16 April 2017

Walk for 19 April 2017

                                                        Photo: Daniel R. Spring 2017

From Dourdan to St Chéron   -   16 or 20 km

Dear walking friends,

It is a nice walk through forests, fields and valleys.
20 km ou 16 km  (Dénivelé : 200 m)

Getting there:
Take RER Ligne C   : Train DEBO Destination Dourdan la Forêt at 8:37 from Invalides or 
at 8:42 from St Michel N D.  We can meet in the last carriage.
Arrival at DOURDAN at 9h51.
Be careful : get off at DOURDAN, before the terminus (Dourdan La Forêt).

Return, Line C from St Chéron at 15:47 or 16:17. Every half hour.

Shorter walk possible  (16 km ) after the lunch, directly to St Chéron.

Bring the usual stuff (good humour, food and drinks)


All hikers need personal accident and liability insurance.


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