the banks of the Seine.

The route is long (26 km minimum, no bail out) but not too hard (about 250 m of elevation). However, it will be necessary to maintain a steady rhythm so as not to miss the return bus if you want to avoid the crossing of Mantes which would add kilometers.

As usual, take a picnic lunch, water and of course, shoes and clothing adapted to the season without forgetting your good mood.

Getting there :

From Paris-St Lazare Train to Vernon at 8h20, arriving at Mantes la Jolie at 8h53
Meet up in front of the platform, travel in the rear car with the group if you wish.

Then exit at the bus station of Mantes la Ville and take the bus, line K, which starts from quay 29 at 9h02 direction "Lycée Condorcet" (Zone 5). Get off at "Pont de Limay" where I will be waiting for you.

Return by the same station direct train at 16h08, 17h08, 18h08

Not sure there is a  bar at the "Pont de Limay", sorry. Attention the tea drinkers :-P

See you on Wednesday.


L'homme sage est celui qui connaît ses limites.

Shorter walk with Mary Lynne      Foret de Marly  -    12/13 km                                                                                            

This week I propose a shortish walk for those who prefer a less "sportif" walk than the one Daniel R. is proposing. It will be a 12/13 km loop starting at the gare de St. Nom-la-Bretèche. Although it is a relatively short walk it does have several ups and downs. En route, we will pass by the entrance to the newly renovated Desert de Retz (see links below). In fact, it is not at all a desert; in this context the word means a place hidden away. We will leave the forest for a couple of km to walk along a small steam with a beautiful view of the Joyenval golf course. 

Je propose une rando dans la très belle Foret de Marly, une boucle qui part de St. Nom la Bretèche dans les Yvelines. C'est relativement court mais le terrain est accidenté par endroits. La Foret Domaniale est connu pour ses magnifiques chênes et hêtres. En chemin nous allons passer tout près de Le Désert de Retz, un Anglo- Chinois jardin crée aux 18ème siècle, maintenant restauré  et ouvert au public les samedis d'Avril à Octobre. 
Apres, nous allons avoir un beau panorama sur le Golf de Joyenval pendant qu'on longe le petit ru de Buzot avant de pénétrer à nouveau dans la foret.

Remember good walking shoes, plenty of water, a picnic lunch and rain/sun protection.

Departure 9:20 from Gare St. Lazare; train L SÉBU, destination/to St. Nom la Bretèche arrival St. Nom, 10:05. Comme d'habitude vous pouvez montez ensemble dans le dernier wagon. Ce train passera à La Défense à 9:32. Je vous retrouverai dans le train à Vaucresson a 9:48. I will board the train at the Vaucresson station at 9:48. 

Trains de retour tous les 15 minutes. 05, 20, 35, et 50 minutes après l'heure.

See you on Wednesday!
Mary Lynne 

All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.

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